Affair and Cheating

7 ways to rebuild trust in your relationship with your wife after her affair

When a man discovers that his wife had an affair, it can be difficult to rebuild the relationship. We offer some tips on how to repair damaged trust
Rebuilding trust

It has been the rule of the society that women stay at home and take care of the home and children, while men go out in the world to earn and then have an affair or two. The women looked the other way because of the children and also because divorce did not exist in our society.

Times have changed

Now divorce is not rare but then now wives having affairs is not rare either.

Wives are working in most cases and meeting many like-minded people. Even if she is a homemaker, unlike her mother, a wife can connect to the world and reconnect to an old college sweetheart sitting at home through social media. So the tables have been turned.

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