10 different types of kisses you should experience at least once in your lifetime

Ananyaa Bhowmik

Not all kisses are the same

An author friend of mine once told me that when she writes love stories, she rarely uses the word kiss. “There is a lot of brushing against lips and pressing your mouth against another”, she tells me, “But very rare outright kissing. Because the sound of the word itself sounds like the act and that is a gift that should be rarely opened.” I, for one, am pretty sure that if you are reading this, you have already imagined that one face and that one mouth and are wondering what it tastes like. Now come on, don’t be shy. You know I am right. So if you have stopped being in denial and are grinning like a blushful buffoon right about now, read on to find out what in my opinion are the ten kinds of kisses that you should never miss out on:

1. The anxious first kiss

Everyone has experienced this one. I am not just talking about the first kiss in your life but the first kiss you have with your new lover. The build-up and the anticipation is enough to curl your toes. It might be awkward and involve a lot of embarrassment but it is also always perfect. You will find yourself hoping for it and anticipating it and when you do kiss, get ready to be obsessed about it for ages.

Couple about to Kiss

2. The giggly drunk one

You are both a bit tipsy and flirtier than usual. There is a lot of ‘accidental’ touching till you finally give in and kiss. And because you are both a little more unreserved because of the alcohol, you will hopefully be grinning and giggling through it.

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3. The one that holds the promise for more

This one is way hotter and less chaste than the previous ones on the list. You will both be a little breathless and braver than usual. They will pull you as close as you can humanly get and your mouths will develop a language of their own. Maybe a little bite and a tug of the lip and the promise of a lot more to look forward to.


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4. The reassuring one

The one that says “I am here. You don’t need to worry.” This one is reassuring and warms your whole body up with the sheer happiness of companionship.

5. The quickly stolen kind

Maybe your friends are waiting in the other room. Maybe your family is over. You sneak into the kitchen with one excuse or the other and steal a quick kiss.

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6. The very risky and very hot one

The riskier it is, the hotter and better. Maybe they have you up against the wall in the bathroom or the bar. Maybe it is in your room while your parents are having a party. The risk of discovery is what makes this one smoldering hot.

7. When you are sick in bed

This is slightly gross for people who aren’t together but the sweetness of it is undeniable. The fact that they cannot keep from kissing you even when you are down with a cold and probably look like a mess offers the quirkiest kind of reassurance. It tells you that they will care no matter how you look and change and they will even brave the wrath of a flu to prove to you just that.

8. The innocent one

A quick peck on the cheek or forehead that tells you that they remember and they care, even when they are super late for work. Or maybe they just find you too cute for words. You need to experience this over and over again in your life as the sweetness just seems to grow with familiarity.

9. The stinky morning-breath one

You haven’t brushed yet and probably smell like death. But they don’t care. They are just happy to be able to see the morning with you and to know that you care and are not going anywhere.

10. The one after “I do”

Maybe you don’t plan on getting married. Or maybe you do. But married couples will tell you how this kiss is so much different than all the others you might have shared. Because the person in front of you just confirmed that they want to share their life with you and love you in all your gross messiness and even when you get wrinkly and old. They just told you that there is no one else for them on this planet of 7 billion people but you. That’s got to count for something.

Humans are an affectionate kind. And they often choose to show their affection through touch. Since we feel different kinds of affection, our touches change with it too. You will feel this in your bones as you watch a mother kiss her child. You will see it in your sibling’s eyes when they find the one. And you too will experience it when your partner appears in your life. And with them, you will probably explore this box of treasures. For your sake, I hope it’s with the person you thought of while reading this. If not, keep practicing. After all, experience matters, doesn’t it?

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