10 Thoughts In A Woman’s Mind When Her Man Is Checking Out A Girl

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Updated On: February 13, 2024
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Not just your man, single men and womanisers, every man in this planet likes to look at other women. There’s a strange pleasure in checking out a girl. It doesn’t mean he loves you any less. Despite this fact, when faced with a situation where you have caught your man checking out some hot chick at a party, your female brain is all over the place to find out why she caught his eyes.

If your man is checking out a girl despite being in a steady relationship with you, you should not lose sleep over it. This is a very normal thing that men do. In fact, women also check out men but they are probably more subtle. Men are in your face about this.

Why Does A Man Check Out Another Woman?

“My boyfriend stares at other women,” a friend of mine told me. She was really upset and even felt humiliated. There is no denying the fact that when a man checks out other women the experience could be really unpleasant. My friend added, “My boyfriend checks out my friends and I find this habit of his really awful.”

Let’s face it if you see someone attractive you have a tendency to look, this applies for both men and women. If you are in a steady relationship a quick glance at someone attractive does not mean you are really attracted to that person.

Women often have the tendency to judge their partners if they are checking out a girl. But the question her is how are they checking out the girl? Are they keeping on looking? Trying to flirt or even get their number? If this is what your man is doing then you have reason for the alarm bells to ring.

But if your man is checking out a girl with just a glance that you have only noticed, then there is no reason to hyperventilate. It’s normal human tendency to look.

A study conducted in Florida State University followed 233 newly married couples for up to 3 and a 1/2 years and documented intimate details about their relationships.

They found out participants who quickly disengaged their attention from an attractive person were less likely to engage in infidelity. The time of that response was notable: Individuals who looked away in as little as a few hundred milliseconds faster than average were nearly 50 per cent less likely to have sex outside marriage.

10 Thoughts In A Woman’s Mind When Her Man Is Checking Out A Girl

What do guys think when they check out a girl? This is a question that comes to many women’s mind. If you ask us we would say they think nothing in particular. It’s not like they are lusting after the woman, it’s just a knee-jerk reaction of looking at something attractive.

But yes, if this is a habit that’s causing a woman mental agony then she should have a talk with her partner about it. But for now we will tell you all the thoughts that go through a woman’s mind when she sees her man checking out a girl.

1. Does he find her prettier than me?

It’s been more than five minutes and he is still checking her out from every angle possible. It means he finds her more beautiful, doesn’t it? I’m going to find some Vodka to drown in it.

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2. Does it mean he is not attracted to me anymore?

Since he thinks she is prettier, he is probably not attracted to me anymore. Is it because I said I have put on some weight? Is it because of my increased hair fall? Is it because my breasts are sagging?

Its really upset when boyfriend checking out another girl
Its really upset when boyfriend checking out another girl

3. Or maybe because I can no longer satisfy him?

I’m sure he wouldn’t be looking at her if I filled him up right the last time. Does he think I’m not good enough for him in bed? Is it because I said I was tired last night?

4. Is he not happy with me that’s why he is checking out a girl?

Had he been happy with me he wouldn’t check out random women, or am I too crazy to think that? There must be something he feels missing in our relationship and that’s why he feels the need to stare at other women.

5. Is he going to cheat on me?

Is he going to cheat on me?
Is he going to cheat on me?

If he can look at other women in front of me he sure can be unfaithful to me when I’m not looking. How did I not know that he could cheat on me.

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6. Or dump me?

Oh God, if he can look he can cheat, and if he can cheat he can break up with me too! Should I be prepared to get dumped? This is the first thought that comes to a woman’s mind when her boyfriend is checking out a girl.

7. Should I work on how I look?

But really he checking her out majorly means I need to work on how I look. Of course, he wouldn’t look if I hadn’t skipped my last two facial appointments and had my waistline been under control. Should I join a gym? Should I try Korean beauty methods to look younger?

8. Should I be angry at him?

Technically, I think I should be angry at him too. Should I give him a quick elbow to the ribs? Should I give him meaningful looks to let him know I do not like it? Should I tell him I want to leave the party and then give him a silent treatment on our way home?

Or better, should I flirt with that hot bartender to get back at him?

What's on your mind when he is checking out a girl?
What’s on your mind when he is checking out a girl?

9. Or should I pounce on her instead?

But I think the girl is dropping some hint too. I may not have seen her looking at my man, but to satisfy my crazy theories she has to be an opportunist b*tch trying to steal him.

Should I get more drunk to pick up a catfight with her? Or better, should I follow her to the washroom and vomit in her purse to get a perfect revenge?

10. Is my relationship doomed?

I may not know where my thoughts are going but I’m sure my relationship is doomed. My man looking at a random girl clearly means I’m going to die alone.

OK stop! Let your man be a man (I mean he is a visual creature, let’s not try to pretend you can change how the law of nature works) and control your self-esteem. He looks at that girl and every other pretty face that passes by because it’s a guy thing and it doesn’t mean anything. Period.

P.S – But if he does more than just looking then you have all the reasons to be mad at him.

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