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Things women hate about their bodies and men actually love

Be surprised to find out what men think of women’s bodies.

What men love about women’s bodies

We women are extremely conscious of our bodies. We would all love to have full lips like Priyanka Chopra, perfect long legs like Diana Hayden and gorgeous eyes like Aishwarya Rai. But not everyone is blessed with such classic features. We have bad hair days, even bad butt days at times. Sure you can tone those thighs and get rid of that belly fat, probably even get an hour glass figure, but somethings cannot be changed like our ears or our lips unless we want to go under the knife, which as of now, non-celebrity Indians don’t opt for.

But the good news is men think very differently than we do. While we curse our luck for having a full bodied figure, men actually enjoy being with a full bodied woman. Here are a few things which women need to know about their own bodies from a man’s perspective:

1. Hair

While maintaining long hair takes up a lot of time and perseverance, men actually love that thick mane of ours. It is very sensuous to get teased by a long strand of that silky hair which makes them go crazy.

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2. Lips

If you have thin, British lips which are almost invisible and you don’t wear lipstick because, what’s the point, then you are so wrong! Plant a kiss at the right time at the right place and nothing else matters. Also the sweet nothings you whisper in their ears make them love your lips even more.

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3. Thighs

Indian women are curvy and it is a fact we all have to live with. We are heavy waist down and men actually quite like it. So, while definitely try and tone those babies, don’t go crazy behind going all skinny.

4. Feet

What do feet have to do with looking attractive you ask? Some men find feet irresistible. They just love to tickle your feet and slowly get you in the mood. So the next time you are with your man, make those fingers pretty with paint and ask your guy to begin with your feet. Don’t be surprised if you are totally turned on.

5. Love handles

We have a love hate relationship with them. A little negligence on our part towards our fitness and there they are. Bulging proudly from the sides. Love handles are like a stubborn tenant who refuse to move. But men happen to like them and actually think they add on to our sex appeal. They are easy to grab and pull us closer during those intimate moments. Remember how they like curvy women? Love handles play a very essential role in that curvaceous body.

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6. Fingers

It doesn’t matter if you have short stubby fingers. Maintain your hands and your nails. Give your man a nice soothing massage and then witness the magic of your stubby little fingers. Don’t forget to thank them later.

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7. Ears

Some of us have elephant ears while some have hanging ear lobes. While some amount of accessories can make them look better, ears are mostly ignored by us. But ears can prove to be very important in sex. Men like to nibble on things and it is a real turn on if you haven’t already experienced it. Do try!

8. Breasts

Women are never happy with their breasts. Either they are too big or too flat or they seem to love going towards the sides making you look fat. With the correct kind of a bra, this problem can be turned into an advantage. It’s no big secret that men are fascinated with breasts. Go for the right kind of clothes, play a little peek-a-boo with them and watch them go weak in their knees.

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9. Butt

They like big butts and they cannot lie. If you have a rounded butt, celebrate! Not everyone is blessed with a good butt. A well rounded butt is extremely attractive to men and they cannot resist it. Tone it up a bit to get it in a good shape and you are good to go!

10. Back

You know why the saree is classy and sensuous at the same time? Because it plays a little game of hide and seek with men. Women look fabulous in clothes which reveal a little of their back and leave the rest to imagination. A smooth, well-toned, muscular back is a huge point winner for you. So go ahead and wear that backless top with confidence and see how often he hugs you that day.

At the end of it all, just be confident about yourself as a person. And that includes both body and mind. A sharp mind is probably the most attractive feature in a woman to any man. So don’t let these minor shortcomings affect your confidence and don’t forget to smile!

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