15 Sureshot Signs The Kiss Meant Something To Him

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signs the kiss meant something to him
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Let me spill the tea on this unforgettable story my friend shared with me. It all started with a seemingly innocent kiss, but as she recounted the details, it was clear that there were some undeniable signs the kiss meant something to him. First off, she described how he wasn’t just going through the motions — this was no ordinary lip-lock.

There were these subtle yet significant signs that showed he was all in. The way his hand cupped her cheek was the first clue. It wasn’t a random touch; it was a deliberate, tender caress that screamed, “Hey, this isn’t just another kiss.” The way he held her spoke volumes about a connection that went beyond the surface.

Then, as the story unfolded, she couldn’t help but emphasize his gaze. It wasn’t your standard look; it was a deep dive into meaningful eye contact. Apparently, his eyes told a tale of genuine emotion, like they were trying to convey something that words could barely capture. It was in those moments of shared silence that the signs became crystal clear — that kiss was more than a fleeting moment of passion; it was a genuine expression of something deeper.

Who wouldn’t want to kiss passionately like this and know that it meant something to the other person! So if you’re wondering whether the way a guy kissed you can tell how he feels about you, read on. In this article, I’m going to share 15 signs the kiss meant something to him.

What Is The Significance Of A Kiss In The Dating Phase?

What does it mean when a guy kisses you deeply? What can you tell from a kiss? A kiss in the dating phase holds great significance as it often serves as a pivotal moment that goes beyond the physical act itself. Here are several reasons why a kiss is meaningful during the dating phase:

  • Emotional connection: A kiss can be a powerful indicator of emotional connection and chemistry between two individuals. When you kiss passionately, it goes beyond the surface level and can convey a sense of intimacy, attraction, and shared feelings
  • Communication of interest: The way a guy is kissing you can communicate romantic interest and attraction in a more direct and personal way than words alone. It serves as a non-verbal expression of the desire to move beyond the platonic phase of a relationship
  • Compatibility check: Kissing can provide valuable information about physical compatibility and comfort between partners. It allows individuals to gauge whether their kissing styles and preferences align, contributing to a deeper understanding of each other
  • Transition to romance: A kiss often marks the transition from friends to lovers. It signifies a mutual willingness to explore a deeper, more intimate connection and can be a defining moment in the evolution of a relationship
  • Building anticipation: A well-timed kiss can build anticipation and excitement in a relationship. It creates a sense of longing and can leave both individuals looking forward to future romantic moments and deeper emotional connections
  • Establishment of boundaries: The act of kissing also helps in establishing and understanding personal boundaries within the relationship. It allows partners to navigate physical intimacy at a pace that feels comfortable for both parties
  • Memorable moments: Significant kisses can become cherished memories in a relationship. These moments are often recalled with fondness and can contribute to the emotional bond between partners
  • Expression of affection: Beyond romantic interest, when you kiss passionately, it is a genuine and physical expression of affection. It reinforces feelings of care and intimacy, contributing to the overall emotional connection between individuals
what does it mean when a guy kisses you deeply
Apart from physical intimacy, a kiss also signifies an emotional connection

What does it mean when a guy kisses you deeply? In summary, a kiss in the dating phase is more than just a physical act; it serves as a powerful means of communication, expressing emotions, interest, and the potential for a deeper connection between two people exploring the possibilities of a romantic relationship. In the next section, we’ll take a deep dive into the 15 signs the kiss meant something to him.

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How To Know If The Kiss Meant Something To Him?

So, you’ve had a smooch and now you’re left wondering if it meant anything to the guy? Or what does it mean when a guy kisses you slowly? Totally get it — kisses can be like cryptic messages sometimes, leaving you in an awkward moment. Whether it’s a quick peck or a full-blown make-out session, figuring out if there’s something more to that kiss involves a bit of decoding. Join the club of overthinkers, right? In this journey of unraveling the mysteries of lip-locking, we’re diving into the 15 signs the kiss meant something to him. Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of what goes down beyond the lips when you’re with a good kisser.

1. His hands become co-stars in his performance

What can you tell from a kiss? All right, let’s spill the tea on decoding kisses. Ever notice the guy you’re smooching turning into a hand maestro? Yep, his hands are doing a whole performance of their own, and it’s not just random flailing. This kind of physical contact is a sure-shot sign that the kiss meant something more to him.

His hands are like co-stars in this lip-locking saga, adding an extra layer of passion and connection. Whether he’s caressing, emphasizing, or just jazzing up the moment, this kind of body language spills the beans about the deeper feelings he’s got going on during the kiss. So, next time his hands steal the spotlight while he is kissing you, know you’ve just unlocked one of the signs it meant more to him than words.

2. He tells you how much he likes kissing you

A first kiss that feels good only on a physical level is whatever. Most guys won’t comment on it. But if he straight-up tells you he liked the kiss, well, there you have it — no decoder ring needed on how to know if he enjoyed the kiss. It’s like he’s putting all the cards on the table, no beating around the bush.

This sign is as clear as a sunny day; there’s no room for guessing games. When he dishes out a casual “I liked it,” consider it a neon sign blinking, “Yep, that kiss meant something to me.” So, if he’s throwing compliments your way, it’s a good sign that you’ve just hit the jackpot of straightforward signals that the smooch left a lasting impression on him and it wasn’t just a friendly kiss. In all likelihood, he felt every pore in his body come alive as he kissed you.

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3. He wants the lowdown on your enjoyment

Picture this: he leans back, grins, and drops the golden question, “Did you enjoy that?” It’s like he’s holding up a magnifying glass to your reaction. This move isn’t just small talk; it’s one of the major signs he loves kissing you. He’s not satisfied with a one-sided verdict; he enjoys kissing you and wants to know if the sparks flew on both ends. 

Consider it a cool checkpoint in the kiss journey, where he’s not just in it for himself but is paying attention to your experience. If he doesn’t seem to care how it felt for you, it’s probably a bad sign. So, if he’s playing the “How’d we do?” card and he’s not a bad kisser, rest assured that your smooch had him on the edge of his seat — he enjoyed kissing you and is eagerly waiting for your take on the lip-lock escapade because he likes you more than you think.

4. He can’t get enough of you

Remember the famous KISS song I Was Made For Loving You? Now, pay attention to what happens after the kiss. If he doesn’t pull away but goes in for round two (or maybe even three), consider it a neon sign that the first kiss was more than just a warm-up. Yep, when he continues kissing you, it’s like his way of saying, “I’m not done with this moment yet.”

It means it wasn’t just an accident, and it’s one of the surest signs he loves kissing you. So, next time you find yourself thinking, “He can’t stop kissing me,” know that the kiss means something more to him than just physical attraction. It may even be that he cares deeply about you.

5. He kisses you slow and long

What does it mean when a guy kisses you slowly or when you both kiss passionately? Okay, brace yourself for the true love kiss feeling: the guy takes things slow and goes for a long and slow kiss. If that doesn’t shout, “The kiss meant something”, I don’t know what does. When a guy decides to take his sweet time kissing you with slow kisses like this, stretching out the moment like he’s savoring the last piece of chocolate cake, it’s like he’s saying, “This isn’t just any kiss; it’s a full-blown experience, and I’m soaking in every second of it.”

It’s a sensual kiss, it’s like a romantic slow dance, and it’s a surefire sign that your lip-lock session had a depth that goes beyond a quick peck. So, if you find yourself in a marathon of a passionate kiss, know that you’ve just entered the slow and steady zone where every second counts. A slow kiss shows that he cares about you.

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6. His smile becomes part of the lip-locking show

You’re in the middle of an extended soft kiss and he throws in a grin right in the middle of it. If that doesn’t yell, “True love kiss feeling”, I don’t know what does. When a guy can’t help but break into a smile mid-lip-lock, it’s like he’s spilling the beans on just how good that moment is. It’s casual, it’s like a joyous pause button in the middle of a romantic French kiss, and it’s a clear sign that your kiss had an impact that reached right into his happy zone.

So, if you’re thinking, “He can’t stop kissing me”, and you catch a glimpse of that mid-kiss grin, consider it the ultimate thumbs-up that he’s more than just an amazing kisser — this is one sign your smooch session was nothing short of memorable.

7. He takes the lead in keeping in touch

If the guy takes the reins and initiates contact after your lip-lock session, you’re witnessing a pretty strong signal that the kiss meant something special to him and you can stop wondering how to know if he enjoyed the kiss. It’s not just about the first kiss; it’s about what happens next. Whether it’s a casual text, a sly Snapchat, or an impromptu hangout plan, his initiation speaks volumes.

On-Kissing and more

It’s like he’s saying, “Hey, that was a real kiss, and I’m not letting this connection fizzle out.” So, when he takes the lead in keeping the conversation rolling, you’re not just dealing with a post-kiss chat; you’re diving into a territory where the smooches opened up a door to something more than just a physical relationship. The writing is on the wall: his heart skipped a beat when he kissed you and he wants to take things to the next level.

8. He can’t wait to hit you up

Get this, you’ve just wrapped up a killer kiss, and bam! Your phone pings. It’s him, texting you right away. I’d say that is a flashing neon sign that the kiss meant something. When a guy can’t wait and dives straight into texting mode, he probably can’t get over the feeling he experienced when he kissed you. It’s like he’s saying, “Hold up, that kiss was too good to let time pass without a follow-up.”

It means the kiss was more than casual, he can’t stop thinking about you and it’s a surefire signal that you’re not the only one still riding the post-kiss wave. If he wanted to be just friends, he wouldn’t bother texting you so soon. So, when those texts come rolling in hot, know that you’ve just stumbled upon one of the most straightforward signs that your smooch left him with strong feelings for you.

9. He makes sure the stars align for a meaningful kiss

What does his kiss tell you? Okay, picture this: you find yourself in this perfect moment with the guy you’re into. The vibe is just right, and bam, the perfect kiss happens. You kiss passionately and neither of you wants to pull away. It’s a clear sign he sees you as someone special. When the place and timing are on point, it’s like the universe is giving a little nudge, saying, “This isn’t your run-of-the-mill smooch; it’s a special one.”

Whether it’s a sunset on a rooftop, a quiet corner at a party, or just a spontaneous street corner, when the location and timing sync up, it’s a surefire signal that this kiss isn’t just a peck—it’s a memory in the making and a sign of a deep connection.

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10. There’s intense eye contact after the kiss

So, you’ve just shared a momentous kiss, and now, here comes the real clincher — eye contact. When a guy’s gaze locks onto yours like it’s holding onto a secret, that’s a sign and a half that the kiss meant something deeper. It’s like a non-verbal encore to the lip-locking symphony. Whether it’s a lingering look or a quick exchange of glances, those eyes spill the beans on the feels.

In the body language of connection, eye contact becomes the unspoken dialogue, saying, “Hey, that wasn’t just any kiss; there’s something more here.” So, next time your eyes meet post-smooch, know you’re not just staring into those baby blues or browns; you’re seeing one of the biggest signs he kissed you and loved it.

11. He asks you out on a date

He kisses you and then he drops the “Let’s go on a date” bomb. Now, that screams, “The kiss meant something”, loud and clear. When a guy goes from lip-lock mode to planning an actual date, it’s like he’s saying, “That kiss was a spark, and I’m ready to turn it into a flame.”

It’s casual, it’s cool, and it’s a sign that the smooch wasn’t just a one-off; it sparked an interest that’s going beyond just hanging out and he won’t start acting weird about it. So, if a guy asks you out on a date after a memorable kiss, know you’ve hit the jackpot of signs that your kiss means something more. Any relationship expert would tell you that.

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12. There are zero mind games post-kiss

You’ve just shared a momentous kiss, and now, here’s the lowdown — there are zero mind games and mixed signals. If he isn’t playing it cool or leaving you in the dark, that’s a solid sign the kiss meant something genuine to him. It’s like he’s skipping the confusing dance and going straight to honesty because he loved the way he felt while he kissed you.

No cryptic texts, no mixed signals, he doesn’t act weird (even if he might appear a bit nervous around you), just a straightforward vibe that says, “Yep, that kiss was real, and so are my feelings.” So, when you’re not stuck wondering how to tell he loves you by his kiss post-smooch, you’re in the clear, knowing that what happened between those lips was as genuine as it gets.

Infographic on Signs the kiss meant something to him
Signs the kiss meant something to him

13. He’s eager to label your thing

Now he wants to define your relationship. If that doesn’t scream, “The kiss meant something”, I don’t know what does. When a guy transitions from French kissing to wanting to put a label on whatever you two have going on, it’s like he’s saying, “That kiss wasn’t just a casual moment; it was a game-changer, and I want everyone to know it.”

It’s a sign of genuine feelings, it’s real, and it’s a surefire sign that your smooch session sparked more than just butterflies. So, if you find yourself in a convo about what to call your connection, know you’ve hit the jackpot of post-kiss signs, he doesn’t want to play games and things are about to get a bit more defined.

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14. His squad is in on the kiss intel

What does his kiss tell you if he’s not telling his friends about it? Okay, get ready for the gossip train because here’s the scoop: his friends know you two kissed. When the guy isn’t keeping this lip-locking business under wraps but spills the beans to his pals, you can be sure the kiss meant something to him.

It means he wants a serious relationship, it’s like a low-key announcement to other guys that he sees you long-term and is truly committed, and it’s a surefire sign that your kiss left an impression that he’s not afraid to share. So, if you catch his friends smirking or giving you the knowing nod, consider it the social media equivalent of a relationship status update post-kiss—everybody’s in the loop.

15. The kiss sparks conversations beyond now

Alright, hold the phone because we’ve got a post-kiss plot twist: the guy starts talking about future plans. When a guy shifts from lip-lock mode to discussing what lies ahead, it’s like he’s saying, “That kiss wasn’t just a moment; it sparked something more, and I’m curious about where this could go.” It’s more than just a fling, it’s future-focused, and it’s a clear sign that he wants to make you his girlfriend.

So, if you find yourself wondering how to tell he loves you by his kiss and you both start talking about what’s coming down the road, consider it the verbal sequel to a meaningful kiss that sets the stage for things to come. You don’t need a dating coach to tell you that.

So, there you have it — 15 signs the kiss meant something to him. From lingering glances to mid-smooch grins, these little cues are like the secret language of meaningful connections. Whether it’s the way he uses his hands or the fact that his buddies are in on the kiss intel, these signs are the breadcrumbs that show you what a guy thinks when he’s kissing you, leading to a path of shared moments and deeper feelings.

Remember, decoding a kiss isn’t about overthinking; it’s about embracing the magic of those subtle gestures that say more than words ever could. So, here’s to the smooches that mean something — may they lead you on a sweet journey of connection and maybe a bit of romance. Cheers to the lip-lock revelations!

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