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5 thoughts a girl has after her first kiss

First kiss can never be forgotten and the thoughts that rushing through our mind afterwards!
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Your memory of how your first love looked at you may fade with time, but the first kiss is impossible to forget. It could have been wonderful or hilarious, but it’s not the perfection of the kiss that matters the most. It’s the jitters before our lips touched and the high it gave us for the next few days that we remember. And also the thoughts we had after the kiss was over. I’m sure you can relate to all or at least a few them; I know I did!

What do women think after experiencing their first kiss?

First kisses are a memory to behold. Whether it was the most wonderful experience of your life or the worst, you will never forget your first kiss. The first time you ever got to put your luscious lips on another person and taste the breathtakingly sweet pleasures of your partner’s mouth, the racing heartbeats can not be forgotten ever. Right before the moment, when both of you are staring at each other and the sexual tension overpowers your actions, you jump in to fulfill the desires of your heart. Soon comes the after when doubt and satisfaction hits all at the same time. What all runs through your mind?

1. I’m no longer a kiss virgin!

Badrinath ki dulhania

So it finally happened! After watching all those mushy rom-coms, all those practice in front of the mirror, feeling a rush in the pit of your stomach, you finally got to know how it feels like to be kissed for the first time.

It’s a wonderful feeling indeed. It’s something to treasure all your life. The firsts matter the most!

2. Was I too sloppy?

Shit, I should have taken a gum before the kiss! Was I supposed to close my eyes all the way through? Was I supposed to hold his head differently? Did I make him feel weird?

Relate much? The thoughts we have on our performance come rushing through our mind evaluating and analysing every move we made after the first kiss. But girl, you were new in the game. So even if you were sloppy, chill out and keep practicing!

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3. Was I supposed to use more tongue or less?

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Did I use too much tongue? Did he feel like I was trying to suck his face? Did I use too less tongue? Did it make the kiss bland? How would I know how much tongue to use!

We all have been confused on the tongue issue, but as we get better in the kissing department we realize the use of tongue is directly proportional to the kissing synchronization between couples.

4. But it didn’t feel that magical

We kissed but I didn’t see any autumn leaves flying around the moment I opened my eyes. My mind didn’t play orchestra. My feet didn’t pop. The world didn’t seem more colourful afterwards. I didn’t feel like singing and dancing around the trees in enthusiasm.

In real life a kiss is just a kiss. There was nothing filmy about it because it was not scripted! In the real world, people do the kissing in a regular setting and write songs about it afterwards to make it extra special.

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5. I think I’m falling in love with him

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Since we have kissed now I must be in love with him. He is the first one to kiss me and so it’s just obvious that there was love! Because kissing means we almost made out, right? And since we did it, it just makes sense for me to be in love with him. That’s how it always happens.

Or so were you told! We had a lot of growing up to do before we understood how flawed our view was on love and making out. But the little girl in us believed in one kiss, one love and one boy for her happily ever after. She was naive, but a part of us is still alive in the silly thoughts she had after that first kiss.

What did you feel like after your first kiss? Magical, funny or confused? Tell us the story of your first kiss in the comments below.

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  1. Hahahaha. My first kiss was awkward. This article should have come at an earlier time LOL. But interesting and very helpful points there. 🙂

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