What Does Dating Mean To A Man?

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Updated On: February 7, 2024
Dating meaning

“Please understand,” he wrote to us, “men have it way tougher in dating than women. Whether we are shy or have anxiety issues, if we want love in our lives we have to approach the girl. When we get rejected, we have to deal with it. Even before we ask the girl out we have probably gone through a dozen pieces of advice to better ourselves. What does dating mean to a man? It is exhausting.

“For many of us, it takes years of nervous nail-biting until we are in a serious relationship which may lead to a serious commitment.” We felt his pain and can feel yours too.

Dating is a very complicated affair, as far as men are concerned. Dating rules for men are completely different from those applicable to a woman. While some men find it difficult to muster up the courage to approach women, others find it easy to find dates with different ladies.

Such extremes involved with dating for men at times only add to the confusion and complexity of the definition of dating for guys. So, for better understanding, we decided to analyze and identify what is the meaning of dating from a man’s point of view. What does dating mean to a guy? And what is the difference between dating and a relationship?

What Is The Meaning Of ‘Dating’?

The officially dating meaning is a possibility to identify and assess the suitability of ‘the one’ prospective partner for a committed relationship. This concept of dating varies for both sexes. While women are wired emotionally, men evaluate a date rationally. Likewise, dating etiquette and expected behavior can also differ for men and women.

Besides, dating someone meaning can be different for different men. Some men are very clear about what they are looking for in a woman as a partner from the very beginning. Behind their happy-go-lucky persona and gentlemanly qualities, the observation game is quite strong during the first few dates.

If a potential date falls short of their expectations, they take no time to call it quits. That’s why dating and men and dating and women are two very different ball games, so to speak.

But things are not so smooth and clear for all the men in terms of dating. Each personality has its struggles. Introvert guys find it difficult to open up during their first date which gives women a wrong impression of disinterest.

Some ‘ready to commit’ guys just date with the prospect of marriage or commitment in mind, which can turn out to be a big turn-off for the other person. Then, there are ‘shy men’ who feel asking someone out is not an easy business. However, if you can muster the courage to date, some sure-shot ways of dating can help you score top grades on your first date itself.

We help men with understanding the definition of dating better.

Top 3 Dating Tips For Men

What does dating mean to men? Dating for men is perhaps the first shot at a long-lasting relationship. It can go either way. You can either win her heart and enter endless flirting on WhatsApp (or at your place) or you can dig your head under your pillow and rue about all the wrong stuff you have done and said.

officially dating meaning
Dating for men is perhaps the first shot at a long-lasting relationship

Starting from dressing improperly to ordering the wrong food, you can ruin your date without even realizing it. Our Bonobology experts understand that dating is a big leap for any guy who is waiting to try his hand at relationships.

Therefore, we have compiled some tried and tested dating tips for men to help all those shy ones to enjoy their first date without any self-doubts or anxieties. We tell you how men can make their date absolutely magical and fun for the girl and themselves!

1. First impression matters

First dates are a great chance to make a lasting impression on the potential date. Women who are meeting men as potential mates also look forward to how they look and present themselves. Usually, they like men who are confident and relaxed in their body language.

Take their cues seriously. Dress well, trim your beard, wear a hint of a nice perfume, and show up with a smile to start the date on a good note. Don’t let nervousness get the better of you. Just like you, your date might as well be a bundle of nerves, trying to decode what does dating mean to a guy. So, focus on putting yourself and your date at ease

2. Choose your familiar territory for a date

We know you want everything to be perfect for your date and we can’t agree more. So, the safe route would be to select the place you have been to many times to keep things comfortable for you. Maybe you can fix the date at a café or a restaurant where the food is amazing.

Instead of sitting opposite each other, try sitting next to each other to feel more connected, like a team. Bonus – talking about your favorite dish at the venue can be a good conversation starter that can help break the ice.

3. Ace the art of conversing

Believe it or not, first-date conversations between you also decide whether there will be a second date or not. The ideal approach would be to keep the conversations light-hearted and fun. A woman feels comfortable with a man having a great sense of humor.

Ask the right first date questions about her favorites in food, destination, holiday or books. Or how she likes to spend her weekends. These questions may sound simple, but lend a great fluidity to the conversations and help her open up without any hesitation. Listen to her carefully and respond, if you have similar interests.

These interactions play a crucial role in making the first date successful. What dating means to men can be understood by the effort he is willing to put in to make a successful first date. Also, need help with what can you text after the first date? We are here to help.

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How Is Dating Different From A Relationship?

Men tend to struggle while analyzing their dating vs. relationship status. Many times, they fail to realize when the dating phase ended and they graduated into a committed relationship. That’s primarily because they’re unclear on the definition of dating and relationship.

What does casual dating mean to a guy? How does he know he is ready for commitment? Turns out, a lot of times, men don’t have the answers to these questions. They date someone casually, only to realize their genuine love after the breakup.

So, identifying the differences between dating and relationships is a crucial step for men to make the right decisions at the right time and avoid any complications. Understanding the meaning of dating is crucial to understand a relationship:

  • Dating is mostly for a shorter period: The couple is aware of the fact that the dating might not result in something substantial. Men may need only three dates to find out if they are serious about a woman or not. A guy’s approach to dating is starkly opposite to his counterpart who takes considerable time to gauge their compatibility. But hey! You are not tied up with the three-date restriction while identifying if the girl is right for you or not. You can mutually begin courting to determine if the relationship is going in the right direction or not
  • Dating is fun with caution: Dating is more of an uncertain period wherein people are a bit more frivolous and also at the same time a bit cautious. They try and show their fun side if they are interested in the other party or hold back and do not respond if they are not. The communications are very subtle and for that reason, every ‘date’ counts. Courting, on the other hand, is much more serious. In this stage of a relationship, a couple is certain that they will meet frequently over a certain period
  • You can date many people: During a dating phase, men can meet many women to find out who is best compatible with them. But the commitment level is the main differentiator while seeing someone vs. dating. Staying faithful and seeing a future together is the major facet of a serious relationship. You feel a strong emotional connection due to the love you have for each other. They want and need in a relationship is different from infatuation, usually experienced by couples in the initial levels of dating
  • The compatibility factor: During dating, you are unsure of your compatibility with the girl. But while in a committed relationship, you have great mutual understanding and compatibility with the mate. Naturally, in this case, you both see a potential future together. So, proper knowledge of these differentiating factors between dating vs. relationship can give you clarity of mind and save you from further relationship complexities
definition of dating
Meeting people and spending time with them

12 Things Men Go Through When Dating

So, what does dating mean to a guy? And how do men conduct themselves when dating someone? There are different kinds of dating and you have to have the know-how of everything to stay at the top of your game.

For men, dating could be casual or serious, depending upon their priorities. Basically, for youngsters, dating comes with no pressure of commitment, whereas things take a serious turn when men cross a desirable age and look for committed relationships.

So, a better way is to identify what guys like you usually look out for while dating someone through a checklist:

1. You meet many women for the data

What does casual dating mean to a guy? Trying to mix things up and exploring your chances with different potential interests pretty much sums it up.

This doesn’t make you a Casanova. You know what you are looking for in a girl while dating and these first meetings are allowing you to meet your potential date who thinks similarly and suits your courtship goals.

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2. You like her and want to know her better

To improve your prospect of finding the right person to date, you may prefer meeting through with a common group of friends. Many men who follow this slow route agree on the incredible benefits of this setup.

Not only does it give you a glimpse of how the girl reacts naturally in her familiar zone, but it also fosters your friendship, which is a basic primer for couple relationships.

3. You meet her for the first date

Congratulations! She has agreed to be your date. This is a green signal that your feelings are mutual. While we know you are encouraged by this, our Bonobology counselors suggest keeping the first few initial dates light and fun. Know what to say on the first date, and make sure you don’t offend or alienate her in any way.

The idea is to make sure that she enjoys your company, and you hers. This is the first step to test the waters and see whether the relationship can transition to the courtship phase. Don’t worry about the future of dating or fear rejection; just let it take its due course.

4. You fear rejection

Post the first date, you don’t know whether she liked your company or not. At this stage, the fear of rejection can overwhelm you and somewhat dampen your dating aspirations. Well, don’t worry about it. If you are confident about yourself, then you must agree with us that some rejections make us stronger, even in dating.

As time passes by, you will understand that the fears and anxieties during the whole dating process are mutual and women also go through their share of uncertainties.

5. You are meeting her more often

Well, you passed the first-date litmus test, which is great. This shows that you both like each other’s company and would like to spend more time to know each other better. Now, is your chance to place an impressive second date and win her over.

Once you cross this threshold, the relationship is mutually exclusive and it is safe to say you are dating.

6. Sail through courtship challenges

The woman you are dating has her individuality, which is great. Accepting such differences and challenges strengthens a relationship. Remember, these challenges add spice to a relationship and test you both on accepting each other’s nature, beliefs, and passions.

If you sail through these initial dating problems, one thing is guaranteed – you can easily graduate into a mature relationship with great compatibility. So, make yourself a part of healthy arguments with her and celebrate your differences.

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7. You are taking more time during the dating phase

Usually, guys take six months to decide whether they are committing to a relationship with a girl or not. But not all of them go through the same certainty. Some men experience ups and downs in the initial dating months, which makes them skeptical whether this dating would work or not. Hence, before you choose to commit, take your own time to come to a conclusion.

8. It’s not just about you, it’s about her too

Dating is mutual and you have to take the girl’s views about commitment as well. You cannot keep thinking of what dating means to a guy. Maybe this time you are sure and she is not. Or she wants to take it slow, owing to her career or other responsibilities.

If you value her as a person, you will surely honor her views and give her the necessary time during dating before she is ready to commit.

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9. You are talking about serious topics

Deep conversations come in when you are content with dating and wish to take the commitment level further. Try to initiate such conversations to ascertain surety in a relationship. You may talk about her plans.

Are you a part of them? Is she more concerned with achieving career goals or ready to balance between personal and professional life? Having clarity over such serious topics may lead to a deeper relationship.

10. You are thinking of moving in together

dating tips for men
This is a probable benchmark of moving on from casual dating to a committed relationship

This is a probable benchmark that you’ve moved on from casual dating to a committed relationship. Living together can prepare you for a long-term relationship. You feel as though you are getting less time with each other.

Also, you want to see whether you are both ready to sail through real-life challenges like managing finances, monthly groceries, cooking, and house rent. So, live-ins are a great way to analyze whether you are meant to be together or not, though they come with their advantages and disadvantages.

11. Your life has changed and she is the reason

That’s the most beautiful feeling in the world when a dry, dull ‘Hello’ over a phone call gives her an idea that something’s not right. Her intuitive nature and emotional strengths have cushioned the dating phase and made it more enduring.

You are amazed by her abilities and she has changed your life definitely for the better.

12. You can’t wait to commit for the long-term

You have known her for a considerable time, trust her with your secrets, and are comfortable in her company. Her inner beauty, values, and strength of beliefs have inspired you and you are amazed by the changes she has brought in your life.

All these experiences signal one thing – you have successfully passed the ‘dating’ phase and are ready to commit to her. Isn’t that amazing? Well, you have sailed through lots of ups and downs in dating successfully and now it’s time to rejoice in the company of your loved one

To sum up what does dating mean to a guy, it’s a process where you gauge the temperature of the water by dipping your toe in it. We hope all these tips will help you put the best foot forward while dating and help you overcome the pre-dating jitters. So, don’t wait for the magic to happen. Try approaching the girl and let the magic of dating unfold for you. If you need any personal help in dating and communication, our experts are only a click away.

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