35 Love Letters For Him That’ll Make Him Cry

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love letters for him that make him cry
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In this era of smartphones, where selfies and their truncated Insta-worthy captions win over romantic letters, and where even Gen-Z love notes look like ad copies cut short to the bare minimum, how does one write love letters for one’s boyfriend, without sounding like a yesteryear ‘damsel in distress’ pining for her hero? Have you ever wondered how to write love letters for him that make him cry? And we mean a real letter, not an e-mail or an iMessage.

Well, read on, as we won’t just tell you how to write a love letter for your boyfriend but will also unearth a vast treasure trove of such letters for that special person, apt for a variety of occasions and moods. We will also give you secret tips and tricks to pen some sweet love letters your boyfriend will love, without ruining his mood or making it sound like you’re trying too hard.

So, let’s dive into the world of romance…and focus on a few things to write in a love letter. No, we’re not trying to emulate Shakespeare or Byron. We’re hoping after reading this article, you won’t wonder: “How do I write a letter to my boyfriend that will make him cry?” We also hope this helps you in expressing love for him..one heart-touching love letter to boyfriend at a time…

How To Write A Love Letter To A Boyfriend — Dos And Don’ts

So, how does one pen love letters for him that make him cry? What are the words that you should use to pen deep emotional love letters and what shouldn’t you mention? Do you wish someone would tell you how to craft that emotional tear-jerker of a letter that your boyfriend won’t be able to ignore? Fret not! Here’s how to write a love letter for your boyfriend:

Jot down the things you wish to say, firstDon’t be too mushy, as that might backfire if he is not too romantic
Take him back to the good memories you shared and add some memory anchors, such as his favorite t-shirtDon’t find faults or blame him for something from the past
Use handmade paper, an ink pen, and a fancy envelope. After all, it’s a special handwritten letter that deserves a personal touchDon’t miss the obvious but little things, such as his smile or his dimple
Do mention why you’re writing the letter and what you love about himDon’t hurry. A love letter is meant to be special. So, take your time

Now that you know how to craft that perfect romantic love letter for your boyfriend, it’s time to go through some examples of letters that may come in handy in various situations. These will help you stop wondering, “How do I go about expressing my love to him through a letter?” Read on as we list below some instances of deep emotional love letters, long love letters, short love letters, cute love letters, anniversary letters, love letters for his birthday, and letters to make him know he has hurt your feelings. So, let’s begin…

Deep Emotional Love Letter For Boyfriend

It’s believed men can be as emotional as women, though they may not express themselves that often. A woman just has to appeal to a man with more than just her body. So, how do you write deeply emotional love letters for him that make him cry? Here are some instances of how to pen a deep emotional love letter for boyfriend we hope will help you:

1. Don’t ever doubt my love

Dear love,

You are the only one that my heart and mind recognize. We may be imperfect in how we love each other. Yet, I love you with all my heart and will love you till the end of time. I won’t ever give you the chance to doubt my love for you.

Love always,

<sender’s name>

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2. Our love is an exploration

My dearest,

Our love is true and like a journey on the rough oceans of life… much like an explorer’s first voyage around the world. We may go through some tempestuous times, but we will also have the gentle early morning breeze caressing us on this uncharted journey. Make sure you never leave my hand!

Forever yours,

<sender’s name>

3. Our love will conquer age

My love,

It’s true, not all seasons of life will be the same. While there will be the summers of joy, with the sun of our youth shining bright, there will come a time when the winters of old age will bring wrinkles. But what I can guarantee you, my dear, is that you will have me beside you till death do us part. Our love will shine through all the seasons of life because you’re my twin flame.

Love you always,

<sender’s name>

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4. My love for you will survive the tough times

My dearest,

Our love will transcend the shadows of life. Whenever there’s any problem that threatens to devour our deepest feelings for each other, I promise to be with you, hold your hands, and fight the monsters together.

Yours always,

<sender’s name>

5. Our love will live, even if we don’t

My darling,

Have you ever seen the stars skipping their shine? Or the Sun refusing to rise? Or the Moon never illuminating the night sky? Our love is a bit like that. Yes, our bodies may turn to dust when we die. But our love is so unadulterated and pure, it will transcend the boundaries of life and death and remain forever.

Yours and only yours,

<sender’s name>

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Long Love Letter To Boyfriend

Long love letters for him that make him cry have the ability to narrate tales that short notes can’t. So, in a way, writing a long love letter to boyfriend may be the best way to grab his attention and make him realize how much you love him. A long letter can also be an apt love letter for a long-distance relationship. Here are a few instances of such paragraphs for him to make him cry:

6. You have no idea what I feel for you

The following are excerpts of a letter by Emma Darwin to Charles Darwin:

“I cannot tell you the compassion I have felt for all your sufferings for these weeks past that you have had so many drawbacks. Nor the gratitude I have felt for the cheerful & affectionate looks you have given me when I know you have been miserably uncomfortable.

My heart has often been too full to speak or take any notice I am sure you know I love you well enough to believe that I mind your sufferings nearly as much as I should my own & I find the only relief to my own mind is to take it as from God’s hand, & to try to believe that all suffering & illness is meant to help us to exalt our minds & to look forward with hope to a future state. When I see your patience, deep compassion for others self command & above all gratitude for the smallest thing done to help you I cannot help longing that these precious feelings should be offered to Heaven for the sake of your daily happiness. But I find it difficult enough in my own case. I often think of the words “Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on thee.” It is feeling & not reasoning that drives one to prayer. I feel presumptuous in writing thus to you…”

short love letter to boyfriend
Love letters can be both long and short, but it’s the feeling that matters

7. You inspire me

Hello, my love,

You have no clue what you mean to me and how much you make me feel inspired. I have seen you burn the midnight oil to chase your dreams…and there’s simply nobody I’d want to help pursue his dreams than you. I was in awe when we first met over a cup of coffee in the college cafeteria. I remember, you spoke about Keats, your favorite poet, while I went on and on about my love for drama. Through the years, I have only known you better…and realized your depth… I now know how you help others in need and how you’re aspiring to be a better man.

I wish I could hold your hand through it all. I love you.

<sender’s name>

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8. Your love is like a clash of colors

The following is what Frida Kahlo wrote to her lover Diego Rivera:


Truth is, so great, that I wouldn’t like to speak, or sleep, or listen, or love. To feel myself trapped, with no fear of blood, outside time and magic, within your own fear, and your great anguish, and within the very beating of your heart. All this madness, if I asked it of you, I know, in your silence, there would be only confusion. I ask you for violence, in the nonsense, and you, you give me grace, your light and your warmth. I’d like to paint you, but there are no colors, because there are so many, in my confusion, the tangible form of my great love.


9. Thanks for being there

My love,

Here’s an ode to the many times you’ve been there for me. I love you for it all. Remember that one time when I had to get back home all alone from the airport at 3 am, and you didn’t hesitate to pick me up? Or that one time when you had that tasteless chicken I made, forgetting to add salt, but you didn’t complain until I found out? Or when you were there with me through my mom’s surgery and then helped me take care of her afterward? You’ve taught me that love isn’t all about flowers and candle-lit dinners. It’s about who’s with you in your darkest hours.

Thank you, my Prince Charming.

<sender’s name>

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10. Love needn’t have a label

Dear sweetheart,

We’ve been living together for the last 10 years, and people have asked us ‘n’ number times why we haven’t gotten married yet. All I can say is that, even if we didn’t have a label of ‘husband-wife’ on our relationship, I’ve never felt any less than a princess all these years. You’ve been my dream man to the T and we’ve spent some awesome moments together.

I wouldn’t change a thing about us, and I want you to know that I will continue loving you even if we don’t stick to labels. Love doesn’t need marriage or kids to be complete. Two people can cherish each other’s company and live happily, sans the shackles of society.

Here’s my promise to you that I will be yours, forever.

<sender’s name>

Stories about love and romance

Short Love Letter To Boyfriend

“Brevity is the Soul of Wit…,” said William Shakespeare in Hamlet. And we believe brevity can very well be the soul of romance too, as long as the words don’t sound too clinical. One doesn’t necessarily have to write long love letters for him that make him cry. And expressing your love needn’t always be as complicated as a math code, though that too works at times. So, how does one show one’s love with a short love letter to boyfriend? Here’s how:

11. You mean so much to me

Hey darling,

Just wished to tell you that you mean a lot to me and I am the luckiest woman to have you as my boyfriend. I think of you from the moment I open my eyes in the morning. We may have had fights too, but your thoughtful messages have saved our relationship time and again. Be mine, forever!


<sender’s name>

12. You’re my partner-in-crime

Hey handsome,

I’m truly fortunate to have someone as gentle, as compassionate, and as caring as you. You aren’t just my boyfriend. You’re my best friend, my partner-in-crime, and my adventure buddy. You’re such an amazing man that my smile brightens every time I see you.

Stay the same, forever!

<sender’s name>

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13. You still give me butterflies

Hi love,

Guess what! Every time I get a text message notification from you, I get butterflies, even if it’s been a year since we’ve been together. I smile at the very thought of you and I hope ‘we’ stand the test of time.

Forever yours,

<sender’s name>

14. Let our hearts be one…forever

My dearest,

Your warm embrace, your heartbeat, and your warm breath against my skin…these are things that I’m so ‘used to’ by now that nobody else can give me the same feeling.

I want you and only you…forever.

<sender’s name>

15. I love you even when you’re boring me

Hey love,

Guess what our time together has taught me! It’s taught me that love needn’t always be butterflies and goosebumps. Sometimes, love lies in the deepest nooks of a boring relationship. Love lies in the everyday life chores that you share, the heavy grocery bag that you carry for me, the errands that you run for me at home, the quiet moments, and the boring movies we watch together…Love is in the ordinary and the mundane too.

Love you a lot,

<sender’s name>

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Cute Love Letters For Boyfriend

Love doesn’t always have to be serious, but a funny love letter to boyfriend can also be apt. One can also include some sweet, super cute words in love letters for him that make him cry. So, got something cute to write to your boyfriend without sounding like an 18th-century poet? Below are some examples of such cute love letters for boyfriend that will make him teary-eyed:

16. Missing my love

Hey cutie pie,

I want you to do well in life, and I know these days of longing are short-lived. You will soon be in my arms, and I will get to feel your heartbeat. I can’t wait to feel your warmth and to smother you with my hugs and kisses. I miss you. Hope to see you soon.

<sender’s name>

17. You are everything my heart desires

Hi love,

I often ask myself why I love you so much. And then I realize I have the answer: You are all I have ever desired in a man. I love you entirely – your affectionate nature, your cute and magical smile, your baritone voice, and your kindness to people around you. I love the ‘you’ that you are.

Be mine always,

<sender’s name>

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18. You make saying “I love you” easy

Hey champ,

In this world of Insta-worthy relationships, where every couple selfie is carefully crafted to please others, you are my cherished love story and my safe corner where I can cry in peace, forget my inhibitions, fall asleep without worries, and be myself – no matter how plain, how ordinary I am. You make me feel at ease and saying “I love you” is so much easier when I say it to you.

Yours till eternity,

<sender’s name>

19. You’re the sweetest boyfriend

To the most amazing boyfriend I know,

I just want you to know that you’re the best thing that’s happened to me in a long time. You give me the best hugs, your shoulders are what I look for when I need to cry, you are my best friend and worst critic combined. You motivate me, inspire me, and correct me when I’m wrong. You make me a happier person. I don’t think I can live a day without you!

Your girl, forever,

<sender’s name>

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20. You have changed my whole world

My dearest,

Waking up to your cute good morning texts makes my day! The way you care about me even on my worst days, the way you find me ‘beautiful’ even when I’m running a fever and looking my ugliest, the way you cook for me, and the way you look into my eyes when we make love – it all makes my love for you stronger. You came into my life and changed it forever!

Thanks for being there,

<sender’s name>

Anniversary Letter For Boyfriend

Yes, love letters are cool, but what about that special occasion when a simple love letter just isn’t enough? How should you structure an anniversary letter for boyfriend? Well, we will advise you to mention all the major ways he has been by your side through the years. We have penned a few such anniversary letters below that will give an edge to your anniversary celebration:

21. You’ve been my pillar of support

Happy anniversary to my sunshine.

It’s been 5 years of love, laughter, tears, and hugs. And through those 5 years, you have been my pillar of hope and support. Be it those troubled times when I got sick, or those anxiety-filled moments just before my exams, you have been my rock. You’ve truly been through it all, in sickness and in health indeed! And I need my rock forever!

Love always,

<sender’s name>

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22. A year went by so quickly

Hey honey,

I still remember the first time I saw you in college. It was near the admission counter, and you were waiting in the queue just behind me. And destiny had perhaps wanted us to interact, our thoughts to collide amid the chaos, and our hearts to feel each other through the next few months. The last year passed like a breeze, and I’m thankful I met you. Happy first anniversary, my love. Here’s hoping we have more such anniversaries in the years to come!

Sending you all my love and hugs,

<sender’s name>

long love letter to boyfriend
Love letters work like magic for old-school lovers

23. We’ve spent a decade together!

To my amazing boyfriend,

Wow! I can’t believe it’s a decade already. We’ve spent 10 whole years on this journey called life. And it keeps getting better since you’re the most incredible person that one could have! To all the wins and losses, the fights, the hugs after not speaking to each other for days, the tears – both happy and sad, the long chats, the travel adventures… Here’s hoping to take it to the next level someday soon! Happy anniversary to the first person I call when I’m happy or sad!

Here’s all my love,

<sender’s name>

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24. It’s been 2 years already!

Hey precious,

It’s been 2 years of a fun-filled journey with you, and all I can say is I am loving the ride. It’s crazy how, in just 2 years, you know me through and through, as if you’ve known me my entire life… be it my taste in music, my love for pineapple pizza, my encounter with depression, or my insane addiction to coffee! You have seen me both in my favorite LBD and in my shorts, and you have loved me in both! I wouldn’t want to lose you ever!


<sender’s name>

25. Here’s to our 3rd year together


This is our 3rd anniversary, and guess what? I don’t need any anniversary gift from you this year. I just want one promise: that you’ll be there for me, forever! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I’ll have such a fairy tale for a love story. You make my life awesome!

Love you forever,

<sender’s name>

Love Letter To Boyfriend On His Birthday

Writing a love letter to boyfriend on his birthday is not that simple, especially when it’s a love letter for a long-distance relationship. After all, this isn’t just a special day but you’re writing for an important person too. So, you should be doubly careful not to mess up the flow or write something that upsets him. Here are a few examples of such love letters that you can write for your special man on his birthday:

26. You’re still 16 to me

Hey love,

Happy 23rd and a whole lot of best wishes for the years to come! But guess what: to me, you’re still the 16-year-old nerd I met in our guitar class years back. God, how I fell for your curls and your ability to talk for hours about Green Day, my favorite rock band. I remember how jittery you were when you said “I love you” for the first time.

Wish you tons of love!

<sender’s name>

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27. I have a surprise

To my dearest friend,

Hey, it’s your birthday again. And guess what! I have a surprise – it’s my heart, all of it, just for you and you alone. Err… don’t worry, I am not a miser. I have a real birthday gift for you too! Enjoy the day and have a blast!

Happy birthday my love,

<sender’s name>

28. Age is just a number

To my sweetheart,

They say age is just a number, and perhaps they are right! You’re turning 40 today, my love. It’s true, we met quite late in our lives, after going through our own battles in life. But wishing you on your birthday for the first time brings me so much joy! This is our first major event together! Calls for some celebration – some wine and music and the two of us, in each other’s arms…inching toward a happy and blessed life.

Love you, today and always,

<sender’s name>

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29. Sorry for not being there on your birthday

Hey champ,

It’s your birthday today and it breaks my heart that I’m not with you to celebrate it. Sorry…a million times. And I promise I’ll make it up to you . Hope you have a great day! And don’t forget to tell me whether you like the gift I sent you…and the cake. You’re the first person who knows me through and through and you’re the best I could have! Here are the best of birthday wishes from my end!

Happy birthday again!

<sender’s name>

30. Let this be an occasion to say “I love you a lot”

To the love of my life,

I may not say this to you often, but let your birthday be the occasion to say it loud and clear: “I love you a lot and will continue loving you…till the end of time.” Wish you many happy returns of the day!

Happy birthday!

<sender’s name>

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Letter To Boyfriend Expressing Hurt Feelings

Before we get to more paragraphs for him to make him cry, ask yourself this: have you been ghosted by your lover, or does your boyfriend not communicate as much as he did in the initial days of courtship? And do you feel texting him about it won’t work, as he is just bound to ignore your texts and calls? Well, maybe you should finally write a letter to boyfriend expressing hurt feelings! So, how should you make him feel guilty for hurting you? Here are a few examples of love letters for him that make him cry when he hurts you:

31. Why did you have to ghost me?

Hi love,

I write this with a lot of sadness in my heart, because I felt I still have a lot of unsaid feelings in me. I feel we left our love midway. It’s like waiting for a bus that’ll never arrive. Or as if we left a good book open, after reading half of it. I guess I must’ve done something wrong that drove you to stop answering my texts or calls. I hope you regret ghosting me someday.

I’ll wait for your response,

<sender’s name>

32. Why did you lie to me?

Hey love,

I saw you at the mall yesterday, with another girl. She had short hair, just like me. And she was wearing a pink sweatshirt, just like the one you had gifted me on my last birthday. I don’t want to sound possessive, but I was wondering why the person I love the most in the entire world lied to me. Why did you say you needed to visit your friend at the hospital yesterday?! I hope I will get an answer, and I hope you haven’t been cheating on me.

You didn’t need to lie to me, love.

<sender’s name>

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33. Will we ever meet again?

This is what Simone de Beauvoir wrote to Nelson Algren before breaking up:

“I am not sad. Rather stunned, very far away from myself, not really believing you are now so far, so far, you so near. I want to tell you only two things before leaving, and then I’ll not speak about it anymore, I promise. First, I hope so much, I want and need so much to see you again, someday. But, remember, please, I shall never more ask to see you — not from any pride since I have none with you, as you know, but our meeting will mean something only when you wish it. So, I’ll wait. When you wish it, just tell…”

34. What are we?

The following are excerpts from Edith Wharton’s letter to W. Morton Fullerton, penned in April 1910:

“I don’t know what you want, or what I am! You write to me like a lover, you treat me like a casual acquaintance!” she wrote. “I have borne all these inconsistencies & incoherences as long as I could because I love you so much, & because I am so sorry for things in your life that are difficult & wearing … Only now a sense of my worth, & a sense also that I can bear no more, makes me write this to you. Write me no more such letters as you sent to me in England.”

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35. I miss the spark we had

My dearest love,

I know we haven’t been speaking every day nowadays. I know you’ve been keeping busy. But I’ve been missing the long late-night conversations we had earlier. Those sweet nothings meant a lot to me. The wait for your texts has become longer too. But I have faith in you…and us. I miss the spark we had, but I hope my lonely nights will end soon! Even today, my heart skips a beat when I hear your name! Just wanted to let you know that I’ve been thinking of you a lot.


<sender’s name>

With these things to write in a love letter mentioned here, we wish you all the best in this journey of love. We hope you aren’t still asking yourself, “How do I write a letter to my boyfriend that will make him cry?” or “How should I be expressing my love to him through a letter?” Hope writing such sweet love letters your boyfriend will adore helps you reach back to your own memories for happiness.

Whether you’re thinking of something cute to write to your boyfriend, planning to pen a funny love letter to boyfriend or just plain expressing love for him, these 35 love letters for him that make him cry will help you in making your love heard and seen. Writing a heart-touching love letter to boyfriend won’t be that difficult anymore!

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