If A Girl Shows These Signs She Is Definitely A Keeper

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Updated On: October 20, 2023
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You might be on your second, third, fifth or tenth date but how do you know she’s a keeper and that you should keep seeing her? Getting butterflies in your stomach every time she meets you is not enough. You have to know whether she is the right person for you or not. Can she really be there for you on your low days? Does she have what it takes to be a good lover to you? Let’s find out.

5 Signs She’s A Keeper

If you’re falling in love too fast with the new girl you just started going out with, hold your horses. The excitement, the rush and the passion can fool you into taking things forward too quickly but you might need to take a step back and think about this relationship.

First of all, what is a keeper? A keeper is someone or something so incredible that they are worth keeping around at all costs. So before you jump into any kind of exclusivity, you must ponder what makes a woman a keeper for you. Is it beauty, brains, kindness or all of it? Use these signs to help you decide whether she’s a keeper or not:

1.  Being affectionate and earnest

One of the first signs that you need to look out for is her genuine affection when it comes to things that touch her deeply. A girl who never hides her true feelings, shows affection and is bold enough to go public with how she feels about things and people is definitely worth fighting for.

You don’t need to be with a woman who is unable to articulate her true feelings or cannot come to a conclusion about what you mean to her. How to know she’s a keeper is about sensing whether she is capable of loving freely or not. So does she make you feel loved and valued?

how to know she's a keeper
She’s a keeper if she is loving and affectionate to those around her

2. Making you laugh

Life is too short to waste on bland, boring days. Get yourself someone who will make your stomach hurt with careless laughs and will never be apologetic about it. A girl who knows how to find humor in the toughest situations will breeze through the dark days herself, and will gracefully pull you through as well.

One of the signs she’s a keeper is if she oozes positivity and mirth in the way she carries herself. More importantly, find a girl who is able to laugh at herself. Anyone who can laugh at themselves without taking things too seriously is someone worth keeping around.

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3. Having a keen eye

If she always puts in that extra effort to know you better and remember the little details about you, she’s a keeper and you know it. No woman will invest hours of mental effort to put your puzzles together if she is not seriously considering taking things to newer levels.

Does she quickly sense when your mood is off or makes the effort to brighten your day? Does she notice your little quirks, your choices and the way you go about your life because she is completely smitten with you? Well, if the answer to the above questions is yes, then boy you got lucky. Try not to lose her!

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4. What are her priorities?

The moment when you start to realize that she has been making subtle but significant changes in her routines to squeeze in maximum time for the both of you, hold on to that as tightly as possible because that is when you know she’s a keeper.

Giving someone your time is an underrated act of intimacy that needs to be appreciated, respected and absolutely reciprocated. If you know she cancels plans to see you, does unique romantic gestures for you and thinks about you often, these are some of the signs she’s a keeper.

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5. Valuing your opinions

We know you want to be dating an independent woman who has a mind of her own and does things in her own way. There is nothing more attractive than a strong, zealous woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to go after it. But remember, that she’s a keeper if despite keeping her own individuality intact, she is able to make room for you.

How to know she’s a keeper is about looking out for how much she values you and your opinions. Does she brush off the things you say or consider them important in her decision making?

So have you noticed these signs she’s a keeper? The surest way of knowing what’s going through a woman’s mind is to look for answers in her eyes. If she steals quick glances at you and follows every movement you make, even when you’re in a room filled with friends and loved ones, she is here to stay.


1. What kind of a woman is a keeper?

A woman who cherishes you, values your opinion, makes efforts to show you that she loves you is definitely a keeper. If she is genuine, honest and good at communicating, keep her around for she might really love you well.

2. What does a keeper mean in a relationship?

A keeper is someone who is worth keeping around. To put it differently, one must try not to lose them from their lives, come what may. They have qualities and attributes that are essential to relationships and one should try to not let go of such people.

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