12 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest In The Relationship

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signs of losing interest in a relationship

Not feeling the relationship anymore? Do you feel that your partner has been a little off lately? Is the fear of your partner losing interest in the relationship giving you nightmares? If your partner has been acting strange and pulling himself/herself away from you, there’s a high chance that your partner is losing interest in the relationship. These signs of losing interest in a relationship can help clear your doubts about your partner once and for all and will put all your suspicions at peace.

12 Warning Signs Your Partner Is Losing Interest In The Relationship

Once the honeymoon period wears off, relationships, especially long-term relationships don’t feel like the rollercoaster ride they were before. The spark starts wearing off and before you know it, one of you starts losing interest in the relationship. Your partner will start putting in lesser effort into the relationship with each passing day and you will realize that you have ended up in a one-sided relationship.

Your partner will start finding happiness elsewhere leaving you with a ton of pain and heartbreak.

Here are 12 signs your partner is losing interest in a relationship.

1. Your partner isn’t initiating plans anymore

When two people are dating or are in a committed relationship, they look forward to making plans together and spending some quality time. After all the stress of work, all you look forward to is a relaxing date night with your partner. Your partner, who would initially jump at making plans, now doesn’t even initiate making plans let alone coming to one. He may even cancel at the last minute.

This is one of the warning signs that your partner may be losing interest in you and your relationship.

Your partner does not initiate anything

Your partner does not initiate anything Image source

2. Your partner isn’t responding to your texts

During the initial phases of your relationship, you both would text and call each other each day and it would be hard to make him disconnect calls. His behaviour now seems a bit cold. Your partner seems to dodge all the calls and texts and will rarely call back. It’s like he’s avoiding you and you can’t pinpoint why.

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3. The emotional intimacy is gone

In a relationship, emotional intimacy is more important than physical intimacy because it helps you connect with your partner at a more emotional and deeper level. However, that emotional connection seems to be fading away and as days go by, your partner is becoming more of a stranger to you and the relationship. That meaningful relationship that you two had is now gone.

4. Your partner doesn’t pay attention

Your partner doesn't pay attention

Your partner doesn’t pay attention to Image source

Imagine you both having a face to face conversation with your partner and you are the only one talking. You ask your partner questions and he/she gives vague answers. You ask your partner further questions only to know that you are talking to the wall. Your partner isn’t paying attention to anything you’re saying because he/she is busy texting or checking his social media. Your partner is prioritizing other things over your conversations and chances are that your partner may be prioritizing someone else over you.

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5. Your partner gets frustrated easily

Is your partner getting angry and frustrated easily? Your normally calm partner always seems frustrated nowadays. When you ask your partner the reason, he/she doesn’t say. All you get are negative vibes and reactions from your partner now. You can’t understand why your partner is behaving this way. The truth is, your partner might now be getting frustrated with the relationship and is taking out his/her frustration by getting worked up on small things.

It is a sign your relationship or marriage is on the rocks.

6. Your partner isn’t there for you

When any trouble befalls you, you call your partner for help but your partner tries to avoid you instead of helping you. The person you thought you could rely on isn’t there for you in your hard times. Your partner continuously lets you down and makes you feel as if you’re the only one putting in efforts to make this relationship work. Do you want to continue being in this one-sided relationship?

7. Your partner doesn’t give you time anymore

No matter how busy you are, you need to always dedicate some part of your day to your partner. Spending quality time is an essential part of a relationship as it helps you get more intimate with your partner. Nowadays, your partner is always busy and cancels the plans. You don’t even remember the last time you two had a proper date. You’re always hearing lame excuses from him. It’s as if he has checked out of the relationship.

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8. Your partner treats you like an outsider

Your partner, who would once share everything with you, now seems off. They don’t share their day with you anymore and you both just make small talk with each other. It’s as if your partner is trying too hard to make a conversation with you. It feels as if your relationship is moving on the reverse track and he treats you like an acquaintance. You don’t feel you are in a relationship anymore.

9. It’s more about sex

You both no longer have those pillow talks or intimate conversations like you would do. Nowadays your relationship is mostly about sex. It’s as if the only thing driving the relationship is sex, without which there’s nothing to hold the relationship on. Your relationship with your partner is mostly physical and that too seems to be fading away.

10. Your partner is always giving lame excuses

Your partner does not spend time with you

Your partner does not spend time with you Image source

You will notice that lately there have been too many work emergencies and friends in need that your partner has to take care of. Your partner is always giving lame excuses for not responding to your calls and cancelling your plans. He maybe also stays up late and makes excuses to go out of the house. You didn’t know that so many friends of your partner even existed until all these excuses came up.

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11. Your conversations are short

We know that as the honeymoon period fades away, your conversations with your partner also start becoming shorter. But having a conversation with your partner is mostly one-sided and his/her replies are mostly one-word ones like yes or okay. You are the only one initiating conversations and it feels like your partner isn’t putting in enough effort even in having conversations with you.

12. Your partner isn’t interested in you

At the beginning of your relationship, your partner would keep complimenting you on your looks and would even tell you which colour suits you more. Nowadays, your partner doesn’t care how you look or what you wear. When you ask for suggestions, your partner gives you vague answers. Your partner doesn’t make those dreamy eyes at you anymore let alone having a smile when he/she sees you. Your partner isn’t interested in you or the relationship anymore.

Your partner isn't interested in you

Your partner isn’t interested in you Image source

If you see yourself and your relationship in these signs, it is time to break off this dead-end relationship. You might think of giving your partner the benefit of doubt, but ask yourself, how long will you keep giving him the benefit of doubt? If your partner has lost interest in you, it’s just a matter of time till he/she breaks it off and leaves you for someone else. Don’t let yourself go through that. Make yourself strong and gather the courage to choose yourself over the relationship. You might regret it, but in the end, you will save yourself from a ton of heartbreak.

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