5 Reasons Why Taking a Break in A Relationship is Healthy

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Updated On: December 20, 2023
is taking a break in a relationship healthy

Let’s go over one of the most pondered questions: Is taking a break in a relationship healthy? Some worry that taking a break increases the distance and further entrenches unresolved problems that will only lead to cheating or a full and final breakup. Others think that it is indeed healthy to take some time off for yourself and space out. Spacing out might allow one to think from a clearer perspective and see the relationship problem from a whole new lens.

So can a break in a relationship help? Yes, it certainly can. It is never a bad idea to take time off to think or just blow off some steam. When Rodrigo took a break from his relationship with Maria, he took off and went home to his parents to figure out what he wanted to do next in life. He did not talk to Maria for about a month until he came back. Rodrigo genuinely felt more sorted, healthy and mentally available for her when he was back. He was ready to step back into the relationship with a fresh mind.

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Taking A Break In A Relationship: 5 Reasons

Relationships are complex, complicated, nuanced and messy. When things begin to go south, it makes sense to take a few steps back and process the situation, rather than complicating it further. Going on a break does not have to be such a terrible thing. It could actually be the best road to recovery and can help save a relationship that might otherwise get broken for good. It is interestingly a very good way to actually fix a relationship.

Here are 5 possible reasons why going on a break in a relationship is sane. Do remember that a break does not have to mean a breakup.

1. When the trust is broken

Trust forms the core of every relationship and when that trust is broken, it feels as though your entire world is falling apart. It is a good idea to go silent and retreat within and introspect. Take stock of your expectations, gauge whether they are realistic or not, and why your trust got broken in the first place.

going on a break in a relationship - loss of trust
If your trust is broken, taking a break in a relationship might help you

Take a retreat alone for a few days to sort out your feelings and come back ready to communicate with your partner in a healthy way. Taking this time off can also help you realize your worth and give you a better idea of what your expectations in your relationship should be.

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2. When you don’t get space in the relationship

If your relationship is making you feel claustrophobic and the demands and pressures of everyday life are getting on to you, take a break from everything. No one can work under pressure and it’s a sign that things are coming to a boil. Stress can do us more harm than good and can unleash our demon side, which will have a direct bearing on the health of our relationship/marriage.

Step away from the situation and spend time alone. Going on a break can be a really good idea for you in such a case. When you are feeling overburdened, you must make some changes. Space in a relationship and sometimes even from a relationship can be truly helpful. Take a day off from work, turn off your cell phone, book a spa session and relax your body and mind.

3. When the hurt is too deep

This is especially in cases where the partner has cheated, lied or been hiding the truth from their partner. That is the time that you feel your heart is broken into pieces and you do not know how to deal with so much pain and hurt. The best thing is to take a break. Leave the house which you share with your partner and take refuge at your best friend’s place or parents’/sibling’s home for a few days.

going on a break in a relationship - being hurt
If you are too hurt, going on a break might be the right thing to do

You are most likely to be too overwhelmed emotionally to take an objective view of the situation and might end up burning bridges out of sheer anger and disgust. It’s wise to give yourself some time to process the hurt, visit a professional perhaps, before you think of crucifying your partner.

4. When you are confused

Anytime things don’t make sense, you are confused emotionally and mentally and clarity is nowhere in sight, the best thing is to take a break and let time resolve things on its own. If you feel like nothing is making sense and things are constantly crashing down, you need to hit that pause button before the situation gets worse.

dysfunctional relationships

You can try therapy because there are many benefits of counseling in such circumstances. You could also indulge in a new hobby or travel to figure out what is really wrong. But this might be an indication that it is now time for you to focus your energies on yourself.

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5. When you feel you are on the edge of breaking up

When you have had enough and can’t take it anymore and you feel the only way you can survive this hell is to break up with your partner – that’s the time to take a break from it all and give it one more chance to survive.

It’s hard, but you need to trust your relationship; remember all the good things about your partner; remember why you fell in love with them in the first place, place yourself in their shoes to understand their side of the story, and take some time off to be absolutely sure about what you really want – a breakup or giving the relationship another chance.

If you choose to take a break, reaching out to a life coach or therapist during this time can help you gain clarity. And once back into the relationship, you must prioritize talking about and resolving your issues without getting into a conflict. Taking a break is just giving yourself time, space and energy to come back to the issues that caused you to take a break, in a healthier way.


1. How long should a break in a relationship last?

It should probably not last more than a month. 30 days is enough time to re-evaluate a relationship and get back on your feet.

2. Do breaks in relationships work?

Yes, they do. When relationships get overwhelming, you might need to change things up a little and gain some wellness and calm. After going on a break in a relationship, you will be able to better address your relationship problems after having gained insight.

3. Is a relationship break a good idea?

Yes, it definitely can be. Taking a break in a relationship does not necessarily mean a breakup. It just means some time off to reassess things more clearly. It can clear your head and help you understand what you really need from life and in a relationship.

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  1. Manjari Thakur

    There comes several points in a relationship when it becomes chocking . Sometimes too much of closeness suffocates us. And sometimes some wound demand a breather. And in times like this, we must acknowledge the truth that sometimes letting it go, and giving ourselves the space we deserve to cope up with the situation is the best thing we can do to ourselves. Because you can not help anyone in the situation when you yourself are damaged from within and need some healing. That’s why it is essential to take the break in such situations.

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