Affair and Cheating

She was cheated on and her children taken away

She thought she was living a pleasant, predictable life with two beloved children
Woman In Stress

(Names changed to protect identities)

My dear Romi and Rahul,

Maybe I write this piece of communication too late in the day, 14 years late to be precise but it’s necessary that you know the truth about my marriage with your father.

A woman’s primary job is to rear a family my parents always said and I believed it. I happily fell in with an arranged match. It was a pleasant life, I was contented, we were well off, we lived in Mumbai. Life became rosier when I found I was pregnant with you, Romi. You were born a year and a half into the marriage. When I saw you for the first time, I could barely stop looking at you.

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    1. Hi Madhuri

      Not an issue. Since this was an old story i can understand that it will fall off from the radar. Many thanks for your reply.

      I am a staunch believer of karma. So I can’t digest the fact that karma didn’t pay visit to her husband. Actually this story shakes my belief in karma. If you have any idea about her ex husband’s and her children’s life now can you please share that as well.

      My wishes and prayers with this lady.

  1. Hi Madhuri,

    If you are seeing this comment please let us know what happened next. This is a very painful story. Have read it in a different website sometime back. There are too many unanswered questions. Did Rahul and Romi had a meeting with their mom to hear her side of story. Why didnt the karma pay a visit to her husband. If by any chance you see this comment please let us know. Else this story will linger in my mind.

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