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Your biggest relationship flaws based on your zodiac sign

Here are some of your flaws based on your zodiac sign that can damage your relationships.
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Unintentional flaws that can damage relationships

While in love, it is easy to ignore the red flags; but when common mistakes are repeated over a period of time we are left to wonder if we are not built to love.

While determining the flaws that people under specific zodiac signs seem to possess, it is not applicable to everyone. Many are known to show these flaws while choosing partners or while in a relationship that can lead to a ruin-moment in a relationship.

1. Aries

People belonging to this zodiac sign tend to move way too fast. They fall in love too fast and tend to decide everything on the very first date. They are drawn towards confidence and decisive people, only to realise later that the decisiveness which they find swooning is actually stubbornness. Since they are governed by their own emotions, which go from zero to infinity at the drop of a hat, they do not pause to understand the needs of their partner or the fact that they are drifters. They realise the flaws way into the relationship when they are emotionally into it and end up breaking their own heart.
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2. Taurus

Taureans are attracted to the exterior than the interior. They get involved in fiery hot passion without digging deep into the emotional aspects of the relationship. When the passion fizzles out, they realise that the fiery passion was only the tip of the iceberg- their partner might not be as stable or responsible, traits that are requisites for a long-term commitment.

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3. Gemini

A big-hearted Gemini can often create misunderstanding by offering too much love to everyone that can end up making their partner insecure. Gemini craves mental stimulation more than physical. They want someone to discuss things with and have a mental rapport with. They would want to be with someone who they don’t have to parent or take much care of.

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4. Cancer

People born under this sign like and love being taken care of. Cancerians often are attracted to someone who will love and cherish them round the clock. Emotional love means more to them than physical. But if they are not careful they might end up with someone who is controlling and emotionally abusive. For the sake of safety and love, they might even settle for someone controlling, which is a ruin in the long run.

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Leos are known to be dramatic. They are adventurous, love to try fun stuff and are attracted to people who share their sense of adventure and free spirited will. However, the fun people who they end up with might not be responsible adults. At the end, though they are fun, Leos have to be responsible for the ones they are with.

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6. Virgo

Obsessing over little imperfections can be one of the major downfalls for Virgo. They often tend to be workaholic and want things done in a certain way. They tend to go for people who look good on paper and are the serious kind. Virgo people are serious themselves and want someone who can share their sense of seriousness. They tend to settle for a person who might be a fellow workaholic. They have no such “Opposites attract” thing going on which might be fatal in long term relationships.

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7. Libra

They love being in love and having a partner. They hate being single and any form of attachment/partnership is loved by them, even if the partner is abusive, controlling or manipulative. Libra people love being loved and tend to set themselves on a quest for their soulmate. In the process, they sometimes end up falling for anyone who meets their criteria, which could lead to heartbreak in the long run.

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Scorpions, being the sexual beings that they are, often start a relationship solely based on fulfilling sexual needs. The matter of the heart comes way later in their relationship, if it comes to that at all. Getting their heart involved in the relationship is a big deal for them. Scorpions need to open their heart to be vulnerable and really feel the beauty of a relationship.

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9. Sagittarius

Ah, the adventurous loner, Sagittarius peeps are. They love being independent and seek distance from their partner, to assert their independence. The distance that their partners are willing to give often becomes too much for a relationship to thrive on. They are drawn towards people who are fun but way into the relationship they realise that their partner is an immature child who needs to be taken care of. It is important for Sagittarians to know that closeness in a relationship does not mean being dependent on their partner.

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10. Capricorn

Capricorn is the grown up zodiac sign. They love dating and being in grown up, mature relationships. They tend to look for stability – emotional, physical and financial – in their partners. Their love for stability often gets in the way of fulfilling their needs and being romantic once in a while in the relationship. Capricorns often treat relationships like a business deal which can ruin the relationship in the long run.

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11. Aquarius

Aquarians love quirky, weird people who stand out in the crowd. Their affinity towards quirks is so massive that it turns them on as fast as it turns them off. If the partner stops being interesting, Aquarius tend to be uninterested. But often, the interesting personalities of their partner makes them put up with abusive behaviour which is downright wrong.

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12. Pisces

Pisceans are hopeless romantics. They often tend to fall for storybook romance and their hopes crash and burn if their romance is not up to the mark. Pisceans need to get a reality check once in a while keeping the fairy tale romance alive.

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