15 Different Types Of Kisses You Should Experience At Least Once

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There are few expressions of love as vivid as a deep, passionate kiss. But kissing can be a lot more than just locking of lips. To spice up your love life with variety, we recommend that you explore the myriad different types of kisses with your significant other. Those make out sessions can get a lot more exciting if you look beyond the much-hyped French kiss and let your lips do the talking in more ways than one.

10 Different Types Of Kisses To Dial Up Your Makeout Game

An author friend of mine once told me that when she writes love stories, she rarely uses the word kiss. “There is a lot of brushing against lips and pressing your mouth against another”, she tells me, “But very rare outright kissing. Because the sound of the word itself sounds like the act and that is a gift that should be rarely opened.”

I, for one, am pretty sure that if you are reading this, you have already imagined that one face you’d like to explore in different ways and are wondering how many types of romantic types of kisses are there are or what are the types of kisses guys like and want. Now come on, don’t be shy. You know I am right. So, read on to find out the 15 different types of kisses you should never miss out on if you want to blow them away:

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1. The anxious first kiss can be the best kiss

How can one talk about the different kinds of kisses and not lead with that first kiss, which fills you up with excitement and anxiety in equal parts? Everyone has experienced this one. We bet this takes you back to the memories of your first high school kiss. But we’re not just talking about the first kiss of your life but the first kiss you have with a new lover.

The build-up and the anticipation are enough to curl your toes.

It might be awkward and involve a lot of embarrassment but it is also always perfect. You find yourself hoping for it, anticipating it. When it happens, you and your partner obsessed about it for a long time to come.

2. The drunk kiss

You are both a bit tipsy and flirtier than usual. There is a lot of ‘accidental’ touching until you finally give in and kiss. And because you are both a little more unreserved thanks to all that alcohol in your system, it is also the most indulgent among the different kinds of kisses. If we were to list the different types of kisses guys like, we’re sure this would rank right at the top.

3. The passionate kiss that holds the promise for more

kissing upper lip meaning
Passionate kiss

This one stands out among the various different types of kisses for being way hotter and less chaste and being one of the most romantic types of kisses. You will both be a little breathless and braver than usual while kissing. You will pull each other as close as you can get and your mouths will develop a language of their own. Maybe a little bite, a tug of the lip and the promise of a lot more to look forward to.

4. The reassuring forehead kiss

A lingering peck on the forehead that says “I am here. You don’t need to worry.” This kiss is characteristically different from other types of kisses as it is completely asexual. Yet, it warms up your whole heart with the sheer happiness of companionship.

5. The quickly stolen romantic kiss

Of the different kinds of kisses, this one signifies a latent urgency your bodies feel for each other. You’re with a bunch of people – friend or family – and this sudden urge to hold each other close sweeps you over. Maybe you or your significant other said something to bring it on. Or you exchange a look and your heart just leaps. You sneak into the kitchen or the closet on some pretext or the other and steal a quick romantic kiss.

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6. The hot one leading to a neck kiss

The riskier it is, the hotter and better. You’re both burning up with passion but the setting, time or place doesn’t allow you to go all the way. One of you pushes the other against a wall in the bathroom or on the bed. A hot, passionate make out session ensues, leading to kissing on the neck, and perhaps, even some hard to explain love bites.

kissing techniques that guys love
The hot one leading to a neck kiss

7. The feel better kiss

This one may not be for people who are casually dating. But when you’re in a serious, committed relationship, you become the types of kissers who don’t care about the right mood or environment. The sweetness of the feel better kiss you receive when you’re feeling low and have been bawling your eyes out or lying sick in bed is undeniable.  The fact that your partner cannot help from kissing you even when you are down in dumps offers the quirkiest kind of reassurance.

It tells you that they will care no matter how you look and that will not change.

8. The affectionate kiss

A quick peck on the cheek or the hand before heading out for work, after coming back home, while spooning together in bed are all manifestations of the affectionate kiss. These different types of kisses tell you that they remember and they care, even when they are super late for work.

These affectionate kisses should be an integral part of every relationship and you must indulge in them over and over again, as the sweetness of these gestures of love just grows with familiarity.

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9. The morning kiss

This is the best kiss to drive home the point that you and your partner truly love each other for better or for worse. You haven’t brushed yet and probably smell like death. But they don’t care. They are just happy to wake up by your side and start another day with you. When the morning kiss becomes a regular feature in your relationship, you can rest assured that you and your partner are not going anywhere.

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10. The one after “I do” kiss

Maybe you don’t plan on getting married. Or maybe you do. But married couples will tell you this kiss incomparable to all the other different types of kisses there are. Because the person in front of you just confirmed that they want to share their life with you and love you as you are.

You both picked each other as ‘the one’. That’s got to count for something.

11. The ‘I’ll never let you go’ kiss

You just cannot fight the passion of this one. If you want to know different ways to kiss your boyfriend, go over to him, lock his lips with yours and make that kiss last. Make it so honest and real, that he knows you are here to stay with him. It’s a kiss that is calling out to him and saying ‘You are mine, forever and ever’. Pull away after your kiss, look into his eyes and reassure him that you are always there for him.

12. The last goodbye kiss

Perhaps the saddest kind of kisses, but they hold so much beauty, warmth, longing and tenderness in them. Seeing them off at the airport or walking away from them after finally succumbing to those breakup signs, goodbyes are never easy. With this kiss, press your lips firmly, close your eyes tight shut and and make your last kiss beautiful.

types of kisses and their meaning
The sweet goodbye kiss

13. The kiss of trust

This kiss does not have to be some kind of long, elaborate one. But this kind of a peck kiss holds a profound meaning that can make you feel comfort as if in a cocoon of love and happiness. So drop a soft peck or consider the deep kissing upper lip meaning and convey the love and promise of trust to your partner.

14. The ‘I want you now’ kiss

If you are one to go all out and enjoy kissing with tongue, consider this the perfect one for you among different types of kisses and their meaning. This hot and heavy kiss means that you are ready to take things to the next level sexually, whenever they are too. It’s an indication that you are incredibly turned on and simply cannot get enough of them.

Pull them in like you mean it, hold their hair or their waist softly but like you are ready to show them a good time. With these kissing techniques that guys love, you’ll have him yearning for more in no time.

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15. Nibble kiss for extra fun

We have already gone over the American kiss meaning or the passionate neck kiss or peck kisses to promise love and commitment. But to really make things fun, don’t forget about the nibble kiss! Be careful with this one as if done wrong, it could make your partner uncomfortable.

All you have to do is grab their lower lip and bite or nibble on it but do it gently. This is among the top types of kisses that guys like and he will go absolutely crazy for you after this one.

Humans often show their affection through touch and don’t forget, there are health benefits of kissing too! These displays of affection change and deepen as our relationships grow and mature. You will experience it as you share these different types of kisses with your partner. Each one of these kisses will be special and riveting in their own right. So with these different ways to kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend, show them how much they mean to you.

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