12 Unmistakable Signs It’s Time to Kiss A Girl

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man and woman trying to kiss. You will know when she is ready to be kissed

Are you dating a girl who you are waiting to kiss, but are confused whether or not it is the right time? The fact that you are showing hesitation shows that you don’t want to mess things up. A kiss, while being the most magical thing to begin your relationship, can also be the cause for the doom of your dating timeline. So you need to know when she is ready to be kissed to avoid the doom.

12 unmistakable kissing signals a girl gives

It is difficult to determine whether she wants you to kiss her. She could be a shy girl or someone who isn’t ready yet. It is therefore important that both of you are on the same page. Kissing her at the wrong moment can have these probable outcomes:

    • She pulls away and says I’ll call you (which we know she never will)
    • Says goodnight and disappears

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  • It becomes awkward and embarrassing for both of you
  • She right-away slaps you

You will know when she wants to be kissed

So, if you do not want to be called the creep she went out with or that pervert who could not wait to stick his tongue down her throat, look out for the signs she wants to kiss you.

  • Here are the questions you should ask yourself
  • When should you kiss a girl?
  • How do you kiss a girl on a date?
  • How do you know when to lean in for a kiss?

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Just look for these signs and you will have your answer. You will know the kissing signals and when to kiss your date.

1. She glances dreamily at you

While you are having a conversation with her, is she looking into your eyes dreamily? Well, she could just be paying attention. This is your time to pay attention to detail. Look whether she is staring at you while tilting her neck or playing with her hair. If it is so, she is definitely into you and could want more than just a cup of coffee.

2. She gives it through her body language

If she laughs at your jokes, leans in to show a deeper interest in your conversations, she is interested in you. If she sits more freely than guarding her posture, it means she is comfortable.

A bit of brushing of hands could mean that she doesn’t mind having physical contact.

3. Triangle effect

There is something called ‘the triangle effect’ where she looks into your eye, then the other and then goes from looking at your lips to looking into your eyes again. Eyes don’t lie, same as this sign doesn’t. This is a clear sign she wants you to kiss her.

4. She flicks her hair

In the middle of your date, if she gently puts her hair to one side, exposing her neck, it is because she wants you to see it. Exposing her neck and tilting it slightly means she wants you to be romantic with her.

5. Nervous lip biting

If you notice her sucking and biting her lip nervously, it means that she has been thinking of kissing you but just doesn’t know how to let you know. Don’t take this too seriously, because she could just be nervous about something else.

6. She seems comfortable with you

Her touching you frequently or gently pressing your arm means she is comfortable with you. She may let you rest your arm on her shoulder or does not mind you holding her hand. These signs indicate she is ready to get past the awkwardness and is open to having something more.

7. She gets flirty

She could be the bold one and be open with how she feels. The contents of her flirting may give hints of anticipating a kiss or she might just say, “Will you just kiss me?” Be subtle about it and don’t jump to conclusions without making sure she is serious.

8. She rushes for a quick touch-up

If she slips into the washroom for a quick touch-up even after the date is over, it is because she is expecting to have close facial contact. She wants to look her best and a quick touch up of a li[stick and powder helps her do that.
If she doesn’t have any other plans, what are the odds that you are the one she is doing it for?

9. Prolongs the date

Your date is over but you haven’t kissed yet. Does she ask you to walk her home instead of dropping her in a cab? Or she does not get out of the car even after reaching home and keeps talking to you. She may even ask you to take a short drive with her.

It is because she is looking for ways to prolong the date so that you get a chance to kiss her.

10. A Goodbye hug will tell you if she wants to be kissed

If you cannot decide whether or not to kiss her, the goodbye hug will do the job for you. When you hug her to see whether she pulls back in seconds or lingers. She may also draw you closer and brush her hand downwards.

A hug isn’t enough now, the girl wants you to kiss her.

11. Invites you in

After the date, she invites you to her house when there are a dozen places you can go to. She is comfortable with sharing her personal life with you. She says she wants you to read her blog or wants you to see her collection of books. These signs indicate she wants to take this to the next level. After those initial warm conversations, slow down and kiss her.

There are more chances of her reciprocating because she is in a comfortable surrounding.

12. First, tell then kiss instead of the first kiss then tell

If you are willing to take a chance, it is better to do it with consent. Asking her whether you can kiss her shows how much you respect her consent and shows the strength of character too. Moreover, appear relaxed when kissing her to have and give her a good time.

Tips to make the first kiss special

The first kiss has to be special because it is an image she will remember throughout the time you are dating. It isn’t just a kiss. It is the first step to your romance and intimacy as a couple. The pressure is on you, as you do not want her telling her friends, “Ah, I’ve had better”. If you are kissing a girl for the first time, make sure you know what you are doing, because you do not want her ending up with just your saliva in her mouth.

  1. Check your breath. You do not want to smell like onions in front of her. Pop some mouth freshener or peppermints to be on the safe side
  2. Avoid noisy public places. Make sure to kiss her somewhere in private where you both can feel the moment without distractions
  3. Don’t talk in between. Express love with gestures. Do not ruin the moment by talking in between
  4. Take it slow. You don’t want to be rushing into things with your first kiss. Kiss her slowly and romantically
  5. You may hold her neck and caress her back. Do not go down to her buttocks. It will make you look like a pervert
  6. Pull back in a few minutes. You want to keep the sexual tension going. Go for multiple short kisses if she leans in but doesn’t give away too much

A kiss is a very important determiner in a relationship, and thus it is important to look for the perfect moment to make it magical. At the same time, do not ignore the signs that your girlfriend may be giving you, or else she could think you are a wuss, or worse, gay. Kissing someone for the first time is a moment that stays forever, makes it slow, makes it special and make it count – and do this at the right moment.

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