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Your biggest relationship flaws based on your zodiac sign

Here are some of your flaws based on your zodiac sign that can damage your relationships.
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Unintentional flaws that can damage relationships

While in love, it is easy to ignore the red flags; but when common mistakes are repeated over a period of time we are left to wonder if we are not built to love.

While determining the flaws that people under specific zodiac signs seem to possess, it is not applicable to everyone. Many are known to show these flaws while choosing partners or while in a relationship that can lead to a ruin-moment in a relationship.

1. Aries

People belonging to this zodiac sign tend to move way too fast. They fall in love too fast and tend to decide everything on the very first date. They are drawn towards confidence and decisive people, only to realise later that the decisiveness which they find swooning is actually stubbornness. Since they are governed by their own emotions, which go from zero to infinity at the drop of a hat, they do not pause to understand the needs of their partner or the fact that they are drifters. They realise the flaws way into the relationship when they are emotionally into it and end up breaking their own heart.

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