Break-up & Loss

You are gone…leaving me with memories, wounds, and tears uncried.

What is it like to live with a tear uncried? To strain your ears for the echoes of a laughter that has died out? Read this beautiful love letter by Ajit Menon.
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They say time is a great healer. They lie. The wounds you left behind remain. Unhealed and bleeding. Even after these many years. I watch them silently lay siege to my spirit every day. Proud as ever, I pretend I don’t notice. It’s cruel to see I still hurt. I have asked myself a million times why. I had vowed to leave you behind. To move on with my life. Yet the memories cling on to me like a petulant child. Seeking my attention desperately. Demanding my time. Stubborn, they refuse to let me escape the responsibility of acknowledging their presence. Why do they insist on following me? Are they bound to me for a reason? Or is it the other way round? Am I the one sifting through the graveyard of time looking for what no longer can be found? Am I bound to chasing ghosts for the rest of my life?

The possibilities never fail to annoy me. You know how I hate ambiguity.

Yes, I have gone back in time for answers. I have met you again and again at the doorsteps of my past. Still young. Still smiling. Still watching me with those playful, translucent eyes that promised me a world I had seen only in my dreams.

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