11 Surprising Examples Of Flirting That Say Someone’s Into You

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Updated On: January 29, 2024
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What is considered flirting? Kell, a reader from New Jersey, shares, “I’ve been speaking to this guy regularly but I’m not sure where we stand. Are we flirting? Are we friends being playful? It’s so confusing.” Flirting can take on various forms and is a fascinating aspect of human interaction that is difficult to spot right away. So if you have a dilemma like Kell’s, you’re in the right place.

A study with pairs of strangers states, “While the pairs were more than 80% accurate in knowing when their counterpart was NOT flirting, they were far less accurate in detecting when they were being flirted with. Only 36% of men judged correctly, and for women, the number was 18%.” 

So if you’re left wondering “Is a high five a sign of flirting?” you’re not alone! Imagine the things you could be missing out on. In this article, we’ll delve into playful touches to verbal cues to text flirting examples. We’ll basically make you an expert at how to tell if someone is hitting on you. You’ll be able to read the signs of flirting accurately, recognize subtle to obvious flirting signs in your interactions, and also — stop yourself from giving someone a hard time flirting with them unknowingly, without realizing the plight of their poor heart. 

What Are Different Styles Of Flirting?

Flirting is a way for individuals to express interest and attraction. Flirtatious behavior encompasses various styles and approaches, each with its distinct characteristics. Understanding these different styles can help you recognize and interpret the signs of attraction.

Ahead, we’ve added 11 great examples of flirting that show someone’s into you. Let’s make you an expert at what is considered flirting. From playful touching flirting style to subtle signs of expressing interest, we’ll uncover the secrets of seduction today. Here are some common flirting styles: 

1. Playful flirting

Is teasing a form of flirting? Is banter a sign of attraction? The answer is yes! Playful flirting involves lighthearted banter and teasing to create a fun atmosphere. Some teasing flirting examples are:

  • When someone lightly touches your arm or hand
  • When they subtly play with or adjust your hair
  • When a boy or a girl nudges you playfully — all three are examples of playful touching flirting style
  • Also, when they compliment you in a teasing/playful manner, especially when it makes you giggle or blush

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2. Sincere flirting

Sincere flirting is characterized by genuine compliments and an actual interest in the other person. In the next section, we have examples of flirting with a girl or boy where you genuinely appreciate their qualities and engage in sincere conversations.

Can you always make out if someone’s flirting with you?

3. Polite flirting

Polite flirting focuses on maintaining social etiquette while still conveying interest. Suggestive text messages are too soon for someone who’s into polite flirting. If you think a colleague has a crush on you, we’re sure they are dropping many flirting signs at workplace too. This style of flirting looks like this:

  • Giving someone a genuine beautiful compliment, especially when you’re alone with them
  • Engaging in a polite banter about their favorite movies and remembering those details

4. Bold flirting 

Bold flirting or aggressive flirting involves direct and assertive expressions of interest. Some aspects of the said boldness are:

  • Environment: You might notice a colleague’s flirting signs at the workplace. Pretty bold, considering the environment
  • Confidence: Someone may just be really confident and assertive in their approach as if flirting is second nature to them 
  • Gender: Imagine this, a girl nudges you in front of strangers in a place that you deem conservative. It is one of the clearest signs a woman is interested in you

A study found that cues signaling sexual availability were judged more effective when employed by women in short-term mating contexts. This means that in situations where the goal is a short-term relationship or encounter, women who signal their availability are perceived as more effective in their flirtation.

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5. Subtle flirting

Low-key flirting or coy flirtation relies on quieter cues and gestures to convey interest in someone. Subtle flirting is one of the most secret signs of male attraction, or the technique mostly used by shy women. There are many examples of subtle flirtation:

  • Prolonged eye contact or not being able to look their way at all
  • Glancing at someone when they are not looking at you
  • A light touch on the arm

11 Surprising Examples Of Flirting That Say Someone’s Into You

Recognizing when someone is flirting with you requires attentiveness to their behavior and an understanding of the psychology behind flirting. Flirting can be a subtle art, often manifesting in unexpected ways that signal someone’s interest. 

For instance, a Reddit user says “prolonged eye contact, especially with their chin tucked a little bit” is a classic sign of attraction, and can indicate that someone is captivated by you. Such subtle signs of flirting are lovely because they’re not just looking at you; they’re really seeing you. Similarly, light touches on your arm or back, even if seemingly accidental, can be a sign of flirtation. 

Here are 11 surprising examples of flirting that suggest someone’s into you. Remember, don’t jump to conclusions when you spot just one of these examples in your interaction with someone. Wait till they drop more hints.

Infographic on examples of flirting
If you didn’t know these are also considered flirting

1. They always ask for your opinion

Seeking your opinion goes beyond mere casual conversation. When someone consistently asks for your thoughts on various topics, it’s a clear indication that they hold your views in high regard. A study found that seeking advice can make a good impression. When someone asks for your opinion, it not only shows their respect for your perspective but also boosts their likability in your eyes. 

By involving you in decisions or discussions, whether they’re about significant life choices or everyday dilemmas, they’re subtly expressing a desire to intertwine their life with yours. This act of seeking input is a way of building trust, fostering intimacy, and creating a shared narrative. It’s a nuanced form of flirting where they’re signaling that your voice matters in their world, hinting at a deeper emotional bond and potential partnership. Three examples:

  • “What do you think about this shirt? Should I buy it?”
  • “Do you think I overreacted in this circumstance with my friend?”
  • “Should I invest money in this? I trust your opinion.”

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2. Their body language is flirtatious 

Maintaining open body language and prolonged eye contact are good indicators of someone’s romantic intention and attraction as they can create a sense of intimacy. Nonverbal cues play a pivotal role when it comes to conveying romantic or sexual attraction

A recent study has shed light on this phenomenon, revealing that our internal states, such as being romantically or sexually attracted to someone, can be non-verbally communicated through our facial expressions. This underscores how subtle facial cues can speak volumes, often more than words ever could. Examples of body language signs of attraction are:

  • Mirroring: When a person unconsciously imitates your behavior, gestures, or speech patterns, it’s a way of establishing rapport and showing empathy
  • Touching: Whether it’s a light touch on the arm or brushing against you, it can break the personal space barrier and show comfort and attraction
  • Open body language: Uncrossed arms or legs indicate receptiveness and interest
  • Leaning in: This is one of the examples of body language flirting. This gesture during conversation shows engagement and interest
  • Playing with hair: Or jewelry. These can be your subconscious signs of attraction toward someone
  • Facing you: Positioning themselves to face you directly, even in a crowded room, shows that their attention is focused on you

 3. Obvious flirting signs: In a room full of people, they’re attentive toward you

When someone listens to you attentively, participates actively, and exhibits genuine curiosity, it’s a clear indication of their interest and desire to form a deeper connection. This engaged listening goes beyond mere politeness. 

  • It’s about being fully present in the conversation, showing real interest in the other person’s thoughts and feelings
  • It’s about responding in a way that makes the other person feel heard and understood
  • This kind of attentive, involved listening is one of the subconscious signs of male attraction and one of the best ways women flirt as well 

So, if they are engrossed in your words and taking part in the dialogue with sincere interest, it is indicative of their attraction and is one of the signs that a guy is flirting with you or that a woman is into you.

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 4. They find a way to banter with you playfully

Engaging in playful banter is a strong example of what happens when someone finds you attractive and is interested in a romantic connection. It’s also one of the most subtle text flirting examples when two people have just started chatting on dating apps. Both individuals can express their charm and wit like this, making it a common and effective method of flirting. It creates a lighthearted and flirtatious atmosphere and is a commonly employed tactic. Here’s what it looks like:

  • It involves verbal flirting examples like exchanging witty remarks and playful comebacks: “Oh no, I forgot to get roasted peanuts for you. But I can roast YOU if you like.”
  • Sometimes, it includes light physical touch which is prolonged just enough to make you feel shy but not uncomfortable
Stories about flirting

5. They share their secrets with you 

Being vulnerable is a profound and intimate way women flirt, and men do too. It stands out distinctly among the myriad examples of flirting with a girl or a guy. When they choose to open up about their personal experiences, fears, dreams, or insecurities, it’s a clear sign of their attraction and trust toward the person they’re communicating with. This vulnerability isn’t about seeking sympathy but rather about building a deeper connection and showing genuine interest. 

Among the many flirting examples with a girl or a boy, this one builds a two-way street: They’re not only expressing their feelings but also inviting the other person to reciprocate and share their own vulnerabilities. It’s a subtle yet powerful sign that they’re looking for more than just a casual conversation. Recognizing this can provide insight into the intricate and nuanced ways women flirt and the way men show they are smitten with you, revealing the depth of emotion and connection they seek in relationships.

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6. They’re trying their best to make you laugh 

When it comes to recognizing flirtatious behavior, attentiveness to their actions is key. Using humor to make you laugh is a sign of their interest. Building intimacy through laughter, by sending memes, or through some light flirting on texts, is a common tactic. A study suggests that while men are perceived as more effective when they produce humor, both men and women benefit from appreciating humor in flirtation. Here’s how humor helps break the ice and thaw the heart:

  • It creates a welcoming, positive atmosphere
  • Shared laughter strengthens connections 
  • Making an effort to make you laugh helps build rapport and trust
  • Engaging in light teasing or playful banter adds a flirtatious element to the interaction

 7. They’re fidgety and nervous around you

This is a very underrated flirtatious behavior. If someone seems slightly nervous around you, it could be because they’re attracted to you and care about the impression they’re making. They’re trying to hide their liking so you might catch nervous flirting signs at the workplace. Two scenarios of such awkward, unintentional flirting:

  • You find them secretly looking at you, but they look away as soon as you look at them. They have trouble maintaining eye contact with you when you’re talking to them too
  • They seemed all confident and charming a moment before you entered the room, and now you’ve made them lose track of what they were saying as they fumble with their laptop. These are some of the funniest signs someone is flirting with you

8. They copy/mirror your mannerisms 

Mirroring, in the context of social interactions, refers to the subconscious replication of another person’s body language, gestures, speech patterns, or attitudes. It’s a fascinating way our brains naturally attempt to establish rapport with others. When two people are in sync, whether in a casual conversation, professional setting, or romantic encounter, they often find themselves mirroring each other’s behaviors without even realizing it.

So if you really want to know if a guy/girl likes you but is hiding it, keep an eye out for these signs. Because mirroring is a potent and subconscious sign that someone may be flirting with you. Here are the ways they might mirror you:

  • Subtle imitation: They might start to adopt your posture, gestures, or even your speech patterns
  • Synchronized movements: They’re adjusting their movements in sync with yours, such as taking a sip of their drink right after you do. It can be an indication of their heightened attention to your actions and a sign of their interest
  • Facial expressions: For instance, if you smile or look surprised, they might quickly exhibit the same expression, showing that they’re emotionally attuned to how you feel
  • Voice and tone: If someone starts to match the tone, pace, or pitch of your voice, it can be a sign that they’re trying to create a sense of intimacy and understanding

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9. They’re showering you with subtle compliments 

Flirting often involves verbal expressions that ignite sparks of attraction. Teasing and complimenting are verbal examples of flirting conversations that create a playful atmosphere. Here are examples of some bold texts to send to a girl or a boy:

  • “Sorry, I didn’t mean to stare at you today. Or at least didn’t think you’d catch me doing it.”
  • “I wish I lived in your city. You live too far away.”
  • Or genuine compliments that highlight your qualities and achievements: “You do so much. And you still manage to find a way to educate people about these social issues. I’m glad you exist.”
what is considered flirting
Genuine yet subtle compliments are a sign of flirting

10. Remembering small details — One of the most wholesome examples of flirting conversations

It is a hallmark of subtle flirtation, especially in the nuanced realm of the way men and women flirt. A  study found that infatuated individuals pay increased attention to their beloved and tend to remember even trivial things related to them. When someone recalls minor things you’ve mentioned in past conversations, it’s not just about them having a good memory; it’s a clear indication that they’re genuinely interested in you and are paying close attention to what you say. 

This attentive behavior is one of the signs that a man or woman is flirting with you. While grand gestures and overt compliments can be easily recognized, it’s these understated moments of real interest that often carry more weight. The act of remembering and referencing small details from previous interactions is a testament to their desire to connect on a deeper level

One Reddit user states that “a good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if they are going out of their way to do whatever it is that you’re perceiving as flirtatious. If they’re doing something to you that they don’t normally do to others, that’s a good hint.”

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11. You see them getting subconsciously jealous 

Slight jealousy is a complex emotion that often walks the line between concern and possessiveness. When someone exhibits subtle signs of discomfort or a change in mood upon hearing about other individuals you’re close to, it can be an indirect way of expressing their interest in you. Things to keep in mind about jealousy:

  • This reaction shouldn’t be about ownership or control
  • It should rather be a manifestation of their underlying feelings and the fear of potentially losing your attention or affection to someone else
  • It’s a vulnerable moment, revealing a depth of emotion that they might not openly communicate
  • This is one of the most common ways women and men flirt and they might not even realize they’re doing it
  • While overt jealousy can be problematic and indicative of deeper issues, these slight, fleeting moments of envy can be seen as a testament to their genuine care and interest in you

It’s essential to approach such situations with understanding and open communication to ensure that it doesn’t escalate into unhealthy behavior. Telling you to not meet a person or not letting you work with them – just because they are jealous – are NOT examples of flirting conversations.

Key Pointers

  • Flirting can take various forms, including playful touches, verbal cues, and text flirting
  • A study stated only 36% of men and 18% of women correctly detected flirting
  • Different styles of flirting can be playful, sincere, polite, bold, and subtle
  • Recognizing flirtatious behavior requires attentiveness to behavior and understanding the psychology behind flirting
  • Some examples of flirting include maintaining open body language, showering you with subtle compliments, trying to make you laugh, sharing secrets, engaging in playful banter, remembering small details about you, seeking your opinion, etc.

Flirting is a captivating dance that communicates romantic interest. Through body language, verbal cues, and openly flirtatious behavior, women and men flirt to express their attraction to one another. By understanding these cues, you can solve the ‘how to know when someone is flirting with you’ concern. Remember, flirting is meant to be enjoyable, safe, and lighthearted for both sides. Embrace the excitement, have fun, and let your authentic self shine.

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