10 Cheesy Things Couples Do In Relationships But Don’t Admit To

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Updated On: August 17, 2023
10 Cheesy Things Couples Do in Romantic Relationship

Every couple enjoys being cheesy in love, but nobody ever admits it. If you ask me, I’m never going to accept that most of my social media posts are indicative of my PDA for my partner. But essentially, they are.  I’m not the only one. Yes, that’s my biggest excuse. The preferred cheesy things to do in order to express their love and affection may vary from couple to couple, but the fact that all couples indulge in it in some form and varying degrees is universal.

These cheesy things a couple does when in love make them go “aww” for each other and nark others. But what do we mean by a cheesy couple? The dictionary meaning of the word “cheesy” is cheap and low quality. When we say a cheesy couple, we mean they indulge in cheap, corny and sometimes over-the-top behavior in public (in our times most often on social media) that often makes their affection for each other look a bit fake.

But the fact remains, while some end up doing cheesy romantic things in public, some in private, most couples never admit to doing them at all.

10 Cheesy Things A Couple Does In A Relationship

No matter how much they would deny it, all couples end up doing cheesy things in a relationship but that does not mean they actually have cheesy relationships. Cheesy things to do as an expression of love may vary in every relationship. For some couples, it could be a tendency to find cheesy things to say to each other in public, for others, it could be giving out too much information (TMI, people!) on social media.

We are in no way being judgmental about it. We just want to say we find these 10 things really cute, but a wee bit cheesy. So what are those things, you ask? Here is a rundown of the 10 cheesy things a couple does in a relationship:

1. Stupid, mushy pet names

From Janu, Koochi-Pooh to honeybun and sweet pumpkin pie, the list of mushy pet names that couples in love give each other is endless. These pet names follow no grammar whatsoever and are purely random in nature.

Those in love find their hearts turning pinkish when their loved ones call them in these pet names. This may lead you to believe that these are among some of the cutest cheesy things to do for your girlfriend or boyfriend or spouse but be warned that those around you feel nauseated by these sugar-coated pet names.

One newly-married couple called each other Gapshi-Gapshi, we have no clue why, but they thought it was really cute. And by the way, the couple used this cheesy nickname in front of everyone. So imagine the stunned silence at the dining table when their relatives were visiting and they called each other Gapshi-Gapshi. The laughs happened behind their backs, for sure.

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2. Twinning

From matching tee-shirts to matching phone covers, desktop and mobile home screens – new-age couples in love find many ways to show the world how they love having a similar taste.

They also wear color-coordinated clothes every now and then. For instance, if she is wearing a maroon dress, he would wear a maroon shirt. Color coordinating their attires and accessories is one of things only couples do, and yes, it is as cheesy as it gets.

Some carry it off really well and look great doing that but there is no denying that this is a cheesy thing to do.

cheesy things to do
Go twinning

3. Social media PDA

From sharing romantic posts to a truckload of selfie updates, there are many ways couples jump onto the social media bandwagon of PDA. They dedicate social media updates to each other, share cute romantic quotes and poems on each other’s walls. Social media PDA is definitely among the popular cheesy couple things to do in these times.

The cheesiest of them all is writing that emotional happy birthday or happy anniversary wishes with a bundle of photos and cringe-worthy emo lines. They are there sleeping next to you, wake them up and wish them, you could be thinking. But no, couples find cheesy stuff to say to each other on social media more endearing, don’t they?

4. ‘Good night’ calls before going to bed every night

cheesy couple things to do
Good night calls become a mandatory responsibility in many relationships

Speaking of cheesy couple things to do that just don’t get old, this one is a surefire winner. Good night calls become more than a cheesy romantic act and turn into a mandatory responsibility in many relationships. Even if you are out late on a girls’ or guys’ night out and come back drunk as a dead rat, you must never forget calling your honeybun before going to bed.

There are cheesy things a couple does in a relationship and this is probably the cheesiest one.

We have all seen that one friend who stays up late waiting for that treasured “good night” call from their partner, leaving us thinking “Just go off to sleep, man”.

5. And saying ‘I love you’ before hanging up

Yes, we’re going to count I love you as one of the cheesy things to say because of the extent to which some couples overdo it in the honeymoon phase of the relationship. This is a must-do for couples in love during those initial years unless they are in a fight. And no, even a grumpy person can’t ignore this love ritual when in a relationship.

This is something all couples do. For some time in the relationship for sure. As time goes by, the need to say I love you repeatedly begins to settle down. “I love you” is taken for granted and is not repeated as often.

6. Talking like babies

cheesy romantic
The baby blabber of in-love couples is downright cringe-inducing

If you’re wondering what are some cheesy things to do that are downright cringe-inducing, this one hits the bullseye. This is the most stomach-churning cheesy thing that most couples in love do! ‘Ale mele baby ko kya hua?’ ‘You are my wooghly googhly sweetie.’ And so on.

No matter how cool the couples behave, there is a good chance they’re guilty of this having indulged in this cheesy tendency. And even if you find it annoying as a single person, you are going to do the same once in love!

7. Random anniversary celebrations

From love-versary, month-versary, kiss-versary, hug-versary, the list of random anniversary celebrations continues for couples during the initial few years of their relationship. These are almost always accompanied by social media posts with anecdotes of their special day.

This undoubtedly among the things only couples do and understand. For the rest of the world, these are just banal excesses.

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8. Singing romantic songs to each other

In parties, on Facebook and Whatsapp, during functions, in whispers, people in love sing lovey-dovey romantic songs to each other. This especially happens when they are drunk and don’t care a hoot if they are pathetic singers.

This is one of the rare cheesy romantic things that can actually seem cute and adorable, under the right circumstances.

cheesy stuff to say
Conveying emotion to songs is one of the cheesy things couples do

9. Saving random memories

From tickets to the first movie they watched together to gift papers, the first souvenirs or love notes from the past – everything that smelled like romance is worth saving for people in love.

This is a cheesy thing most couples do, and all the “cheese” comes out of the cupboard when they are decluttering. In all fairness, it is one of the less nauseating cheesy things a couple does in a relationship, as it primarily stays between the partners and the rest of the world doesn’t have to be privy to it.


10. Brag about each other

When you’re in love, you want to shout from rooftops about it. Some of the cheesy stuff to say to each other or about each other stems from this sentiment. That’s why couples like to talk about their partner with pride in front of the world. While it can be a feel-good thing to do for the couple, it can be quite an annoyance for others. But it makes the person who they brag about feel wonderful and appreciated.

What cheesy things you and your partner do that make others go aww? Don’t be shy, tell us about it in the comments below!

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