The Kind Of Girlfriend You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Zodiac signs rule quite a considerable part of our lives, even though there are some who might deny it. But the more I read about it, the more conscious I get about the influence of the signs in our lives. Being in a relationship and the kind of girlfriend you are going to be, is sort of influenced by these elements too. Like the signs ruled by the fire, the element will have a zest for life and a more compelling way to live and love.

What type of girlfriend are you according to your zodiac sign?

Your zodiac sign says what kind of a girlfriend you will be and some zodiac signs do make the best girlfriends. Here’s a lowdown on all the signs.

1. Aries: ‘I will rock you’ girlfriend

You are the adventurous, thrill-seeking kind. If any hurdle comes along in your love life, you will adapt to the circumstances without being too uptight about it. You are the woman who can rock the hell out of your man in all aspects.

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2. Taurus: ‘Till eternity’ girlfriend

You are loving and possibly the sweetest kind of girlfriend one will ever find. However, you don’t let the caring and dedication come in the way of being rational. If you ever get into a fight with your soulmate, you make your point and still let it go because you understand the irrationality of staying mad for long. Having a Taurus girlfriend is the best girlfriend one can have.

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couple holding hands

3. Gemini: ‘Hard to pin down’ girlfriend

It’s not a negative thing. Because you genuinely love to get to know people, it is likely men will like you instantly. You are curious, adventurous and inherently charming which is why you can become the dream girl.

But you do not like being tied down and your attempt to get away from the customary circle of routine might make your man feel like he’s constantly chasing you with no effect. Sure you will have fun but getting to know you fully is hard because you are so elusive.

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4. Cancer: ‘I’m here for you’ girlfriend

Cancerians are known for their unconditional and deep emotional attachment to everything. Because you are very sensitive, you show and tell exactly what and how you feel. You are easy to read, so your soulmate can figure out if he has done something to upset you. You wear your emotions on your sleeve and care deeply. Too deeply sometimes!

5. Leo: The star girlfriend

Leo is a fire sign. Needless to say, any person ruled by a sign as bold and fiery as Leo is going to be a star. Because of your desire to be desirable and be noticed when you walk in, you might come off as intimidating. But hey, that’s Leo for you! Being in a relationship with you will make your soulmate feel exclusive as everything about you is other-worldly. Fiery passion is constant in your relationship.

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6. Virgo: ‘I’m your rock’ girlfriend

Your practical and methodical nature is what drew your partner to you. Even though you might think you are boring, your partner thinks the world of you. You think before you act and you are great at being responsible which makes you so important for your partner. You become his rock in the most unstable situation because of your level-headedness.

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7. Libra: The ‘best friend’ girlfriend

Women born under this sign are highly harmonious. When you are in a relationship, you are the girlfriend who is also the best friend, very much like Chandler and Monica. You and your soulmate are like best friends in love, with a lot of passion.

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8. Scorpio: The sexy one

No one can be as sensual as a Scorpion. They love fiercely and when hurt, they sting badly as well. Your magnetic and confident personality makes you very attractive. But when in a relationship, you remind your soulmate about your love for him. You are a bombshell in bed which makes you pretty unforgettable even if you happen to break up.

9. Sagittarius: The passionate girlfriend

You are goofy, charming and have a lot of humour stored in you. Since Sagittarians are free spirits, even though you love your soulmate, you will appreciate exploring places on your own – physically and mentally. Your positive attitude is contagious. But if hurt, you can turn off your fire slowly.

10. Capricorn: The classic girlfriend

You can be old-fashioned. You are mature and take relationships seriously. You are responsible and can be asked to “loosen up a little” sometimes but you tend to be mature and responsible because that’s what makes sense to you. The classic, the traditional side can be too much for some people but the right man appreciates that side of you.

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11. Aquarius: The ‘we will be hot together’ girlfriend

passionate girl
passionate girl

Your charismatic nature and passion make it so easy to fall in love with you. However, you need space in the relationship without which you tend to feel suffocated.

You lose interest in men who cannot understand the need for space. Of you understand them they make the best girlfriends though by their zodiac sign.

12. Pisces: The ‘ancient soul’ girlfriend

You like Paris at night, the smell of old books, drinking wine and revving it up at the club every weekend. Your passion for art and classic is what makes you attractive to men who are older to you. Since you are a no-drama, peace-loving person, your relationships are mostly mature with no unnecessary tension. You like it that way.

What kind of a girlfriend are you by your zodiac sign? Now you have the answer.

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