10 ways to apologise to your wife for forgetting important dates

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Updated On: August 17, 2023

An apology is always a ‘face saver’. Regardless of the reason, contrary to general belief, an apology is not an admission of your guilt or incompetence, but a gesture of acceptance of the fallibility of human beings. Above all, it is a statement of your character, of respect for your partner and a mix of humility and magnanimity rolled in to one.

The apology can be a simple sincere gesture or it can be an elaborately thought-out and executed activity. But in both cases, what is essential is the intention – sincerity of thought, and honesty of expression.

While some can splurge loads of money but have very little time to offer, others have the time but are tight in their budget. And then there are those who have both, or have neither. So pick from whichever of these you can manage.

1. A sincere verbal expression at the first opportunity.

A timely communication to admit you forgot ‘the day’ gets you off the hook most of the time. Be sincere in your apology and don’t offer excuses. The catchword is timely. It doesn’t work when the time elapsed is in terms of days! There may be a cursory long face, but you would have grown in stature in your wife’s eyes.

husband saying sorry
Be sincere in your apology

2. Take time off specifically to spend with the wife.

It is possible that in the hectic rush of life to earn a living, provide better and make a bright career, you forget that important day in the calendar. Take a day off just to spend time and relax with her. It will serve the purpose of giving you a deserved breather and giving her much needed reassurance!

3. Cook a meal for her.

Cook a meal for her
Cook a meal for her

Women love guys who can cook for them! So if you have that ability, cook a sumptuous meal for both of you. If you don’t have the ability, then it’s even better. She’s going to appreciate the gesture even more! Make a concerted effort and all is forgiven.

4. Gift a couple’s massage.

A soothing massage to release the built-up tension never fails to calm an upset lady. Add value to it by making in a romantic couple’s massage session. For dramatic effect and sure-shot success, make it a surprise gift!

5. Arrange a candlelit dinner for two.

If anything says ‘romance’, it’s a candlelit dinner for two. Arrange for one at her favourite eatery, and make sure there are enough flowers and chocolates. And yes, keep that phone switched off!

candle light dinner
Romance is candle light dinner

6. Go on a weekend getaway.

Sometimes the best option to take her mind away from your lapses is to get way from it all. Literally. Go for a short break, a weekend trip. Just the two of you. Remember to leave your laptops home and phones restricted, if you can’t do without them, to just an hour a day.

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7. Gift her something that she always wanted.

This method can turn out to be expensive, but if money is not an issue and time is, then get her that ‘thing’ which she always wanted, desired. It shows that you care and you remember. But don’t make this a regular practise or you’ll either be bankrupt or separated or both.

8. Write a love note in your own hand and words.

An apology note written in your own hand, expressing your love and feelings for her, telling her how much she means to you…

It may not cost a thing, but it will be one of her most treasured possessions.

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9. Recreate a favourite memory.

For those with the luxury of investing a little bit of time and money, the ultimate apology is gifting an old memory, a recreation of one of your earliest and most romantic experiences. Maybe a dinner at the same restaurant and table where you proposed, a road trip to all the joints you both used to meet at and so on.

10. Surprise her.

Surprise her
Surprise her

Aroma candles, light gentle music, satin sheets, lots of flowers, chocolates, pampering with a sensual massage…your imagination is your limit and then just go with the flow. You not only will have your apology accepted, but may also get some additional credits!


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