How does a woman’s body change after losing virginity?

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losing virginity changes

Have you decided to move beyond hugs and kisses? Is sex on your mind finally? If your answer is a big confident ‘yes’ then you are set to move away from virgin territory to lust land where equation with your body is most likely to change. Having sex changes you in many ways, and while emotional implications may largely be subjective, there are a lot of ways in which your body changes after you lose your virginity.

Losing your virginity is a big thing. Most of us have a certain idea of how our first time is going to be. Whether it happens as planned or not, it will still be etched in the memory forever. And then there are so many doubts and myths. There is the whole list of questions that will pop inside your mind on after-effects of losing virginity. The stereotypical perception that the first time is painful can now be put aside. Interestingly, a study following 6,000 young adults by the Journal of Sex Research found that more women today are enjoying their first shot at sexual intercourse than ever before.

Physical changes in the body after losing your virginity

Once you have encountered your first ever sexual act your body will undergo few changes. These changes may not be earth-shattering but those that will leave you with sweet nibbling pain. It may also be added here that different people experience different changes after having sex for the first time, and the changes given below are just to give you an idea. When it comes to sex, no one size fits all.Now that you have become sexually active there are sensations you will start experiencing. Here are some of them:

1. Be ready to see your breasts turn firmer and even bigger

Post sexual intercourse your breast size might shoot up to 25 % or more depending upon the arousal levels. You might have to buy a bra slightly bigger than your normal size too. Who does not like bigger, firmer and tighter breasts? So enjoy being laid and relish the after-effects of losing virginity.

But don’t worry, they won’t stay bigger forever. Their size will vary as your arousal levels. On the whole, though, they might appear slightly bigger and firmer than before.

2. Nipples all of sudden become oversensitive

Your nipples are your biggest asset and they are also one of the erogenous zones of the body. After a sexual encounter, nipples tend to get tingly and sore which sort of increases the sensitivity. This so happens because sex triggers more blood flow to the breasts, areola, and the nipple. A slight touch, an erotic dream and you would see them respond tight.

So those goosebumps and the hardness every time you feel aroused is here to stay.

3. Your vaginal region becomes flexible

The vaginal walls as well clitoris due to less activity around it ends up being uptight. After sexual activity, your vaginal walls expand and even your clitoris enlarges. Repeated sex will make it more elastic, and it will stretch to make sex less painful gradually. Over some time, women can also enjoy sex with pleasure and penetration would not feel painful. Once you lose your virginity the vagina ends up becoming elastic and clitoris respond well to sexual advances

4. You may bleed:

Though not all women will bleed, the ones whose hymen is intact could experience some light bleeding. This too may not happen at once but throughout quite a few sexual encounters as your hymen gradually wears down. Commonly referred to as tearing of the hymen, it is a virginity test in some cultures across the world.

The first time bleeding does not hold for many women as hymen could have stretched before penetration too.

5. Your periods may be delayed:

While it is natural to feel a surge in hormones after sex, and that could disrupt your normal menstrual cycle by a day or two, if the delay is for more than a week then it could be a sign of conception.

If you have had unprotected sex, and you also experience symptoms such as nausea, and headaches, get yourself tested for pregnancy. Any delay in periods can be a cause of concern, so be safe than sorry and use protection.

emotional changes

Emotional changes in a woman: Image source

Emotional changes after having sex for the first time

The first time being a special one does affect a woman emotionally. As your body undergoes some changes, you may notice yourself changing on the emotional front as well. Some common pointers are-

1. You will be more affectionate

No matter how long you have been dating or have been married, after the first time sex you will feel more drawn to your partner. Your affection will multiply, and you may become more caring and loving.

2. You will feel happy

Be prepared to enjoy an emotional joyride after your first sexual act. Blame it on a good orgasm that releases the hormone that makes you happy – oxytocin. If you have had full-on engrossed sex with your partner, you will end up feeling happy, content and cloud nine.

3. Confidence rules

Not just oxytocin, your body also releases dopamine that boosts self-confidence as well as encourages good social behaviour. Even testosterone is released after sex that helps you to speak up for yourself in other spheres of life. You will feel cheerful and the world will seem like a happy place, even if everything is just the same.

But you aren’t, right?

4. Excited and nervous at the same time

Sometimes, sex makes one feel guilty too – was it right? Is he the one? What if he was just having fun? These questions play with every woman’s mind. And of course, there is anticipation and excitement about the next time.

5. Your skin glows like never before

Another happy reason to have sex, we tell you! As the good hormones take over the bad ones, and you feel happy, confident and elated with joy, the skin too starts to glow and look great. Your relaxed body paves way for healthy and glowing skin.

These happy and confidence-boosting hormones will make you more cheerful and happy than you have ever been. Enjoy the blissful state of mind and look forward to being sexually active

How do periods get affected after having sex for the first time?

While sex can be fun and enjoyable, an unplanned pregnancy can be a real spoilsport. The biggest question that everyone asks is will my period delay or my cycle change after losing my virginity. The answer may not be the same for everyone.

  • During sex, your hormones get active and can delay your periods temporarily. The delay would not be much but if the time extends a bit more than it is best to get a pregnancy test done to be certain
  • Another reason for the delay is the constant stress and fear that most women have after having sex for the first time. Many fear that the protection was not in place and thus fear of becoming pregnant. It is best to relax and not get worked up with the first delayed periods.
    So lay your fears to rest and have a great first-time!
  • It is best to have your first intercourse with protection. This way you ensure that it’s safe and that you don’t conceive first time itself. Insist on doing it with proper condom and lubrication to experience the joy of lust and love

Remember sex is going to be a different ride every time. Each session will help you learn more about it and how well you can ride on your man. Instead of being stubborn, let loose and enjoy the ride that climaxes to perfection.

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