15 Things Men Notice About You In The First Meeting

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Updated On: October 27, 2021

Is he looking at my face? Did he notice that I said “childrens”? Damn it, is that a kernel stuck between my front teeth? Did he notice that I am wearing my magic perfume? Why is he not leaning in for a kiss yet? Okay sorry, I got a little carried away there. Moving on, I am here to discuss the 15 things that men notice about you in the first meeting. It is not as easy to guess a man’s thought as conventions indicate, but let’s go.

15 Things Men Notice About You In The First Meeting

What is the first thing a guy notices about a woman? This might be something that is on every woman’s mind and we will tell you that there are things guys notice in the first 6 seconds. You might be thinking that they focus on one or two things in your physical appearance but that is not so. They have a capacity to quickly scan through you and there are things they notice that could leave a lasting impression on them. We list the 15 things that men notice about you in the first meeting.

1. Your smile

…an everlasting smile ….lalala… Pardon my flower-child mood. But, yes he is checking out your smile, not that microscopic spinach piece stuck in your teeth that you have been worrying about, the whole evening. A bright and genuine smile flips his heart like a deft chef flipping pancakes! (Wait what? Ok. Focus!)

Do not try to get the right amount of teeth show or crow’s feet, just let out your natural smile. No matter how lopsided it is, it will win his heart and more.

(Ahem! I literally have zero chill in my life.) What attracts a man to a woman first? Your smile is our answer.

Woman Smile
Woman smile

2. Your words

He is hanging onto your words more than you guessed. He notices the nuances, little silences, nervous quiver– he is taking it all in. It is for him the most reliable research material. He does not only care about that mouth but also the words they produce. True though that those moments when his eyes slipped to your lips in all probability, that was not him observing the air vibrating off them as sound is produced. But men will be men right? (Hahahaha… *Slits own throat with stereotypes*)

3. Your body language

He does need to be an expert in reading body language, it is only human to be alert about the person you are attracted to. He will notice the lean in your posture, if you are playing with your hair, maintaining eye contact. Because know this, if you are reading this article he sure has come across the many written about how you are giving him indications about your interest. So if you are interested in him, drop the hint subtly through your posture.

4. Your hair

Yes, I find it odd as well, but my many male friends and scanty boyfriends have admitted to this fact. Hair is a thing for them.

Not that you can do much about this but it is a piece of information that I thought worth sharing. Be it long, short, wavy, curly, straight- they pay attention to the care you put in it.

If your man is old school he is probably into long hair. I am not going to comment on that. Fin.

Woman Long Hair
Woman long hair

5. Your laughter

It is one of the most beautiful sounds a human can make, unless one is as unfortunate as me and cackles awkwardly. But if your man is in sync with you he might find that endearing. He will want to attune himself to the sound of your laughter if he is into you. So let go of yourself and take your hand away from guarding your mouth and laugh. Your man wants to be the one who can make you laugh so loudly. Sorry if he is not funny enough to deserve more than a smile for trying, tough luck!

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6. Your eyes

It’s not about how much kohl you have used for your eye make-up but it’s about how your eyes can hold his attention or do the eyelashes keep fluttering or the eye balls keep darting here and there? And if you have quickly glanced at the handsome hunk passing by don’t think they have not noticed. There are things that guys notice in the first meeting that you would not even imagine possible.

7. Your dress

One of the 15 things that men notice about you in the first meeting is how you dress up. So the idea is to dress up in what makes you comfortable and not wear that LBD because it makes you look “hot”.

Then through the entire date you are worried about too much leg show and pulling your dress down. Things can’t get worse than that. Comfort should be your mantra. If you feel comfortable in a white shirt and a pair of denims so be it.

8. Your shoes

Women's shoes are noticed by men
Women’s shoes are noticed by men

If you want to make a lasting impression on a guy then make sure you wear a good pair of shoes. Comfort is key again. Don’t limp in those high heels because you think that makes you look fashionable, or tape your whole feet in Band-Aid because the new show is what you have decided to wear. Wear a smart shoe, a clean shoe and a comfortable one. Guys do judge your personality by your shoes.

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9. Your feet

If your feet are pedicured professionally then they do love it. But if you are not the kinds to spend hours at the salon make sure you take good care of your feet at home, exfoliating and applying foot cream. Cracked heels are what guys usually hate. No matter how much you dress up and look good if your heels don’t look fine nothing does. Tip: Your heels are one of the first things a guy notices in the first 6 seconds.

10. Bags you carry

Women usually carry their whole world in their bags. But when you plonk it on the table in front of him he does notice your bag carefully. The brand of your bag will tell him if you like expensive things and is a brand junkie. You could be carrying a sophisticated leather bag that isn’t marked by a big brand emblem. They notice how worn out or how new your bag is, how you carry it and how many times you dig into it to fetch out your phone, money, lipstick et al. 

11. What’s fake on you

You might be thinking that guys don’t know the difference between false lashes and real ones. But you are wrong there. They do know that these are the first thing that their eyes land on. False nails, lashes, body piercings, drawn eyebrows, tattoos. They do judge you by that.

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12. Your complexion

Men notice a woman's complexion
Men notice a woman’s complexion

Guys do know if you are in your real skin or if it’s hidden under foundations and concealers. Too much make-up isn’t what he is looking for he notices what your real skin looks like. If he doesn’t get to fathom that from your done-up face his eyes would quickly drop to your hands, skin on the neck and to your feet, to check out your real skin.

13. Your chest

He wouldn’t stare but he would notice. To tell you the truth how lush or how small you are is not what he will notice but it’s how comfortable you are in them is what matters. If you are the one who invests in good lingerie and feels confident in your clothing then that’s what a guy would find noticeable in the first meeting. Not all men think of  how your breasts would feel in their palms. Heck no!

14. Your perfume

How you smell says a lot about the kind of person you are. Are you the kind of person who likes to wear those flower smells or lavender is how you like it? Or you like stronger scents and prefer to stick to one brand or one smell. Whatever is your preference be sure a man notices that in not time. Your smell lingers on his nose, if he likes you.

15. Your confidence

This we have written last but this is supreme. It doesn’t matter if you have those big eyes, shiny hair or curve to die for or you can give a Victoria Secrets model a run for their money, what really matters is your confidence. You could be thin or fat, extrovert or introvert, short or tall, have clear skin or pimples, but what really matters is how confident you are about yourself. Among the 15 things a man notices about you in the first meeting this is one of the most important. Your confidence does make an impression on the guy.

(PS – My innocent people, he is in all probability another victim of the genetic disorder of male entitlement, and objectification is what they consider their sole right. So, know that he, before anything else, or somewhere in the list above has wedged in your racks and sang “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” in his head.)

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