6 Signs You Have A Foodie Partner…And You Are Loving It!

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Updated On: December 27, 2023
Do you have a foodie partner?

Having a foodie partner is fun or a bane of your life? It is fun if you could be going out for dinner every weekend but it could be a pain if your foodie partner expects you to toss up exotic dishes every night for dinner. People have different views about being in a relationship with a culinary aficionado but fact remains food can bond couples.

Food is so much more than sustenance. It’s culture, history, ritual on a plate. How and what people eat can provide us with deep insight about them and where they come from. The old adage, the way to a man’s – amended to the way to a person’s heart – is through their stomach is not an exaggeration.

A person who loves food is a precious being, because not only do they know the best places in town, but also they are the easiest people to please. Give them something delicious and they will be filled with joy. And if you’re lucky to be married to someone who loves food then you’re going to have a delicious journey for the rest of your life. And you will enjoy every bit of it.

Who Is A Foodie Partner?

There are very few people in this world who don’t like food then how is a foodie partner different? If you are looking for the foodie partner meaning then let us tell you who it is.  If you have someone in your life who adores food, who doesn’t mind if the denims are getting too tight and who is willing to walk five miles from the subway to go to that small restaurant that’s serving authentic tribal cuisine, then you know you have got yourself a foodie partner.

A boon of having a foodie partner is they also love to cook and could be having a stash of cookbooks. They know the different flavours the herbs and spices lend to a recipe and they have probably experimented with every kind of world cuisine. They would tell you how the Japanese chicken satay is different from the Korean sesame chicken.

Life with a avid foodie will be an enticing culinary journey and you would get to know about the restaurants with the best views, the one with the coziest corner table and the ones that look humble but serve the best dishes. Chances are your friends would dial you up before making their dinner plans because they know the foodie partner rub off effect has happened.

6 Signs You’ve Married A Foodie Partner

Being married to a culinary aficionado is a lot of fun if you can keep up with their enthusiasm around food. Sometimes in a relationship couples have different eating habits then the trouble sometimes starts.

The husband could be a foodie and into non-vegetarian food while the wife could be a vegetarian. Then what do they do about their food habits?

Vinita Bakshi, an advertising professional, said, “My husband is a Bengali and totally into food and I am a vegetarian. But I feel it would be very unfair to dampen his enthusiasm so wherever we go I experiment with veg food and he goes all out for non veg. But we do have fun around food and that’s important.”

So what are the signs that you have a foodie partner? Check these 6 signs.

1. A foodie partner wouldn’t care about ambience

Your spouse cares more about the taste of the food in a restaurant, than the fancy ambience when you go on a date. They don’t care that there are plastic chairs and no cutlery. As long as you are next to them and the keema is perfectly seasoned, they’re having the best date of their lives.

These spouses also care more about the flavour of the popcorn than the ratings of the movie you are going to watch together. You could find it hilarious but that’s the truth of having an avid foodie in your life.

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Girl looking on phone while cooking
Your foodie partner is a good cook

2. Menu is the most important thing

Any function that you’re hosting, whether it is a house party or a puja at home your spouse always asks about the menu. They understand that having chicken tikka at a party is a sign of a good party, and that no puja is complete without the mithai from your local halwai.

They are the reason your functions are well catered, to be honest. And by the way they would be willing to pay through their nose to get the best food. Or could even spend the whole day in the kitchen to make it themselves. They are really proud of the food they serve and want it to be the talking point.

3. A foodie partner always has the next meal on their mind

Every meal in your house eventually ends up being a discussion about what the next meal will consist of. Be careful, if your spouse is not the only person who’s asking this question, you may have married into a family of foodies!

Let’s face it a foodie partner is always thinking of food and meal times are what they are always looking forward to. They usually do not prefer bland food. Even if they are having a salad they would know the right sauces and seasoning to make it interesting.

4. Food dominates their Insta feed

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Your spouse’s Instagram is dominated by pictures of you two, your pet and/or kids and food. Okay, to be honest, it’s just that one picture of you two with your pet, the rest are shots of the meals they had. Food is the central point of your spouse’s world and you have to just tag along with it.

And yes when you are at a restaurant they could be clicking the food from diverse angles first before you get to dig in. So a whole lot of patience is what you need to cultivate.

5. Are they “hangry”?

You know something is seriously wrong when they say they don’t want to eat. They also will be susceptible to being ‘hangry’ more often than others. Hangry is a wonderful word which explains what a majority of foodies experience. Anger brought on by hunger.

The fastest way to calm them down is to offer them their favourite treat and hope for the best. That’s another good thing about having a foodie partner.

At any point if you are in the midst of a heated argument you could offer them something as simple as a pack of potato chips or some homemade brownies and their anger would dissipate like floating clouds. You could also get them to see your point.

Wife feeding her husband with love
If they are angry or upset food changes their mood instantly

6. They love a foodie gift

When you can count on them to give more thought to the food you two order in a restaurant than your anniversary gift. Remember, giving them food or some kind of kitchenware for the anniversary is always the best idea. Imagine the look on their face when you bring home the best brownie in town as a surprise.

Chances are all they would want is a treat at a fave place for any special occasion. That way you don’t have to spend on the diamond ring or the Rado watch. You know what makes them happy and that gift isn’t that expensive.

PS. While it is true that being married to a foodie can mean you’ll be centring your life around how to eat and what to eat, it does lend a certain level of positivity and creativity to the relationship. Yes of course, as long they don’t expect you to slog at the kitchen after coming home from work.

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