5 Types Of Girls In A Relationship

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Updated On: March 17, 2024
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She could be madly in love and ready to go to any extent to make you happy. She could be the snooty or arrogant kinds or she could be obsessive about how she looks or even how you look. Girlfriends can be of all sorts. All women are unique in their own sense of the term but when it comes to love they start showing some typical characteristics.  When men come into the picture, when it’s about being the woman in a relationship there is a scope to categorize ‘girlfriends’ on how they carry the role of the girlfriend on their shoulders. You can actually classify types of girls in a relationship.

5 Types Of Girls In A Relationship

Your girlfriend is unique in her own way there is no denying that but when in love she cannot help but show some typical girlie characteristics. You could adore her for that or you could be a bit edgy about certain aspects of her character and some things could even annoy you. But the best part is when we tell you about the 5 types of girls in a relationship you cannot help but say, “Oh! This is just my girl.”  Just go ahead and read about the 5 types of girlfriends who exist.

1. The lovey-dovey girlfriend

She is an adorable one. She is caring to the extent of being motherly, loves to express her love, and she has many cute, mushy nicknames and absolutely loves them. She is sweet, loyal, innocent and a good listener. She is the kind of girlfriend all those ‘90s Yash Chopra movies talked about. She is the one who absolutely needs to know whether you’ve had your dinner or had a good night’s sleep. She is also the one who will listen patiently to the boyfriend’s issues and try to solve them, be it helping with exams or preparing for a board meeting. This kind of girlfriend is the ultimate guide to having a person to rely upon on all times. Among the types of girlfriends in a relationship, this one is the best.

She is kind and always ready to give. Nagging does not come to her at all and she understands you in and out even when you need your own space. You feel she is a boon in your life and no matter what you don’t want to let her go.

couple holding hands
couple holding hands

2. The chilled out girlfriend

She is the bro. She plays video games, probably swears a lot, isn’t afraid of the dart and dust, gels along really well with guys and her boyfriend’s friends love her around too. She is secured in the relationship because she is just simply chilled out like that. She doesn’t ask for his social media passwords or asks too many questions about where he is going or whom he is meeting.

Of course she wants her boyfriend to be loyal to her, but she doesn’t put limits on his life activities. In return, she needs the same favour of freedom from her boyfriend. This type of girlfriend has a healthy social life outside of the relationship.

And if you have to be with such a chilled out person you have to be a chilled out guy yourself then only you will understand her to need for independence and freedom. It’s not that she would be misusing it but if you restrict her she could feel suffocated. Let her fly and she will be the happiest and will make you happy too. Being with a girl like this is in a relationship is a lot of fun.

Chilled out
Chilled out

3. The sarcastic girlfriend

Her middle name is Chandler Bing. She has a great sense of humour to the extent of raising eyebrows in public about its vivid sarcastic tone. She is intelligent and somewhat reclusive. Not everyone can stand her, but those who do admire her honesty. If one takes the time to peel off the layers of sarcasm, she is actually a very loyal and kind-hearted person. Call it social awkwardness or brutal honesty, she says what she feels only with a pinch of salt.

It’s sometimes not easy to deal with a girlfriend like this but when you get to understand her sarcasm which is often expressed through a brilliant sense of humour as well you will start admiring her intelligence and honesty. You will realise she is not there to win a popularity poll but when it comes to lending you support she is the first to be there.

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4. The classy girlfriend

She is the high-maintenance one. She loves fashion, classy dinner parties has a nose for designer shoes and never has a bad makeup day. She is friendly, bubbly, and quite selfish but always smells good. This girlfriend is for keeps if you are a #InstagramSuperCoolSelfie guy. If there is one thing she knows pretty well, it’s how to look good. She will help you out starting from dressing for any occasion to being your mate at any office party. If you’re into having a life of classy dinners and sexy lingerie, don’t let her go.

And if you have a heady social life she would complement you perfectly. If you walk into a party with her you can be sure every head will turn and she is a great conversationalist as well.

She knows the right etiquette and the right things to say to the right people. So if you are the ambitious kinds she is the perfect match for you.

Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend
Romantic Questions To Ask Your Girlfriend

5. The possessive girlfriend

She is the one who wants to know everything about her boyfriend. Starting from what he does every hour of the day to who he is meeting and when. She gets jealous pretty quickly but one peck on the cheek and some words of assurance calm her down easily. She is too sensitive to the extent of being somewhat clingy. She feels the love and cares for her man very deeply in her heart, but she is unsure of how to balance those overwhelming emotion with her innate insecurities.

You have to understand her to be able to love her completely. Her possessiveness comes for deep love and the need to claim you as her own. Assure her that you are hers always and refrain from doing a few things that unnerve her and then see how she melts when you hold her in her arms.

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Is he talking to his ex behind your back?

Girlfriends come with all kinds of attitudes but you have to decide which kind is your kind. That’s when you will be compatible and have a great life together.
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