Sexual abuse has left me depressed and I feel like it was my fault

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Hello Sir,

I am desperate to get normal. As a teenager, I faced sexual harassment on numerous occasions. I am not comfortable writing about it but things happened at different levels. Now I weep like a baby. I can’t trust people and just don’t want to live my life. I feel that it was all my fault even though I’m the victim. Please help me!

Dr Gaurav Deka says:

Hello young lady,

I am sorry that you are having to go through this. I suggest that you seek help as immediately if possible. Get an appointment with a counsellor.

These experiences cannot be intellectualised. Nor can their resolutions emerge out of any form of rational discussions. You have to understand that both the body and the mind as a unit has been through trauma.

Only and only intervention based therapy can help you find firm ground and provide you with a backbone on which if you need to fall back, you can.

Also, in consultation with your therapist, please find out a way to express yourself to your loved ones if you can – I understand that in doing so, one may find it difficult to trust and fear is the first thing that will hold you back. Therefore if you can find out a way to first approach a therapist/counsellor and discuss a way of doing it, you will at least be in a space where you don’t have to go through whatever you are going through now.

All the best,

Depression taught me a lot about love


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