21 Undeniable Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

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spiritual signs you met your soulmate

Have you ever wondered if there are spiritual signs you met your soulmate?  I will answer that in a bit, but allow me to take you down memory lane for a minute. Growing up as young girls, our first connection to the wonderful world of love was through the romantic Mills & Boon books. The description of how the tall, dark, handsome, and brooding man would meet the beguiling damsel would have us grinning with anticipation. The sheer magic of the description of the first few glances and the sparks flying — it was all so intoxicating. 

Well, as a much older woman now, I can appreciate the fantastical setting of the books. But above all that, I appreciate the one running theme: the instant connection of the star-crossed lovers. Those books told me a lot about how to know if someone is your soulmate. Let’s explore 21 spiritual signs that indicate you’ve met your soulmate and delve into what happens when you meet this special person.

How To Know If Someone Is Your Soulmate — 21 Spiritual Signs You Met Your Soulmate

You have probably heard the phrase “I have found the missing piece of the puzzle” when someone describes meeting their partner. It may sound cheesy but try to explore that phrase for a minute. It simply means the person is now complete because the missing link is in place. Admittedly, the concept of meeting your soulmate is rather romanticized.

Yet, the truth remains that eventually, some tangible signs you’ve found your soulmate will help you recognize the deep and spiritual connection that you share. A connection that goes beyond mere compatibility or coincidence and touches the very core of your essence. So, what are these spiritual signs you’ve met your soulmate? Let’s find out:

1. It starts with an instant deep emotional connection

One of the most powerful spiritual signs he is your soulmate is an instant deep emotional connection. When I met my partner, it did not feel like I was meeting a stranger. I immediately felt like I had known him for a very long time.

Signs of a soulmate that shows a deep emotional connection are:

  • You feel safe and secure around your partner
  • Have an instant bond of trust and understanding
  • Communication is effortless
  • There’s a sense of completeness

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2. You share twin flame energy

Signs of a soulmate lie in the twin flame energy. My mom is a big believer in spiritual signs. She says she knew she had made a twin flame connection with my father immediately after they exchanged glances. There was such a perfect alignment of energy between the two of them. The twin flame connection was critical for their spiritual growth and personal development. 

You know you share twin flame energy if there’s:

  • Intense magnetism/attraction between the two of you
  • Synchronicity or a meaningful connection
  • Energetic resonance or alignment
  • A feeling of belonging when with the other person
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3. There is a spiritual awakening

Signs you’ve met your soulmate come with a spiritual awakening. My partner helped me unlock truths about myself that I didn’t even know existed. We gel on issues such as politics, religion, and spirituality. And even when we don’t agree on something, we have healthy discussions around the topic. 

4. Your gut feelings tell you everything you need to know

Your gut feeling or intuition is the universe’s way of helping you make important decisions. Do you know that there’s research to back up the fact that intuition allows you to make smarter choices? Here’s where it gets more interesting: you can actually make quicker, smarter decisions without spending hours on analytical thought. I knew he was the one because I felt this immense sense of calm around him. At no point did my intuition tell me to run. 

5. Shared spiritual beliefs

If you share spiritual beliefs, that’s a powerful soulmate sign. That’s not to say that you must agree on everything spiritual. It is possible to have different religious beliefs in a relationship. But, even if there are differences, they will not vary much if your beliefs are aligned in some way. You may also find that you are on the same spiritual path as you try to find more meaning in life. It could be shared beliefs around religion, global influences, diversity of beliefs, etc.

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6. You have a soul connection

A soul connection is the true definition of a spiritual relationship. It is that instant feeling that lets you know that you have met the right person: the one you are meant to be with. It’s like your souls recognize each other on a fundamental level. What you get in the end is a soul connection that is timeless and unbreakable.

Signs of a soul connection include:

  • A sense of familiarity and recognition
  • Deep understanding and empathy
  • Shared values and goals
  • Unconditional love and acceptance

7. One of the signs you found your soulmate is an intuitive mutual understanding

signs you found your soulmate
There’s mutual understanding when you meet your soulmate

With a simple look, my partner knows exactly what I am feeling. He knows when I have had a good day or not. And I can say the same for myself when it comes to him. That intuitive and deep understanding of each other is a sign of the strong bond we share as a couple. That soulmate energy is at the very core of our relationship. 

8. You share unconditional love

I can truly say I have met my kindred spirit due to the unconditional love we share. I never feel the need to present myself in a specific way around my man. He has seen me without make-up, with uncombed hair, and in stained sweats. We have so neatly defined our relationship that we don’t try to fit into any criteria. He loves me and I love him without any conditions. 

Unconditional love manifests as:

  • Deep acceptance and understanding
  • Unwavering support and encouragement
  • Unconditional forgiveness and compassion
  • A sense of security, trust, connection, and safety
  • A feeling of freedom and liberation

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9. You have deep, meaningful conversations

Spiritual signs you met your soulmate also lie in the quality of conversations. When you meet your perfect match, there’s a level of emotional safety that allows you to be free around each other. We can sit for hours, having deep conversations about anything and everything. The intuitive understanding and deep connection give us that safe space to express ourselves without any fear of judgment. 

10. There is a dissolution of egos

Are you still wondering how to know if someone is your soulmate? Well, you’ll be sure when there is a dissolution of boundaries. Remember, there is no place for pride in a relationship. What you share is vulnerability and real authenticity without pretense. 

11. Your core values align

Shared values are one of the common soulmate signs. Indeed, these values are a fundamental aspect of strong and enduring relationships. When core values align, you will agree on things like:

  • Spirituality, such as religious faith, common understanding of spiritual practices, or beliefs about the universe
  • Family and relationships with relatives
  • Careers and ambitions
  • Lifestyle choices, even in case of unexpected lifestyles, like minimalism

With the alignment, you are bound to achieve understanding, harmony, and mutual support. 

12. You are obsessed with each other

A healthy obsession with each other is one of the signs you’ve met your soulmate. A Reddit user summarizes this point so well: “You know you have found your soulmate when you have been together for 10+ years and are still genuinely obsessed with each other. Both of you want to spend as much time together after 10 years as you did after 1 year. I am grateful that I “know” I found my soulmate.”

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13. You can’t stop thinking about them

What happens when you meet your soulmate is that you can’t stop thinking about them. It doesn’t matter whether I am sad or happy. I can’t get my partner out of my head. He tells me the same, thus letting me know we have a strong bond and soulmate connection. 

So what are the signs your soulmate is thinking of you? Well, and this may sound strange: that empathic soul connection you share will tell you. You may feel a warm sensation and a sudden feeling of happiness. At other times, you may dream about them, get the urge to text/call, or have random mood shifts. 

14. An undeniable empathic connection

Do you feel like you have a telepathic awareness with your partner? Even without a conversation, you know exactly what they are feeling or what they want to say. That intuitive sensing of moods and feelings is one of the significant signs that you have met your soulmate. Remember, a lack of empathy in relationships is a recipe for its failure. 

15. You are naturally drawn to your partner

When you meet your soulmate, you will understand how magnets work. You will be naturally drawn to each other and will often give in to the urge for physical touch. And yes, you will feel all warm and fuzzy every time it happens. 

16. He is your biggest supporter

If he is your biggest supporter, that is one of the spiritual signs he is your soulmate. It doesn’t matter what endeavor you want to take on, he is right there, always cheering you on. 

Also, sure signs of a soulmate is someone that inspires you to become a better person. My partner supports my personal growth and never allows me to give up. That unwavering support, as I try to achieve my life vision and work at becoming the best version of myself, is exactly what I need in my life. 

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17. You can be your true self around them

One of the soulmate signs is that they make you feel secure, thus allowing you to be your true self at all times. Around them, you can be the best version of yourself, without worrying about any judgment or derision. 

Spending time together is amazing with your soulmate. If you find someone you can spend time with and never experience one second of boredom, that’s one of the signs you’ve met your soulmate. 

In such a relationship:

  • You can communicate openly without any fear of judgment
  • There’s emotional vulnerability
  • There’s mutual acceptance and support
  • You’ll get a feeling of ease and comfort about who you are
What’s more fun: dating or being in a relationship?

18. You have a best friend and confidant

The first person I think of calling up when I have something to share is not a family member. Rather, it is my partner, because he is my best friend and confidant. If your romantic partner is like this, it’s one of the sure-shot signs your soulmate is thinking of you.. 

19. You have a soulmate relationship

Look at the nature of the relationship to determine if it’s one of the spiritual signs you met your soulmate. A soulmate relationship is one that has mutual respect, trust, and understanding. With your soulmate, you have love, support, and shared experiences as the foundation of the romantic relationship. 

Also, your soulmate comes into your life at just the right time. The best timekeeper is divine timing. It knows when to bring a romantic partner and soulmate at just the right time. I met my partner just when I was ready to love again. I was healed and would not let my failed past relationships impact my present one. I was ready for a healthy relationship with someone who was on the same page as I was. Not once in my entire life did I know I would meet such a wonderful person. 

A soulmate relationship manifests as:

  • A deep, harmonious connection
  • Comfort, peace, and love when you’re around each other
  • Deep/profound understanding 
  • Stability and respect

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20. You have shared goals

One of the most significant signs you found your soulmate is shared goals. It could be marriage, family, travel, or anything else. You can start your soul mate journey as you realize your dreams of being a power couple together. 

21. The future looks bleak without him

Thinking about a future without him is how to know if someone is your soulmate. The thought of the strong bond you share breaking at some point is something you can’t imagine.

What happens when you meet your soulmate is that you also get a romantic partner. Yes, the spiritual connection is great. But there also needs to be passion and a deep sense of romantic love. 

What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate?

By now you know the signs that you have met your perfect person. The deep soul connection and the shared values and beliefs you share, along with the comfort, trust, and unconditional love you have between you are some of the signs that you’ve met them. So, what happens now will amaze you. Things that may have never made sense before will suddenly do. So, here’s what happens when you meet your soulmate:

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1. You just know it

There’s an undeniable instant connection that you just feel, which is kind of like what the Mills & Boon romance books had been telling us all along about. That gut feeling that never lets you down in other things will let you know what you need to. 

Here’s what this Reddit user has to say: “It took me a long time to realize that he’s my soul mate. But my heart knew way before I did. We both just kinda knew that we were meant to be together. It’s been a year and five months, and he and I are happily engaged and will be getting married in a few years.”

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2. You experience an intense connection

Yes, you have just met, so why does it feel like you have known this person all your life? It feels like you know them on a personal, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual level

3. You know you have met your best friend

what happens when you meet your soulmate
A feeling of completeness and finding your best friend are signs of soul connections

There’s an undeniable profoundness in meeting and marrying your best friend. The level of connection, mutual support, and understanding defy explanation. There’s instant comfort, unconditional acceptance, honesty, and every good thing that describes a friendship. 

From the minute you lay eyes on your soulmate, it’s pretty much what this Reddit user says: “My soulmate is my best friend!! I knew I loved her the first time we talked. I don’t know how to explain it, but she just felt like home. She still feels like home. We are very alike but balance each other really well. When we’re together it’s easy to be myself completely and it’s helped me in other aspects of my life as well. I guess the most basic way I can describe it is an overwhelming feeling of love, even though it’s platonic.”

4. You experience a spiritual awakening

Since you met your partner, do you find yourself suddenly questioning what you have held on to as deep-rooted beliefs for so long? Do you find that you are more willing to embrace new spiritual practices? Are you feeling a heightened sense of awareness about the universe and people around you? Are you taking your spiritual development more seriously? These are signs you have met your soulmate. 

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5. There’s undeniable chemistry

One of the spiritual signs you met your soulmate is undeniable chemistry. Physical attraction will hit you so hard that it will leave you shaking. Worst of all, those damn butterflies won’t stop fluttering in your stomach.

6. The love is unconditional

When you meet your soulmate, you basically have half of the same soul. The love they give is unconditional and unwavering. Whatever flaws or shortcomings you have don’t matter to them. 

7. It goes beyond romance

Are you still wondering how to know if someone is your soulmate? Well, it is when the attraction goes beyond mere romantic attraction. The soulmate energy is so powerful that it transcends physical or sexual attraction. There is a need to know this person at a deeper, more emotional level.

8. There’s a sense of completeness

Remember the ‘missing puzzle piece’ point? Yes, one of the signs you found your soulmate is that feeling of completeness. This manifests as: 

Your soulmate complements and enhances your life in every way. 

Key Pointers

  • If you’re wondering how to know if someone is your soulmate, look beyond surface-level attraction. There is a deep connection that defines a soulmate relationship
  • Some spiritual signs you met your soulmate include mutual respect, unconditional love, spiritual connection, and spiritual awakening
  • Your gut feeling is one of the most significant spiritual signs he is your soulmate
  • Additionally, some signs of a soulmate are a deep emotional connection and alignment in spiritual beliefs

There are many spiritual signs you met your soulmate. Isn’t it surprising that the things that you may have taken for granted mean so much? Finding someone who shares common ground with you is so amazing. The immediate connection you feel removes any awkwardness that comes with unfamiliarity. Also if you share deeply rooted beliefs, shared values, and more, that’s your person for life. Who knows, a chance encounter in the streets could reveal your soulmate. And, just like in fantasy romance novels, you may just ride off into the sunset together. 

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