21 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You

signs he likes you
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When a man is interested in you, he won’t be coy about it and let you make all the moves. If he is truly into you, he will send out some undeniable signs that he likes you. Those signs can be implicit and elusive or an obvious declaration of his feelings! 

If you have been going out for a while or meeting up often, there will be instances where he might express his interest in you. Whether it is shy taps on your shoulder, looking into your eyes often or sending good morning texts every day, there will be some genuine signs he likes you. We tell you how to read them. 

21 Undeniable Signs That He Likes You 

If you are a little puzzled as to if his hints actually mean something or not, you can stop worrying. He will definitely show signs he really likes you and they are hard to miss. Here are such 21 undeniable signs that he likes you and wants you in his life! 

1. You catch him staring at you 

Not in a creepy, uncomfortable way but in an endearing, sweet way that makes your cheeks blush! If you sometimes catch your date looking at you when you are looking away or adorably staring at you when you are not paying attention, he is admiring you!

Flirting with your eyes is definitely a thing. A man will only do that if he is charmed by you and cannot take his eyes off you. 

2. He touches you adoringly 

One of the undeniable signs that he likes you is if he often caresses you or touches you in an adoring manner. He may stroke your back lightly, put his arms around your waist often or move your hair out of your face. 

These touches do not necessarily have to be sexual. They can be light, soft and will often not mean anything other than the fact that he is purely smitten by you. 

3. He asks the right questions 

Usually, on initial dates, people spend a lot of time just understanding the other person and their history. If a guy is putting genuine efforts into asking you important questions, he may like you very much. 

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If he goes beyond the basic getting-to-know-you questions, this is one of the big signs. Questions like ‘What is the craziest thing you have done?’ or ‘What’s your favorite movie?’ are simple and not too serious. 

‘What is one moment you would love to get back if you could?’ or ‘What makes you wake up in the morning?’ are questions people ask when they want to get to know someone on a much deeper level. 

signs he likes you
He will ask you sweet and personal questions

4. He pays attention to your social media 

Social media stalking is a very acceptable practice these days. We all do it very often and it has now become a subtle sign of showing interest in another person. If he often views your stories and replies to them consistently, these are signs he wants to approach you. Online flirting consists of social media lurking.

If he comments on your older pictures or brings up your social media activities in his conversations – he is clearly spending a lot of his time scrolling your profile. And that is one of the obvious signs he likes you.

5. He sends ‘Good Morning’ texts 

Sending morning greetings to people randomly can be a tedious affair. A man will only do so with a woman that he truly likes and wants. If he makes the effort to wish you a good day or ask how your morning has been going, he might be a keeper! 

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6. He remembers the things you tell him 

There is nothing more charming than a man who is attentive to the things you say. Most men often make conversation to keep the chat light and interesting but then lose interest and forget the things one said. 

If a guy genuinely likes you, he will always give his 100% in listening and remembering the things you tell him. Don’t be surprised if he suddenly brings up the name of your first pet in a conversation. It is one of the subtle signs he likes you more than a friend. 

7. Your dates are often longer 

Your dates going well is one thing. However, if you notice that your dates are often longer than the other ones you have been on, this may be a really good sign! He will also come up with some really fun date ideas for you. A person will only invest extra time and energy into somebody they see the potential of things moving forward.

If a guy is not eager to go home soon on your dates, he is clearly falling for you. When a guy takes out the time to engage with you for longer periods, he is rooting for you to be in his life. 

8. He sends quick replies to your texts

If a man’s texting game towards you is strong, it is one of the signs he really likes you. Whether it is texting him when you need his help or just sending him a funny GIF, if he is quick to respond, it is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. 

Moreover, if he spends long hours chatting with you and making efforts in a textual conversation, he is clearly into you! 

texting instantly
He will reply to you quickly and bring a smile to your face

9. He compliments you 

And not just simple, generic ones. If a man truly notices the little things about you and compliments them dotingly, he wants to be more than just a friend to you. Complimenting well is one of the ways to make a girl fall for you.

For example, he stares into your eyes and says ‘The color of your eyes is absolutely dazzling’, rest assured he likes you for more than just your eyes. 

10. He gets jealous when you mention other guys 

If you mention other dates, potential boyfriends or past flames to this guy, he may lose the spark in his face and develop a sulking attitude.He does not do this intentionally to bother or make you feel bad. It is just his reflex because of how strongly he feels for you. 

11. He gives you thoughtful gifts 

On birthdays, Christmas or any other special occasion – if a guy brings a thoughtful gift for you, there is a good chance he likes you! If the gift is not a simple or formal one, it indicates that he took out the time to think about your choices and wants. 

For example, you drink tea every day and he buys you a cute teapot in your favorite color. This shows that he is attentive toward your likes and dislikes. Not just that, he has thoughtfully used that information to get you something that you would appreciate. 

If this isn’t one of the obvious signs he likes you, what would be!

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12. Using cute terms to refer to you 

If a guy peppers words like ‘Babe’, ‘Honey’ or ‘Cutie’ into a conversation effortlessly, it is one of the obvious signs he likes you very much. Some men do it casually out of adoration but if it becomes repetitive, he is hinting at his greater feelings for you. 

13. He discusses his own life with you 

If getting him to open up to you is as easy as telling him your feelings, it is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. A man only shares his darkest and deepest thoughts with ones he considers close. If he wants to develop trust, he likes you for sure.

If he opens up to you quickly and shares his thoughts unabashedly, he is treating you as an important cog in his life. It is an expression that he needs you and values what you think of him. 

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14. He likes your approval 

One of the signs he likes you but is hiding it is if he seeks your approval and appreciation in tactical ways. He may dress to impress just to elicit a compliment out of you. Or he may gleefully talk about himself and his hobbies to gain your approval and wait for you to validate him.  

art of wooing

15. He is always ready to help you out 

When you are in grave need, danger or just need to grab something from a higher shelf in your kitchen – if a guy always takes the initiative to help you out, he is clearly showing you that he likes you. 

He does not do this to make you like him back. He only wants to help you because he truly cares for you and wants to be there for you in every capacity that he can. 

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16. He likes to mirror you 

This doesn’t just end at absorbing vocabulary or your gesticulations. If you mention having read a book, say 1984 to him, he may read it too just to share a commonness with you. Perhaps you recommend a movie to him that is your favorite, he may immediately watch it to be able to relate to you better.   

17. He will match your pace when walking 

This sign may not reveal itself too easily unless you really observe. It may seem like a small, unnoticeable thing but is one of the subconscious signs a man likes you. If you often walk together at the same pace and maintain a flowy rhythm, there is a little attraction among the two of you.

This is one of the male body language signs of attraction. Walking at the same pace is one of the underrated expressions of intimacy.

18. He teases you playfully 

If a guy likes to pull your leg to instigate cute reactions out of you, it is one of the undeniable signs that he likes you. If he likes to tickle you, play silly pranks or crack jokes about you – he is not making fun of you. Rather, he is trying to have fun with you. When a man gives you a hard time, it is an easy tell that he likes you sincerely. 

he teases you
He teases you and makes you laugh

19. He invites you wherever he is going 

If his friends have planned an informal barbecue or he needs to drive out of the city for an errand, he may ask you if you are free.

One of the signs he really likes you is when he asks you out even in unconventional circumstances. He may even ask you to go on double dates with him! He does this because he doesn’t want to miss any opportunity to spend time with you. 

20. He encourages you to be your best self 

If a guy is always motivating you and supporting your dreams, he believes in you and he likes you very much. He wants to see you succeed. Whether it is bagging a job or learning a new cheesecake recipe, he will always be there looking over your shoulder and ensuring that you hold your head high. 

21. He does things for you that he does not enjoy himself 

For example, you love biking but he does not enjoy it as much. Even if he tells you that, he will make the effort to wake up in the morning to go biking with you and for you. He is not doing this as a favor to you but because he cares about what you want. 

He wants to spend more time with you and share the activities that you enjoy to make you happy! 


What are the signs when a man in interested in you?

He will smile often, touch you dotingly and take complete interest in your conversations. 

Can a guy subconsciously like you?

Yes, there can be times when a guy likes you but has not even admitted it to himself yet. However, it will still show in his interactions with you. 

Can you tell if someone is thinking about you?

Yes. If they are staring at you lovingly, enjoying holding your hand or paying attention to you constantly, they are thinking about you. 

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