5 women share their disastrous date experiences

Ananyaa Bhowmik

Finding dates in India is tough. I do not mean that there are not enough men because having a lot of men is something India has excelled at. However, finding a good man to date is something that seems to come out of a fiction book.

There are good men out there of course, but, sometimes when I hear the experiences of the women around me, I am left with no hope. Here, are just some of the heartbreaking stories that I have heard.

1. Mixed drugs in my drink

Devanjali went out with a guy she had been talking to for six months. It was a well-lit bar, and they had a whisky together and chatted. It was a beautiful night, and the conversation was going well when Devanjali started feeling sleepy. It was one of those moments when her entire mind went blank. She could not focus on anything, and all she felt was this need to run. She excused herself to the bathroom and spent 3 hours there, crying and trying to reach one of her girlfriends who would come to get her.

When her girlfriend came, the guy had vanished, and Devanjali had to be rushed to a hospital. Two agonising days in the hospital later, she was told that she had been given a heavy dose of sedatives. It was one of those experiences that made her stay off dating for years afterwards.

2. Kept rubbing my legs

One of the awkwardest moments for Radhika was when the college senior she went on a date with, started feeling her leg from under the table. What’s worse is that about 30 minutes of touching her like that, he dropped a line about sex and started talking about it loudly. She spent an agonising 2 hours with the senior before a friend arrived to bail her out.

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3. Felt me up throughout our dance

A prom date is something we all want, right? It was one of those gala nights at a famous club, and Priya came out with her date, a college friend who had been flirting with her for a good two years. The first hour was okay and he was nothing but courteous. The trouble began when they started dancing. She could feel his hands sliding on her body, the entire time. It felt terrifying to the point that she was ready to run.

4. He wouldn’t let me leave the car

Shireen is someone I met on the internet. She is one of those pretty girls I aspire to be. However, this date had her shaken. A guy she had seen for a while, proposed for a long drive, and she was ready for that step. It started getting weird when he parked in a secluded place and asked her to kiss him. The car door was locked, and the AC was running, and she just stared. It was one of those things that made her innards go cold, so she gave in after a while. He was not done though. As soon as the request worked, he was sitting there with his pants open and gesturing. Shireen does not remember how she got back that night, except that pure revulsion made her open the gate and run. She cried for a solid three hours after the day ended.

5. He broke my nose

After a whole night of partying with a guy she had seen for a while, she felt like it was going well. However, the guy was drunk, and when the party was coming to an end, he kept asking her to accompany him to the bathroom. It was one of those moments that made Raji fear for her life, so she shouted. The bouncers came and rescued her. The ordeal didn’t end there. She went outside and called for an Uber. What she did not expect was the guy to come around swinging and punch her in the face. She blacked out and woke up in the hospital with a broken nose the next morning. The guy was put in jail for the night and bailed out in the morning. She recounts this as an experience why she doesn’t date anymore.

Watch out, women hate dating these kinds of men!

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