Top 5 Qualities Women Admire in Their Men

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As popular beliefs go, she wants him to be tall, masculine, well-bred, well educated, intelligent, professionally established, secure in his skin and pants and the list goes on. But beyond the purview of this general list, women want their men to possess these 5 qualities to fall for them. These are the qualities women admire in their men – truly!

5 Traits women look for in men

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1.Caring to the core

When ready for a long term relationship, women find men who are kind and caring towards others. They believe in doing good deeds which is more attractive than being a heartless person.

There are some qualities women admire in their men

2. Honesty

Some women want to live life like an adventure and some with balance, but every woman craves honesty and trustworthiness in a man. Of course, we don’t want our man to be utterly straightforward if we look fat in our favourite little black dress, but not telling the truth about more important matters can be the deal-breaker for any serious relationship.

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3. Smile

Smile is the biggest aphrodisiac ever. It stands for the best qualities of a good man. Women fall for those men who can make them laugh. A man with a good sense of humour is as charismatic as a Blueberry cheesecake. It’s not science, just the ultimate truth.

There are some qualities women admire in their men. A nice smile is one of them

4. Passion

Women love passion. In fact, this is one of the key qualities women look for in men. If a man is passionate about something – be it sports, arts, social cause or his work – we find him more appealing than just a good looking man who is not enthusiastic about anything.

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5. Being Mindful

Being mindful is being sexy. This is one of the most important qualities that make a man attractive. A man who can be present at the moment and not just pretend to listen, a man who is attentive to small details around him and a man who is non-judgemental towards others is the kind of man women love and respect.

There are some qualities women admire in their men. Being attentive and sexy is one of them.

Finally, we women want a man with whom we can have the best ride of our life. And we all know what makes a good rider, don’t we?

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