5 cute ways a couple can strengthen their relationship

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How to make love last

Making one’s relationship strong shouldn’t be hard work. However, in our fast-paced lives we tend to forget that the little acts of kindness and thoughtfulness count. It doesn’t take a lot of time and energy to make one’s partner feel valued every day. While it’s important to work on fixing the problem areas of a relationship, embracing positive behaviours and introducing small changes into the relationship go a long way to make the love last.

Here are 5 small steps couples can take for a happy forever together.

1. Celebrate every milestone

We get so busy in checking off things from our to-do list, doing mundane chores and taking care of our bills that we forget to celebrate our milestone moments. If we stop for a moment we will realize that it’s these moments that keep us excited to chase our goals and dreams.

Be it your partner’s little achievements or a big promotion at work, be it the day when you two finally paid off that debt, be it anything that matters to your partner or to both of you, you must celebrate. You don’t need to invite half the city or have a big party to do it. Be it a celebratory dinner, a quick getaway, planning a surprise floating balloons on bed – every gesture counts. It’s your thoughtfulness and stealing a moment from your busy life to make your partner cherish the achievements is what matters the most.

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2. Create a bucket list together

The most fool-proof way a couple can have a long-lasting happy relationship together is by having a shared vision. While it’s natural that you two will have many disagreements about life’s major decisions along the way, it’s important to find a common ground.

Having a bucket list of what you would like to experience together in future is a fun way to assure that. May be you both would like to try skydiving at some point or travel to Alaska, may be you are not ready, financially and mentally, to go for it right now, but just listing out what both of you want to do together for sheer happiness strengthens your chemistry.

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3. Share your memories

Having a laugh between just the two of you recalling moments or pet names that others don’t get is the healthiest way to make your bond stronger. It could be memories of old times or a funny gossip that only the two of you shared – anything that reminds you of fun times that the two of you experienced is a great way to validate each other’s opinion.

4. Indulge in terrace chats

Not to talk about household matters and what to cook for dinner, make it a point to sit on the terrace, in your apartment balcony, in the park or simply on your couch with the TV off, every once in a while to just talk about random stuff. It can be anything – something you saw online that made you think or a song that has been playing inside your head since morning – chatting about anything that helps your partner understand who you are from inside helps to strengthen your relationship in a big way.

5. Utilise technology

Yes, technology is one the biggest reasons of lack of communication between couples, but with little bit of thoughtfulness you can, in fact, use technology to make your relationship healthier and happier. When you go out to grab lunch at work and see something funny on street, click a photo and share the moment with your partner. When he is away, take a sexy selfie and send it to him to let him know how much you miss him.

These little gestures and positive behaviours don’t take up much of your time, does it? Your tenacity to make every day count and your willingness to make your relationship your number one priority is what matters.

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