Single and Dating

5 women share their unpleasant date experiences

Stories of dates that went horribly wrong. Some still led to love, while some just fizzled out or proved to be a great escape

You know what happened on that date I had?

It was a rainy day when all of us senior citizens met over a card game. We were an only women’s group and invariably after a cup of tea and sandwiches, we would end up chatting in general or gossiping or sharing life skills and tips. That day we started a juvenile game of truth or dare that eventually trickled down to a ‘share your worst date experiences’. Some were funny and some were downright nasty, but here is a gist of what was shared by five women. These were reminiscences of long ago times, events that had happened when they were young people and we had a great laugh about each one.

No, white in rain is only good for Yash Chopra films

Sanjana was a young lecturer when she met Bijoy and they decided to meet over a cup of coffee. It was an outdoor setup, a mini dhaba kind of restaurant. All of a sudden a mighty storm hit the locality, the winds were strong and the rain flooded the place in minutes. Both were soaking wet and Sanjana was wearing a white salwar kameez that soon became see-through.

Though her date was a decent bloke and did not stare, there were many other men who were being total jerks. He took his dark corduroy shirt and gave it to her to wear. Though it was a disaster as dates go, she soon found her future husband in this kind and chivalrous man.

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Boy, are you sinning?

Mary was an orphan who studied at the Mount Carmel Convent in Ooty. She found that the church choirboy was interested in her and soon they decided to go on a date to a nearby curio shop. At that time I was a teacher at the same Convent School and knew Thomas and his family well.

Later Mary became our dear friend, but this is the story of her disastrous first date. Thomas had gone into the shop a while ago and Mary reached a minute later. They were checking out beautiful Tibetan woollens and hats when there was a booming sound behind them – “Tom are you committing the sin of carnal desire?” Thomas stuttered a response that no one understood; because it was his school principal Rev. Fr. Xavier a stern no nonsense old man. Poor Mary had her hopes and dreams shattered, but not for long. They eventually married in the Rev. Father’s parish.

What a first night that was

My friend’s daughter had a love but arranged marriage; only Indians understand this concept. In such marriages the couples have liked and chosen each other and usually the first night is also the first date.

On the day of the wedding the groom caught a mighty head cold and could not even raise his eyes to see his bride. So she boiled some water in order that he may inhale the steam for some relief from the stuffiness in his face. As she brought the vessel of steaming hot water she slipped and all of the scalding water fell into his lap. He howled in pain and she screamed for an ambulance and the couple spent the next month in hospital. All is well now, but that is one night both can never forget.

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Hi! Would you like to meet my wife?

Rajni was one of our closest friends and it was her turn to tell her nightmare date story. She had just gone to Manali to meet her grandmother and she met this dashing young man who seemed to be interested in her. He asked her to meet him in the local bazaar and she agreed. As they spotted each other from a distance she felt a sense of excitement because there was something quite different about this man who looked like a decent sort. They had just spent a few minutes exchanging courtesies, when a woman caught hold of his arm and asked him who Rajni was. It soon became apparent to Rajni that he was a married man and this woman was his legally wedded wife with two kids in tow. She walked off and never looked back, glad that she escaped a disaster in the making.

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Excuse me, you left our daughter behind

Sonali had a date with her lover and they had decided to drive to Matheran, a hill station close by. She was very thrilled to be with this beau who she had been talking to over the phone almost every day and soon they were to spend quality time together. As soon as they reached they found a place to shack up in when the phone rang; it was her husband who was frantic and furious, not only because she left with no information but also because she had left her seven-year-old daughter with the neighbours. You could say that he was piping mad. Sonali finally told her lover that they would have to return. They did so and the story was over. They never dated again.

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