When Your Boyfriend Has Feelings For Another Woman

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Updated On: July 18, 2022
signs he has feelings for another woman
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Have you found yourself the ‘perfect guy’ but are noticing signs he has feelings for another woman? Does he do all the right things for you yet something about the relationship seems off? He tries to be the good guy because he cares about you but you can sense that his mind and heart are usually preoccupied elsewhere.

‘Is he seeing someone else?’, this question might circle around your mind too many times a day if you feel like your relationship might be on the rocks. What to do when your boyfriend likes another girl? Well, gather all your self-respect and walk straight out of the door.

When Your Boyfriend Is In Love With Someone Else

If you are noticing signs he is interested in someone else, there is truly nothing more harrowing. Whether you notice him getting distracted in the middle of a conversation, displaying texting anxiety, or feel that the sex just isn’t that good anymore, something might be wrong.

As unfortunate as it is, that something could be signs he has feelings for another woman. While we cannot blame someone for who they choose to love, you will constantly be left to worry if he is cheating on you.

My Boyfriend Has A Crush On Another Woman

There is no excuse to make when your boyfriend is in love with someone else. Read this account about how a young woman discovered that her boyfriend was interested in someone else and how that changed her perspective about her relationship.

Rina had met Ron on a dating site. Bouncing off a few funny online dating questions and the two were completely into each other. They had hit off immediately, met twice and also had umpteen fun-filled flirtatious conversations on the phone. Rina looked forward to his messages and was constantly checking her phone for them. This was their third date.

Rina was in the middle of dinner with Ron. It was a nice flirtatious calorie-infused dinner with wine being gulped rapidly. “This is the guy for me,” shouted Rina silently to herself as her eyes caressed his good-looking face. She took out her shoes under the table and she found his feet were just an inch away. She giggled, “Aren’t your feet too close for comfort?”

And he smiled sweetly, showing his single dimple, and being a Punjabi the first thought that crossed Rina’s mind looking at his good-looking face was “Hai main mar java!

signs he's in love with someone else
It was a fabulous date at first

And then his phone rang. His flippant mood changed to concern. “I gotta go, the baby is throwing up and Rosie is so worried being alone and Sameer is traveling.”

Rina sighed and tried to look magnanimous, though in reality she could have killed him. Her heartbeats which she could feel excitedly under her blouse dropped to below normal. She felt that if her heartbeat was being monitored, it would be a straight line now. Ron called the waiter and asked for the bill. Rina said angrily she would pay, and a grateful Ron made a hurried exit.

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But there was a catch – Signs he’s in love with someone else

Rina was a successful career woman in her mid-30s and still single. She’d kissed many frogs along the way hoping they would turn into charming princes, but they remained frogs she wished she had dissected during her school days.

Then she met Ron and sparks flew galore, engulfing her properly and she reveled in them. Ron was single with hardly any family to speak of, which made Rina very happy. She thought she was too old to pay obeisance to Mummyji and Daddyji.

But all good things come with a catch. I started noticing signs he has feelings for another woman. Was he falling in love with someone else?

Ron was very friendly with a couple, the Puris with a little daughter. He would often babysit for them. Mr Sameer Puri was always traveling for work and Mrs Rosie Puri could not function alone. Either the baby was throwing up or Rosie had bouts of intense anxiety and she would call Ron. And Ron was always there at their beck and call.

Rina would ask him through gritted teeth, trying to control her voice to a reasonable decibel, “Rosie’s mother is just a short distance away and so is her mother-in-law. Why doesn’t she call them? And how does she have a bout of anxiety when you are with me? Does she call her anxiety on will, ‘Dear anxiety, come soon because Ron and Rina are together’?”

“She’s not like you, you know”

“You are just being difficult,” said Ron, “You must meet her. She is a really simple sweet kid in her early 30s. She’s not like you, a working woman and smart, and she has no duplicity in her, having never worked. She has just started blogging and she is very spiritual.”

“So now my work has made me as hard as nails,” said Rina angrily.

what to do when your boyfriend likes another girl
His energies were occupied elsewhere

“No, no! I meant…” Ron had become red-faced and stuttered, trying to apologize.

He called Rina later but Rina did not pick up his call and was sulking. Though she was sulking, she was going through his and Rosie’s social media with a magnifying glass and a fine-tooth comb. She realized he hadn’t liked all the garbage she posted on FB or on Insta.

She would copy funny witty stuff from the Internet and pass it off as her own words of wisdom. That discovery was like a balm to her burnt soul. She was feeling jealous and was turning into an insecure woman. So after waiting for a week she called him on a Saturday afternoon hoping that he would be happy to hear her voice. There was constant whining and crying in the background.

“Where are you?” she asked, exasperated.

“Today is the baby’s birthday and she is colicky, so I decided to help.”

“But it’s a kids’ party, it will get over early. So let’s meet after dinner for a drink.”

“Yes,” he said, “That sounds good.”

“Okay, give me a ring once you are done with the party.”

So what if it’s late, let’s give this a chance

He called late, at 10:30, but Rina did not fight. They agreed to meet at a bar close by.

Ron’s shirt had remnants of chocolate cake on it. Rina just looked away. The atmosphere was constrained but Rina thought it would be fine after a drink or two. But Ron seemed preoccupied and as always the phone rang.

“Pick it up,” sighed Rina.

She had had a tough week and she wanted whatever was left of the weekend to be peaceful.

“Okay, okay,” said Ron.

“What happened?” asked Rina “Does she have anxiety again, where is her husband, or is the baby colicky?”

“No,” he said. “Rosie was saying that the baby is sleeping and she and Sameer Puri would like to get out for a drink and they want to join us.”

“No, not at all,” said Rina, “I am not yet ready to meet them” and stomped out.

Rina and Ron lived fairly close to each other. She bumped into him often and except for a cold ‘Hi’, she did not try to connect. He called her up and messaged her but since she did not respond, he gave up.

on cheating

One rainy afternoon, she tried again

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon when Rina was trying to open her umbrella. The gust of wind caught her unawares and the umbrella flew out of her hand. Some roadside Romeo sang chatri udi. Before she could give him a dirty look, Ron materialized and caught hold of the umbrella and opened it with a flourish and said “At your service, ma’am.”

Rina laughed in spite of herself.

“Coffee?” he asked.

“Yes,” she replied. She was planning to go for a manicure but she thought “Bhad me jaye mere nails, let me have a heart-to-heart chat with him.”

She asked Ron if he liked Rosie.

“No, not in that way. I am a very good friend.”

“Ron, if you don’t watch out you will end up paying an enormous emotional price. She is manipulative. She has a husband, a kid; and what are you? Just a filler or an unpaid nanny?”

Ron grew redder and redder till he looked like a tomato, at which point Rina felt like crushing him and eating him as ketchup with her pakoras.

“What are you left with, no one to call your own. Don’t you want someone to call your own? Having a close person and being able to show someone you care? ”

Ron kept quiet. The coffee had got over, it was lunchtime and all that advice and emotional turmoil did not stop Rina from eating two cheese naans with butter chicken and she was happy to note that Ron ate four naans. Ron just kept on eating and maintained a studious silence.

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He wanted to have the cake and eat it too

For Ron, Rina realized, she was the benevolent much in control mom he never had and Rosie was the delicate nervous emotional girl he wanted as a girlfriend. Someone he could look after, envelop in his arms, who would never question anything.

“Why are you on a dating site?” asked Rina, “When you have an invisible umbilical cord?”

Ron just said, “You don’t understand.”

“I can’t,” said Rina, “I just find her manipulative. Mark my words, she is too cunning for you,” said Rina, like the soothsayer who said “Beware the ides of March” to Julius Caesar. Except she was wearing an old t-shirt and sweatpants.

She knew she looked a mess, and with whatever shred of dignity she felt she had left, Rina made an angry noisy exit.

Life did not change; Ron was still playing nursemaid to Rosie and was always at her beck and call, but was still willing to come back to Rina’s pallu, though Rina never wore a sari. Rina did not bite the bait. She is back on dating sites wondering when Ron will gain some sense.


1. What do you do if your boyfriend likes another girl?

If you are seeing signs he is in love with someone else, you need to do something quickly rather than sitting back and letting things unfold. Gather some courage, talk to him and have a candid conversation. If he decides to be with you, give him one chance but keep an eye out for any other suspicious behavior. If he is too invested in someone else and not willing to make it work, then you should stop trying and walk out of the relationship.

2. Is it cheating if your boyfriend likes another girl?

We are human and sometimes we step out of line for a bit. But as long as we realize what is wrong and make corrections soon enough, things can be okay. If you are seeing signs he has feelings for another woman and if he is clearly acting on them, then you should talk it out with him and ask him to make a firm decision. Because that could turn into ugly cheating very quickly.

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  1. Trust has to be the founding ground of love. If your partner is not into you , and inclined towards someone else all the time, then it’s not love in the first place. One should not waste one’s emotional energy in such a relationship thats’s not nourishing her in the first place.

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