If a girl shows these signs, she is definitely a keeper

by Team Bonobology

Signs say a lot. A girl may never tell you with words, but her gestures never lie.

1.  The affectionate soul:

One of the first signs that you need to look out for is her genuine affection when it comes to things that touch her deeply. A girl who never hides her true feelings and is bold enough to go public with how she feels about things and people, is definitely worth fighting for.

2. Laughter is the best medicine:

Life is too short to waste on bland days. Get yourself someone who will make your stomach hurt with careless laughs and will never be apologetic about it. A girl who knows how to find humour in the toughest situations will breeze through the dark days herself, and will gracefully pull you through as well.

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3. The keen eye:

If she always puts in that extra effort to know you better and remember the little details about you, she is most definitely a keeper. No woman will invest hours of mental effort to put your puzzles together if she is not seriously considering taking things to newer levels.

4. Priority matters:

The moment when you start to realise that she has been making subtle but significant changes in her routines to squeeze in maximum time for the both of you, hold on to that as tightly as possible, because you have found yourself a keeper. Giving someone your time is an underrated act of intimacy that needs to be appreciated, respected and absolutely reciprocated.

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5. The look:

The surest way of knowing what’s going through a woman’s mind is to look for answers in her eyes. If she steals quick glances at you and follows every movement you make, even when you’re in a room filled with friends and loved ones, she is here to stay. She might not be very loud about it and you need to be smart enough to pick up her undertone hints before it’s too late.

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