Top 5 qualities women admire in men

Women admire a lot of things and following are the few, listed.

Men often say that it’s so hard to decipher women and what they like and appreciate. But if you hear us carefully, men, it’s not at all hard. If anything we’ll literally give you a list of all the qualities women admire in men.

Important qualities of a good man

One of the most important qualities of a good man is when he is thoughtful and kind. I don’t know who started this trend of pretending to be cool and nonchalant but let me say it on behalf of every woman, we much rather like it when you care for the things around you and are thoughtful to the needs and desires of people around you. Like watching a man shush a crying baby is any day so much more cool and heartwarming. 

We find men unattractive when …

Surely we don’t like it when we are told that we look fat in a particular dress but hey, don’t lie to us about such matters. We don’t like being lied to. Just be straight up honest with us.

Sense of humour and attentiveness are qualities women admire in men

Who doesn’t like a partner who can make you laugh even at the time of adversity? I think this one’s not even gender specific. It’s always an attractive quality when a man has it in him to laugh at his own stupidity rather than brood and sulk over it.

One thing we wish the most in our man is to have the ability to be attentive. Women like it when their man is an attentive listener and just doesn’t pretend to listen for the sake of it. There’s nothing sexier than having a man who remembers what we said a week ago about a particular thing we like or dislike.

Lastly, be a good rider. Self explanatory, isn’t it?

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