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12 thoughtful first-night wedding gifts for your husband

Begin your new journey with a nice and thoughtful gift for your husband on the first-night.
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We have all heard about the first-night wedding gifts. The first night officially marks the beginning of a married life with your husband and you must make efforts to commemorate the occasion by buying a first-night wedding gift for your husband. Everything about the first night after marriage is unforgettable, the memories are etched forever. Why not make it more memorable by showering a gift or two to your husband?

In this article we will list the 12 best first-night wedding gift ideas for your husband so that you can make this already special night super special for both of you.

First-night gifts for husband

Gone are the days when only the husband was expected to gift something to the wife on the first night after the wedding. The trend nowadays is that the wife also buys gifts for the husband in order to express her love and affection towards him. You do not necessarily have to spend lavishly on the gifts, because it is the thoughtful gesture which will matter to your husband.

Keeping his likes and dislikes in mind is essential while purchasing the first-night wedding gift, because it shows how much you understand him and value his opinions. You can opt for either handmade gifts which you make yourself or you can buy gifts from local/online stores. It all depends on your convenience and your husband’s taste. What matters in the end is your act of appreciation and love towards your husband.

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12 best first-night wedding gifts for your husband

We advise you to take out time and make special efforts if you really want to make your husband feel cherished and loved on the first night after the wedding. In order to make things convenient for you, here are the 12 best first night wedding gift ideas for your husband that we think would turn out to be the most memorable for your husband.

1. Perfume/perfume set or cologne

Most men love to smell good and if your husband is one of them, then you must gift him a perfume or cologne. Select a perfume/cologne which has a mild yet long-lasting smell so that your husband and even the people around him can adjust to the smell without any difficulty. In addition, go for a branded perfume set or cologne, because these can never disappoint a person who has a fetish for good aroma.

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Shop for perfumes for your husband from online portals or walk-in exclusive stores.

2. Electronic gadgets

Just like diamonds are considered to be a woman’s best friend, in the same way electronic gadgets are considered to be a man’s best friend. Therefore, according to his hobbies and likes, you can either gift your husband the latest music player or external hard drive. In case he is someone who loves to travel, then you can give him a satellite phone or GPS enabled compass.

Go to this link to discover various options available for gifting.

3. Customised mugs

No doubt this is one of the simplest gift ideas, but it is very thoughtful. You will make an effort to specially customise a mug according to your husband’s preferences and perhaps add a personal message or photo of the two of you to it and then gift it to your husband. We are sure your husband will cherish such a customised mug forever.

Visit the much reputed Archies stores or other shop that specialise in this to order a personalised mug for your husband.

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4. Sexy briefs or knickers

You must have already prepared your sexy lingerie to sweep your husband off his feet. But what about your husband? He also should have the right to feel sexy on the first night after the wedding. So the best way to make him feel desirable is by gifting him sexy briefs or knickers and set the dice rolling for an intimate night between the two of you.

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You can get good options online as we as in malls and stores.

5. Jewellery pieces

Jewellery pieces such as rings, bracelets, watches, chains, etc. can be bought from giants like Titan and Caratlane for your husband according to his favourite colour or birthstone. Personalised jewellery pieces are also available in some specialty stores and you can opt for those as well. Remember, jewellery is not just an ideal gift for women, but also for men, especially on the occasion of the first night.

6. Fashion accessories

If your husband is a fashion buff who gives special attention to his appearance, then the best first night wedding gift for him would be fashion accessories such as ties, scarves, sunglasses, belts, hats, wallets, etc. Online portals such as Myntra has a lot of variety from which you can select the most suitable fashion accessory for your husband.

Or you can shop for the choicest fashion accessories for your husband from brick-and-mortar shops.

7. Exotic chocolates

Instead of the same old chocolates that are available locally, you can actually get hold of exotic and new chocolates from Bigbasket to gift your husband, as chocolates act as aphrodisiacs. These are perfect for an occasion like the first night after the wedding, as chocolates help set the mood and give you the opportunity to spice things up between the two of you.

But before you do that, make sure you know what he likes – bitter, nuts, fruits, or white chocolate.

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8. Grooming kit

Nowadays, men are very particular about their hygiene and put in a lot of effort to look presentable, because even women do not like men who are shabby. So you can gift a grooming kit to your husband in order to let him know that you appreciate the way he looks and that you consider him to be the most handsome person in the world.

9. Video games/Play Station

Whether your husband is a professional gamer or an ordinary man who just loves playing video games, the most appropriate gift for him would be either the latest video games or a Play Station. These gifts will show that you value his preferences and have accepted the kid in him as well. Visit specialized gaming zones and many other online stores to buy the best gaming console/video games for your husband.

But remember, this could be a tricky one as many men prefer to stay hooked to gaming in the nights!

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10. Gym equipment

In case your husband prefers a healthy lifestyle and goes to the gym on a regular basis or is thinking about joining a gym after marriage, then you can bring the gym home. Gift gym equipment like a treadmill, dumbbells and home gym kits that are available on in plenty online and offline. In order to make him happy and support him in the endeavour to be fit.

Make sure you consider the space available to make a home gym. And make it a point to join him working out, for couples who work out together also have a better bonding.

11. A romantic getaway

You can plan out a romantic getaway in advance so that you both can spend precious and unforgettable moments together with each other. You both will get time to know each other better and get comfortable with each other as well. You can gift him the tickets for the romantic getaway or a schedule of the getaway on the first night and take him by surprise. Surf online extensively to get an idea about the best romantic getaways in our country and abroad.

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12. A fun session at the spa

In order to make your married life more exciting and adventurous, you can book a fun session at the spa for both your husband and you. The special spa session will surely be something that your husband will look forward to and appreciate, especially after the hectic wedding schedule. Infact, take a step further and book a couple spa for a relaxing time together!

This is not an exhaustive list of best first-night wedding gifts for your husband. You can add more to the list. It is very necessary that you think out-of-the-box and twist the gifting ideas given in this article according to your wishes and creativity and your husband’s desires and needs. Remember, making your husband feel desired and cherished on the first night should be your top priority.

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  1. There are ample options these days available online and offline and choosing a gift for your partner on the first night is not difficult. All your pictures are impressive too. One thing to remember is that all these gifts are a waste if the first night does not go the way your hubby expects so know what he expects well before the day.

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