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Zodiac signs, believe it or not, play a major part in our sexual compatibility with our partner. Roughly translated, compatibility means if your person is ready to get as down and dirty as you would, or if they like fine wine and dine before sex. What does your sign say about your sexual personality? Let’s find out.

Zodiac signs and sexual compatibility

Did you know those born under the sign of the ram have steamy passion running through them? They are Aries, by the way. Leos like their ego stroked and love it when they get to play the role of the dominant partner. Some may want sex right after a small peck while some do not engage in PDA at all but are a tiger between the sheets.

Check out your sign and your partner’s to see what do they like. The sex star signs say a lot about a person.

1. Aries

When they want it, they want it right then and there. Impulsive and adventurous they can try different kinks in varied ways. They are not interested in the romantic stuff much but if you are interested in a drawn-out, intense love-making session, Aries will do right by you. They are the kinkiest zodiac signs. They don’t want too much drama and like getting down to business. They are kinkiest of the zodiac signs are not sorry for their sexual drive. Aries do not mind getting aggressive either. Anything under the sun is good for them as long as it is not boring. Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini are the most compatible partners and these sun signs get along with an Aries.

Aries - When they want it, they want it right then and there
Aries: When they want it, they want it right then and there

2. Taurus

These are sensual lovers—meaning they like to be wined and dined before sex. They are also the naughtiest zodiac signs. Romance is key to get them going. Seduction gets them going. They ponder over their decisions but once they make up their mind that you are it, they will give they’re being to you. They are hard-core traditionalists but when fully unleashed will keep going all night. They require a partner who will flame their passion. The mind and the heart matters as much as the body does. They like being pursued. This sun sign has a lot to give in bed.

3. Gemini

People born under this sign need their mind to be stimulated before sex. They are into building a steamy rapport; mentally connecting with their partners before taking their clothes off. Their mind is highly imaginative and they can bring in wonderful whispers to turn you on. They are verbal about what they want to do to you and they won’t shy away from using the crassness of his tongue. They let their imagination do some naughtiest stuff in the bedroom which makes a lovemaking session with them memorable. Gemini is a zodiac sign with sensuality and prowess.

Gemini Lovers
Gemini: People born under this sign need their mind to be stimulated before sex

4. Cancer

Highly susceptible to emotions. Cancerians like to be wooed before sex. They need to feel comfortable. They might come off as shy but that’s temporary. They cannot just jump into bed with someone. They need to feel safe and secure. They can be highly sensual and dedicate themselves to pleasing their partners well. They can get turned on with sweet gestures of love like a fully prepared meal by her partner or a bouquet of roses.

5. Leo

Like Aries, they are highly passionate and enthusiastic. Their ego is huge and they will please you good if you stroke their ego well. They admire and thrive on admiration. They like to be acknowledged. Their zesty performance deserves some praise and doesn’t hold back on it. You can get loud while having sex with a Leo—that’s a validation of their magnificence and drives them into being lustful and passionate. If they feel they are the centre of your attention, they will treat you with incredible foreplays and even better lovemaking.

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6. Virgo

They often come off as people who are shy, chaste and will break into a blush at the mention of sex but once comfortable they can be unbelievably sensual. Though they like calm relationships and come off as less aggressive partners, they can be coaxed into trying the kinkiest sexual stuff once they feel safe and secure with you. A little romance before the act goes a long way for them. They might get irritated if you try to get down and dirty at a public bathroom. They prefer the old fashioned romance to get them going. But then again, with the right music and wooing, they can be willing to try out the Kamasutra position as well.

A little romance before the act goes a long way for them.
Virgo: A little romance before the act goes a long way for them

7. Libra

If we are talking about zodiac signs and sexuality then we should focus on the sexual style of Librans which is more refined and exquisite. Sex for them is a mental act to satisfy their intellectual craving. They can get turned on with verbal recital of Proust and some mental stimulation. They are aesthetic beings: Mozart, music, art, ballet, French ballads aesthetically pleases them and puts them in the mood. Luxurious night in a hotel, a classy ambience and some wine can put them in a mood.

8. Scorpio

They are erotic beings and freaks between the sheets. Though they are okay with a one night stand, they crave for an emotional connection with their partner to tap into their darker erotic side. They rightfully have a reputation for being highly sexual, erotic and possessive, especially if they are in a relationship. No two lovemaking sessions will be the same for them. Their performance is transformative and their need for power and control can lead to powerful lovemaking; enough to change your idea of ideal love-making.

9. Sagittarius

Wanderers and seekers of newer realms of pleasure. People in this sun sign are naturally born affectionate, flirty and intellectually interesting people. Sex could be their idea of a fun time and nothing too emotional. They need spontaneity and variety in their sex life. To engage with them, their freedom must not be curbed. Playing the same sex games can make them lose their mind out of boredom. They please you and you please them, whenever, wherever. Trying our weird techniques and positions is right up their alley and you won’t be judged by them if you want to indulge in any of them.

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10. Capricorn

They are the broody, crazy sexed up beings who might come off as the conservative kind in the first glance. PDA is a no, no for them but once alone, they let go off their inhibition and devour you with their sexual appetite. Under the cold demeanour, there lies a tiger waiting to get your clothes off. They are into making plans for a “sex night” in advance which gets them going.

They are into making plans for a “sex night” in advance which gets them going.
Capricorn: They are into making plans for a “sex night” in advance which gets them going

11. Aquarius

They are unconventional lovers. They might not like a walk in the park or holding hands or anything conventional for that matter but they can be enthusiastic and imaginative when it comes to sex. Their lack of enthusiasm in everyday activities is made up of their over zesty performance in sex. Like all water-bearing signs, intellectualism is a kink for them. They keep sprucing up their sex activities to keep it from getting monotonous.

12. Pisces

The shapeshifters of Zodiac signs. They can change their sexual styles according to need and desire. Their need for love is higher than their need for sex. Their bewitching and charming personality makes it easy for them to find a partner but they respond to love more than sex. For a Piscean, an emotional connection is important and once they have found it, their sexual energy also gets vitalised. Once energised, they become highly imaginative sexual partners and give their all to them. In the bedroom, they give you their heart and their body. They are dreamers if you are a dreamer. They respond to their partners’ imagination. So if you are into role-playing, they won’t turn it down.

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