The Best 51 Anniversary Wishes For Wife

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Anniversaries are a special day for all couples. It was on this day you and your wife came together to become one. It reminds you of the moment you held her hand and promised to be together in sickness and in health, through good times and bad, of how your heart was bursting with love for her and you realize that after all this time, you still feel the same when you hold her hand. And yet when it comes down to writing anniversary wishes for wife on that card, the poet inside you flatlines.

Here are some beautiful wishes that will help you express your love to your wife on this very special occasion. After all, the Bee Gee’s did say, “It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away”.

51 Best Anniversary Wishes For Wife

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The first few years of marriage are very interesting. Yes, there are fights, but they don’t really last long, do they? She is so cute it’s just impossible to stay mad at her. She drives you crazy, but you miss her every time she’s not around. Below are a few 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife as well as other anniversary wishes, to declare your love and loyalty for the one who you can’t stop thinking about.

1. “It seems like it was yesterday when you held my hand for the first time and my heart started beating so hard, that I thought you could hear it. Happy Anniversary baby! My heart still skips a beat every time you hold my hand…”

It is the little things we do that matter. Knowing that you still remember the first time she held you your hand and how you felt about it, will have her smiling and blushing the whole day.

2. “It’s been a year since our wedding, and I have to say this – I love my life more than ever, just because you are in it. Happy wedding anniversary, my love.”

wedding wishes for first year

Nothing makes a person feel more wanted than being told that how much they mean to someone. It will bring her immense joy to know that she makes you so happy.

3. “The day you agreed to marry me, I felt like the luckiest man alive. One year later and I think I keep getting luckier. Sending my heartfelt 1st wedding anniversary wishes for wife, who is so awesome…and then some.”

This adorable little message conveys a sincere sense of wonderment. Not only will she be lost in those sweet memories of that day, reliving special moments, she will also be awed by the beauty that is your relationship.

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4. “This anniversary I pray that our love be wider than the sky, higher than Everest, stronger than diamonds and warmer than a sunny day. Happy anniversary sweetheart.”

When one gets married, one wants it to last a lifetime. This wish reiterates the heart’s hope to have a love that lasts till the end of time. She will love this simple, sweet, and honest wish, from the bottom of her heart.

5. “To me a perfect day consists of cuddling you, talking to you, and making you laugh. Scratch that. Any day is perfect as long you are there for me. Happy Anniversary.”

a perfect day is with you

Actions speak louder than words. The simplest actions can convey your heart’s desire the way no number of words can. Write this romantic 1st anniversary wish for wife, and watch as she runs to you and jumps into your arms after reading it.

6. “Saying “I love you” to you is just the tip of the iceberg. My feelings for you run so deep that words fail me. Happy anniversary to the love of my life.”

One doesn’t really need to recite a poem to wish one’s wife an anniversary. Something coming straight from your heart will be equally appreciated by your spouse, if not more.

7. “Since the moment I met you, never for a second did I doubt you were the one for me. Happy anniversary to the woman of my dreams.”

While only a select few ever experience the marvel that is love at first sight, it is always nice to be the recipient of such a love. Words like these are sure to turn her into a puddle of mushy feelings.

8. “You are the reason my life is vibrant, dazzling, full of splendor and love. I vow my eternal gratitude and love on this day – till the end of time.”

eternal gratitude

One of the most romantic 1st anniversary wishes for wife is telling her exactly how her presence impacts you. Forever promise is always a good reminder.

9. “I thought I could never love you more than I did the day I married you. On this day I realized my love for you just keeps growing and will continue to grow till the end of time. Happy Anniversary to my one and only.”

There is no denying that the moment you realize that you are in love with someone, can hit you hard. It knocks the breath out of you and for just a moment, the world becomes really quiet. So, imagine that feeling growing more and more each day. Now tell the other person that this is how she makes you feel – that’s an OMG moment right there!

10. “With you, life feels like a bed of roses. Never thought, I would get so lucky. Thank you for being my wife.”

I know what you are thinking. Don’t roses have thorns? It is what makes love so beautiful — the reality. And this little bit of trouble is worth the treasure your wife is. You’re also telling her that you will be with your wife through thick and thin, in good times and bad. In other words, through roses, and through thorns…

11. “You taught me the meaning of love. My life is perfect only because an angel like you decided to love me. Happy anniversary my angel.”

Some people are pure magic. Their mere presence makes everything so much better. On this special day tell her how much you appreciate her love.

12. “I love the fact people look at us and think we are newlyweds. Warmest 2nd anniversary wishes for wife, who means the world to me.”

In the beginning, you are barely able to keep your hands off each other, but it fades over time. If people still think you are a newly married couple even after a couple of years into your marriage, then it’s definitely something to boast about. Cheers to you two!!

13. “All love stories are beautiful, magical and special, but all other love stories fade away in the light of our love. Happy anniversary sweetheart.”

magical love stories

Even the most unromantic woman has a soft corner for the love story she lives. She will blush and giggle like a teenage girl after reading this. A great message to receive in the middle of the day, which will have her feeling really special.

14. “We have hit our 7th year together as a couple. And my 7-year itch is to kiss you senseless every day for the rest of my life. Happy 7th wedding anniversary for wife who is as beautiful as a sky full of stars.”

romantic 7th year itch

Music touches hearts. Playing the song ‘Sky Full Of Stars’ by Coldplay in the background while she reads this note is sure to make her weak in the knees and help you score major brownie points.

15. “Happy anniversary to the most amazing woman on the planet. You make me want to be a better person.”

This is a sweet wish that expresses one’s deepest feelings in the simplest way. You know what they say, sometimes less is more.

16. “A wedding band is the smallest handcuff ever made. I am glad I chose my cellmate wisely.”

There are some anniversary wishes for wife, funny, yet charming and guaranteed to make her laugh. Here is one.

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17. “On our anniversary, I want you to know how much I have enjoyed annoying you all this time and how excited I am to keep doing it in the future.”

funny wish for wife

Another funny and sweet wish for your wife that will make her smile wide and also think, “Okay then…game on!” Get ready to be pranked and annoyed in return.

18. “Happy Anniversary sweetheart!! Thank you for being my unpaid therapist and killing all the spiders this year. I love you”.

You know a marriage will stand all the tests of time when you have a safe space to talk about your emotions, unwavering support and someone brave enough to kill those eight-legged monsters.

19. “Even if you added all the words of love, from all the languages in the world, they would still fall woefully short of how I feel about you. Happy 7th wedding anniversary for wife whom I treasure the most in the world.”

Can someone blush and shed tears of joy at the same time? Well, you’re about to find out once you send this romantic quote to your beloved.

20. “Time stopped the day we got married. I am now stuck in a warp of sunshine, smiles and everlasting love. Happy Anniversary Sugar. I love you.”

warp of sunshine and ever lasting love

Wow! Even imagining this brings a smile to one’s face. Your lady will be elated to receive such a compliment that works in any dimension of time and space.

21. “Happy Anniversary!! Imagine if our marriage was as functional as you make it appear on Facebook.”

Here’s another one of those anniversary wishes for wife on Facebook that will make her laugh till her stomach hurts. Or maybe you will end up sleeping on the couch. Life is unpredictable just like this joke.

22. “God must have been looking out for me because he gave me the most beautiful angel as a wife. Thank you, God, for answering my prayers”

Aww! What an adorable thing to say to a loved one. It will make your wife feel so special and lucky to have you as a husband.

23. “It has been 6 years since we said I do and I can still see the fire in your eyes. Your smell still intoxicates me. And nothing calms me down like your touch. I am under your spell and I never want it to end. Happy anniversary to my little enchantress.”

intoxicating love

Now here is an anniversary wish that hits all the right notes. Pair it up with a sexy little gift and she will be able to think of little else apart from you.

24. “Congratulations my dear, we made it another year without one of us ending up either dead or in jail!”

A milestone we are all glad you reached. Perfect for a lady with a dark sense of humor. Here’s hoping you evade prison for a long, loooong time.

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25. “Best wishes and happy anniversary to the reason behind my success, happiness and my smiles. You are the reason our marriage has lasted many a mile. Happy anniversary to my wife.”

A wish to let her know that she is on top of the list of things to be thankful for. She will absolutely love to receive such a compliment from you…that too in rhyme!

26. Say it with a poem

love poem

If you are wondering what to say for Anniversary wishes for wife on Facebook you can try a little verse that goes like this:

“You are the song of my heart,
You are the woman I wanted from the start,
I will love and cherish you,
Till death do us part.”

27. “Even when things are difficult, I will continue to love you. You are my source of motivation, my strength, and inspiration. With you by my side I am unbreakable. I love you today, tomorrow, always.”

Another wish to let her know how much you admire her strength and her contribution to the relationship and your life.

28. “To my Baby Mama. I love you so much and I am so glad our children have your beauty and brains. Our kids are lucky to have you as their mom. Happy Anniversary Darling!”

Your children are the fruit of your love. They can be noisy and, at times, annoying, but every time you see them you can’t help but see a cute miniature of you and your wife. There is nothing more adorable than that.

29. “Seeing one’s soulmate for the first time is extraordinary! It goes beyond any experience that one can have. I know this from meeting you. Happy anniversary, sweetheart!”

finding a soulmate

Very few people are lucky enough to find their soulmate. Let her know how lucky you feel to have found her.

30. “Thank You for putting up with all my flaws and loving me despite them. Happiest 2nd wedding anniversary wishes for wife who makes my heart light up by just smiling at me.”

Some quirks are adorable and some are downright annoying, but love means accepting your partner for who they are. Let her know you appreciate the fact she loves you just the way you are. Warts and all.

31. “It has been an honor to be your husband all these years. I am so glad we get to celebrate the start of another year together.”

Simple yet full of meaning. This message not only shows gratefulness for all the love and support, but also brings forth nostalgic memories of the good times in the past. And what better way to start a new year than with all this love and gratitude?

32. “You know, after all these years of living together, I realize that if I had a chance to change everything, I would never take it. I will always choose you, my dear wife. Congratulations on our wedding anniversary!”

romantic wedding wish

This is so touching to read. It is bound to make your wife smile and even shed a few tears. And who can blame her, really?

33. “One year down, freaking forever to go. Happy anniversary.”

Short, sweet and so delightfully refreshing. Use this to wish your wife on any anniversary that started off with a fight. It is sure to break the ice and end the day on a cutesy-pie love note.

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34. “I feel so blessed to be your life partner. Thank you for respecting me, understanding me and loving me. My most heartfelt engagement anniversary wishes for wife who is a gem of the purest ray.”

Everybody celebrates their wedding anniversary, but if you want to score some real brownie points, how about surprising your wife by wishing her on the anniversary of your engagement? She’ll be flabbergasted that you remembered! Trust us, you’re gonna be reaping the rewards for this one for a loooong time.

35. “Happy Anniversary to the wonderful woman who has given me the most beautiful gift ever – our brilliant daughters!”

wish for wife with baby

Confused about what to say on wedding anniversary wishes for wife with baby? Here is a message that will help you make the mother of your child feel special.

36. “Happy Anniversary my love. Without you, our house would never have been home. Without you, our children would never have known what a family is. You are the foundation that our love stands on. Thank you so much.”

Your wife would love to hear how important she is to you. A thought like this will certainly touch her heart.

37. “Loving you has made me a better man. Bearing responsibility for us and our kids have made me a more stable, strong and kind person in life. My love, you make my life heavenly.”

The most heartfelt Wedding Anniversary wishes for wife with baby is to know how her presence has impacted the lives of the people she loves so much and takes care of. This will definitely make her feel appreciated and maybe even a little teary-eyed.

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38. “Our anniversary is just a momentary celebration, but our marriage is a timeless one. Happy anniversary!”

A love that transcends time is the stuff of fairy tales. And which woman wouldn’t love to be in her own personal fairy-tale for two? Here’s to your happily ever after!

39. “When I see you, I can’t help but feel that God made you just for me. The way you complete me proves that the heavens had plans for us. You are my soulmate.”

religious wish for wife

If your spouse is spiritual, then words like these religious wedding anniversary wishes for wife will melt her heart. After all, they say marriages are made in heaven, right?

40. “10 years have gone by since we took our vows. We laughed, fought, cared and cried. There were storms, but our love remained unscathed. The happiest 10th anniversary wishes for wife, who is the strongest woman I know.”

Most men compliment a woman’s beauty, but it means so much more when you are appreciated for your brains, kindness or strength. She will be in the seventh heaven after reading this one.

41. “Happy Anniversary!! I am so glad I wake up next to you every morning. Just don’t breathe on me.”

finny wish for wife

This one is so mushy; you can almost see little hearts floating around…and then the twist! Guaranteed to tickle her funny bones, this one! Definitely one of those anniversary wishes for wife, funny and cute.

42. “I am one of the few lucky men in this world who can say that my best friend, girlfriend, and wife are the same woman. Happy anniversary!”

This is one of the things every woman wants to hear her partner say. After all who doesn’t like being the woman who is everything to her man?

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43. “May Almighty God keep you happy all the time. May we love each other till the end of time. I pray to our Lord to bless us and our beautiful family with love and happiness for all our days.

Here are another one of religious anniversary wishes for wife that will touch her heart and have her counting her blessings.

44. “I am the luckiest man alive to have ended up with you. My heartiest engagement anniversary wishes for wife who rocks.”

engagement anniversary wishes

Your wife blush with pleasure and happiness when she realizes that you actually remember the date of your engagement! She’ll think she’s the lucky one for having such a thoughtful and loving husband.

45. “Happy Anniversary!! Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me. Then I remember, oh, I put up with you too, so we’re even.”

After all, marriage is all about playing fair and pulling each other’s legs every now and then, am I right? If you’re the couple that’s always up for a joke and a laugh, then you need anniversary wishes for wife, funny and loving.

46. “Today, I don’t mind you. Tomorrow, who knows? Just kidding!! Happy anniversary to my old ball and chain! There is no one else I’d rather be stuck with. I love you!!”

romantic and cute wish for wife

Funny and delightful, this little message will have her huffing and puffing one minute and giggling the next. Get ready to be roasted in return though.

47. “Heartiest 10th anniversary wishes for wife who is a tower of strength. You have been with me through thick and thin. I can’t imagine my life without your love and support. Cheers to you, my goddess!”

A 10th anniversary is a major milestone to achieve. On this special day, show her what her love and support mean to you.

48. “Have I ever told you, that every time I look into your eyes, I feel as if my heart will stop. You are my destiny. The only one that I want to be with till the end of the world. Happy anniversary my one and only!”

As life happens, romance usually takes a back seat. Believe me, this romantic little love note will let her see how completely besotted about her you are. And she will absolutely love it.

49. “Baby, you have a unique, charming sense of humor, quick wit, and an oh-so-sexy smile. In short, you are irresistible! Even when you wake me up in the middle of the night with the most annoying snores, I still love you and everything you are. Happy anniversary!”

charming wish for wife

In her defense, it was a long day and she was exhausted. But I bet she loves you just the way you are too. You think she is perfect, so let her know.

50. “I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve you, cause you are an angel sent to me from heaven. The highlight of my day is to lie in our bed, wide awake, and think how lucky I am just to have you by my side, and then turn to my side and hug you! Happy Anniversary my sunshine!”

Oof! This message is so sweet, I bet your wife will get a sugar high and she will love every minute of it. After all who doesn’t want to be loved unconditionally.

51. “I hope that a relationship that started with cookies, a fishing trip, and a turtle can always stay pure and simple. I still love to flirt with you. I can always depend on you to make me laugh. I love you!”

This wish has it all – a special memory, the fun element, and a declaration of love. This is a solid one to let her know how special she is to you.

These anniversary wishes are just some of the myriad ways you can wish your wife. Find a wish that best suits you or is closest to what you would like to say and tweak it to your satisfaction. Add some lyrics of her favorite song or a few lines from her favorite poet. Keep it simple and short and you will have a wish that will melt her heart.

Here’s hoping your inner poet has been resuscitated by now. So go ahead, kind Sir, woo your beautiful maiden again with these beautiful and warm thoughts. Let her know exactly what she means to you.

P.S. Don’t forget the gift.

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