Which Zodiac Sign Is The Best Boyfriend

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Updated On: April 18, 2022
Which zodiac sign is the best boyfriend

Your compatibility with someone is written in the stars (quite literally). Zodiac signs not only show your compatibility with someone, but also your sexual attraction with them. No sign is complete on their own, the astrological wheel is always changing depending on the signs and how they relate to each other.

If you’re wondering what zodiac boyfriend you should be looking for and which zodiac sign is the best boyfriend for you, do all the research you can on your own sign, and then check zodiac sign compatibility calculator to find the boy of your dreams.

Zodiac Signs As Boyfriends

If you thought that no one knows your deepest character traits or secrets, think again. Your stars say a lot more about you, especially your sexy, romantic side, than you expected. There are unique traits and qualities that each sign has, make sure you know them all so you can find your most compatible zodiac signs boyfriend!

So which zodiac sign is the best boyfriend? We did some research to help you find the answer.

Aries: Committed and faithful

He’ll be happy to make the first move because he is a dominating character. He wants adventure, thrill and excitement. Everything in the bedroom also needs to be on his terms and very often it will be long sessions full of fun, wildness and passion.

Due to his strong personality, he also becomes territorial and therefore is a committed and faithful partner. An Aries zodiac boyfriend is determined to face any obstacle and overcome it, so you can be sure he will fight to keep your relationship going strong.

Taurus: Firm head on his shoulders

Zodiac boyfriends - Taurus
Taurus: Firm head on his shoulders

Taurean men are reliable and take care of their ladylove in every possible aspect – emotional, financial, spiritual and physical. He’s not afraid of confrontation and will nearly always make sense in an argument. He has very strong points to make and wants the best for you, as you will be his top priority.

In the bedroom, Taureans are rarely the adventurous type. They like to colur within the lines, so do not expect anything wild with them. They thrive in their comfort zone. It must be simple yet fun.

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Gemini: Slippery charm

A Gemini man will steal your thunder with effortless charm. He loves to be in the limelight and therefore he will be surrounded by ‘distractions’, which you, as his girlfriend, need to tackle intelligently. He’s not unfaithful, but may appear so because of his huge social circle of the opposite sex.

He’s a happy soul, but very difficult to satisfy in bed. He has too many expectations and is always on the lookout for something new.

Cancer: Can read your mind

He will be the most sensitive and caring man you’ve ever known. He can read your mind and will proactively act upon things to make you happy. He’s also a good planner and make sure every date is full of romance and fun.

He hates sex without emotions or feelings. A Cancerian man isn’t ashamed to show his soft and caring side. He is definitely not the ‘one night stand’ type.

Leo: Lion-sized ego

Leo men love being worshipped in bed and anything less leads to complete dissatisfaction. He’s extremely choosy about his partner and wants to ensure that he’s the winner in any quarrel. His charismatic personality attracts many women and may entice him into several physical relationships.

He needs the royal treatment, in bed or otherwise. A Leo man in bed is the perfect replica of their true nature- a lion.

Virgo: Steady and dependable

A Virgo zodiac boyfriend will be the one to fill all the gaps in your life. Some women may also find him to be the ‘unadventurous type’, but in reality he is just a person who you can depend on.

It’s true that he’s not the playful, mischievous type most women are attracted to. Virgo men will also stay within limits when it comes to sex, but they strive to attain perfection in bed.

Libra: Strikes the right balance

A Libra man will always weigh both sides of a situation, so if he has proposed, then rest assured he is serious about you. In bed, he’s sensual and will often want the woman to take charge. He will give all the signals and expects the woman to be a little intuitive.

He does not like conflicts due to his peace loving traits. He wants balance in all aspects of life, and this definitely also counts in his love life.

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Scorpio: Tough to understand

Scorpio zodiac boyfriends are unpredictable
A Scorpio man is tough to understand

He will never express himself. As his girlfriend or wife, you’ll need tremendous patience to get to know him. He is someone you can never know completely. But, this mystery also translates to some amazing passion in the bedroom, making him the best lover out of all the signs.

A Scorpio zodiac boyfriend is always up for an adventure. He loves to take his woman on a wild ride. Scorpion men are extremely powerful and passionate, and they will make sure you’re having a good time.

Sagittarius: A charming flirt

A Sagittarius man might come across as flirtatious, but he’s only really having a conversation. His charming personality and excellent communication skills often give him the aura of a flirt. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also very intellectual.

In bed, a Sagittarius man is so good that you just can’t get enough of him and will long for more. With him, it will always be fun, because he won’t care about boundaries.

Capricorn: Gift-giver

This is a man who looks for commitment. He likes to give his ladylove presents every now and then to please her. At the same time, he prefers things to be his way so the girl in his life has to make adjustments to her lifestyle to suit his. In bed, he hates fantasies and likes to keep it real.

Aquarius: Friends to forever

An Aquarius zodiac boyfriend wants friendship
For the Aquarius man, the first step to love is friendship

He has too many friends and his social circle is very important to him. As his girlfriend, you need to also befriend his friends. He is a man who puts his choices before his ego. He’s not the cuddly type in bed and is very clear about what he expects from his woman while having sex.

Pisces: Romantic introvert

The Pisces man is deeply romantic, but always very introverted. So, very often, the woman needs to make the first move. As a boyfriend, he is soft-spoken, considerate and glows with positivity, which could sometimes could be a tad unrealistic.

A hot one-night stand for him is a connection for his whole life, so he is usually the one who’s all about feelings while having sex. He also expects his spouse to be as sensitive as him, which is often a cause of disappointment for him.

Zodiac signs as boyfriends

These were all the zodiac signs as boyfriends. Each sign has something unique to offer, and each of them have a different style in bed. So, which zodiac sign is the best boyfriend for you?


1. Which is the best zodiac sign to be in a relationship with?

Depends on what you’re looking for. If you want fun and adventure, then go for an Aries man, if you want reliability and balance in your life, go for a Virgo or Libra man.

2. What zodiac signs are cute together?

Aries- Gemini, Cancer-Scorpion and Leo-Sagittarius are some of the most compatible signs.

3. What zodiac falls in love easily?

Most experts suggest that Cancerians fall in love most easily.

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