20 Easy Yet Effective Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

make your husband happy

You are here because you want to make your husband happy. You want to make him happy because you have realised something is amiss in your marriage. And you love him, you care, and that’s why you want to know how you can work on bringing a smile on his face.

Has the initial period of love and bliss started to wear off from your married life? Have you thought; maybe one of the reasons behind this is that you are not really making efforts to make your husband happy? To ensure that your bond remains strong and your relationship keeps sailing smoothly, you should find out ways to keep not only yourself happy but also your partner happy. It is always better to keep him happy, instead of dealing with an unhappy husband which in the process can make your married life miserable.

20 Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

There are plenty of ways to make your husband feel loved, but it is important to make sure that you know him inside and out so that your efforts can count and make a valuable contribution to your marriage.

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To keep your marriage exciting and fresh, below are the 20 ways to make your husband happy and to make your marriage prosper in the best manner possible.

1. Dress up especially for him

Dress up especially for him

Dress up for him Image source

Everyone wants to look best in front of their partner; you should keep this in mind. Make an effort to dress nicely even if there is no occasion and you are just going to the mall or grocery shopping. Sometimes to pep things up, wear sexy clothes to make him attracted towards you and to let him know that you have groomed yourself just for him. Hope you have that LBD and sexy choli with the chiffon saree handy all the time.

2. Work on the romance

After years of marriage romance usually takes a back seat because of all the responsibilities on your shoulder. This is understandable but you must always try to keep the love and romance alive in your marriage, then only you both will feel connected and make your bond stronger with time.

Light those candles when he is back from work, plan on home decor and travel together. Stay in bed late on Sundays, binge watch on Netflix or just go for a late night walk and make sure to hold hands. All these gestures will indeed make your husband happy and elated.

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3. Give priority to sex life

When the family responsibility increases and you have kids to look after, then usually you tend to forget about the sexual needs of your man and you do not give priority to your sex life. If you are in a joint family, keeping romance alive can be challenging. Remember, it is not like your man needs your physical proximity at all times, but keeping your sex life interesting and happening will go a long way in making your relationship worth it.

Get into the bath together and light some aroma candles in there, go for sexcations, read up on new poses and sex toys. You can’t ever let sex slip out of your life and responsibilities take over. If you have to make your husband happy be eager – it could be just a peck on the cheeks or a fiery session between the sheets. But make him feel you want it.

4. Give him some personal space as well

Give him some personal space as well

Give your husband some personal space Image source

Sure, he is your husband and he is all yours. However, there are times when he would need some personal space and time. Keep note of the signs he needs some space and never try to bother him for unnecessary things when he requires peace of mind.

5. Book that special corner table

You know that fine dining restaurant is expensive. But you also know they serve the best wine and lobster and have the most romantic corner table. Save up if you need to, ditch shopping for a month and take his breath away by a surprise reservation, just like that. Then see his expression and you will feel happy that you made him happy.

6. Learn to cook that spaghetti meatball

It is rightly said that food is the way to a man’s heart. But you were never a confident cook. YouTube’s there, so are recipe books. Toss up that perfect spaghetti meatball, carbonara pasta or just that aloo paratha and see him licking his fingers at the dinner table. There’s a strange satisfaction making your husband happy with your cooking. Just experience that.

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7. Appreciate him for anything he does for you

Appreciate your husband

Appreciate your husband Image source

Small or big-whatever he does for you, appreciate it. Even if you say a simple ‘thank you’ that will be enough for him. He would love to hear words of appreciation from your mouth now and again because it shows that you are noticing the efforts he is making to keep you happy.

8. Do not shy away from expressing your love

Occasionally, kiss him, hug him or cuddle with him. Sometimes, you can even send lovey-dovey text messages to him to make his day special. Sending him videos of songs special to both of you can be another way of expressing your love to him. Let him know that you are happy being married to him and you love him a lot.

9. Exude positivity and happiness

You are his soul mate, so it is extremely important for him that you are happy. If you are not happy, the whole home will be dull and he will not like it. Try to smile and greet him when he comes home. It is something he will always look forward to.

10. Try to speak kindly

Be kind to him

Be kind to him Image source

Talk in a kind and affectionate tone with your husband. When he comes home and you are at home greet him warmly and politely. Never speak loudly or in a rude tone. But this should be reciprocated with same amount of politeness from your husband’s side as well.

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11. Cheer him up

After spending the whole day at work and coming back home all dull and tired, the husband usually wants love and affection from his partner. Just ask him how he spent the day, how was work and create an environment which helps him to unwind.

Sharing work stories are a great way to share your work day and in case he is upset for not getting that promotion or that raise, just let him know you are always there to stand by him. Bring out that bottle of wine and cheer him up.

12. Respect his decisions

You should always respect his decision and stand with him whenever he needs you. If he is doubtful regarding his decision then talk to him and give him useful advice as his responsible partner. Even if he is wrong, try to help him understand how his decision can go wrong and allow him to sort it out on his own.

13. Be honest with him

If there is something which you do not like about him or anything else is disturbing you, try to confront him about it. Communication gap is the major reason for an unhappy marriage and may lead to divorce. So, always try to be honest with each other and share your thoughts.

14. Try love letters and sticky notes

Love notes to make your husband happy

Love notes to make your husband happy Image source

Rekindle the love and affection by writing love letters or small love notes to him. Slip them in his shirt pocket or other places where he can find it. Little gestures like this will make your marriage stronger and surely make him happy. Leave sticky notes on the fridge, on the laptop, on the TV and see the effect.

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15. Take interest in his hobbies

If he likes to play a sport or dance, then join him for such activities. When you show interest in his hobbies, he will feel glad about it.

16. Make his family your family

For him his family is important and if you make efforts to form a bond with his family, he will feel loved. Take your in-laws out for dinner and try to mingle with them as and when possible because your husband will really like and appreciate this. Keep in touch with his siblings and cousins, call them on special occasions and give them gifts. He will be happy to know you care so much. You are now one of them, so it will really make your husband happy to see that you are also behaving like one of them.

17. Do household chores together

Do household chores together

Share the load of household chores Image source

At times share the responsibility of household chores. Do not keep telling him not to do this or that. Let him help you, in his own little ways and watch the satisfaction on his face. When he gets a chance to help you out at home, he will feel more connected to you.

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18. Go for vacations

Plan a random visit to a place your husband would love to go. Make all the arrangements for the same and then give him a big surprise.

19. Buy him innerwear

If he can buy you sexy lingerie you can also get him sexy innerwear. Buy him some and see his reaction. Go with what he likes- the pops, the dots, the hearts – trust me you are spoilt for choice. You can ask him to model him for you, in his new innerwear! Why just innerwear, the fact is, he would love it if you buy him just any gift. Just go ahead and pamper him with gifts.

20. Most importantly, trust him

To make a relationship strong, trust should always be there between the partners. Make sure you let your husband know that you trust him and will never break his trust and expect the same from him. You will make your husband happy simply by believing him and not doubting him uselessly.

We assure you that the above mentioned steps are simple to follow and can work their magic on your husband without any hassle. Do your bit and see how your marriage becomes a dream come true.


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