25 Easy Yet Effective Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

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Updated On: February 8, 2024
make your husband happy and love you more

Marriage is a beautiful institution that brings two people together. However, what keeps the two people together forever is an equal and constant effort. If you are beginning to feel that your husband is not being showered with the love he deserves, there are many ways in which you can make your husband happy and love you more.

So, if you think he’s been investing a lot into your relationship but you have been lagging behind, this article is for you. To ensure that your bond remains strong and your relationship keeps sailing smoothly, we bring you some foolproof tips on how to make your husband happy.

25 Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

Let’s be honest – most men aren’t very expressive. It can be hard to read when he needs some extra dose of love and attention. However, why wait for him to express?  You can make your husband happy when he seems sad or frustrated which will showcase that you know and understand him.

There are plenty of ways to make your husband feel loved. First of all, knowing him inside out is a great start already, and makes a valuable contribution to your marriage. You don’t want to reach a stage where you have to deal with an unhappy husband. To keep it exciting and fresh, below are 25 tips on how to make your husband happy and to make your marriage prosper:

1. Dress up, especially for him

It is one of the easiest things a person can do to make their husband happy. Make an effort to dress up nicely on occasion. Sometimes to spice things up, wear sexy clothes to attract him toward you so that he knows you have groomed yourself just for him. Do you remember how you used to dress up for your first dates? ( Hope you have that little black dress or that perfect gentleman’s suit handy…*wink wink*) 

Try and bring that spark, care, and excitement back through the way you dress. Take him somewhere that is special to the both of you where you can show off your love AND that outfit. How do you know your husband is happy? You just know that when he can’t take his eyes off you.

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2. Work on the romance to keep your husband happy

Who says romance has to die after marriage? Obviously, the weight of responsibilities buries that puppy love and dreamy romance. But that’s all the more reason to work hard in reigniting the sparks. That’s how you can make your husband happy and make him love you more.

Surprise him with a mid-week candlelight dinner, or leave handwritten notes all around the house for him to find. Romance doesn’t need to be extravagant. Small gestures of love are enough to make your husband feel special.

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3. Prioritize your sex life

When family responsibilities increase and you have kids to look after, you tend to forget about your sex life. Keeping romance alive if you are living in a joint family can be all the more challenging. It’s not like your man needs your physical proximity at all times, but keeping your sex life interesting and happening will go a long way in strengthening your relationship. 

On days when you are wondering – what can I do to make my husband happy – get into the bath together and light some aromatic candles. You can also take a sexcation, and read up on new positions and sex toys. Whether it is a small peck on the cheek, or fireworks between the sheets, maintaining physical intimacy is one of the best ways to make your man happy. 

4. Give him some personal space as well

Sure, he is your husband but you can’t refuse him his personal space and follow him everywhere — whether that’s literally or on social media. Keep note of the signs he needs some space and don’t bother him when he requires peace of mind. We all need to regulate our systems when it gets too overwhelming.

We have different thresholds for stress and different capacities for what we can take in a day. Remember that when he seems ‘distant’. Before you feel left out or rejected, try thinking about if he really is an emotionally distant spouse or just needs some good, old space at times in order to function better for his own sake and for yours. 

5. Book that special corner table

Romance doesn’t need a special occasion. You can make your husband happy and love you more by showing that his emotions matter to you. If you have been noticing that your partner is under stress, make him feel special by taking him out to his favorite restaurant. It will give you both a chance to communicate and your partner might end up sharing what’s on his mind. A good meal will not only help him relax, but the change of scenery and a loving spouse will also help him recharge. 

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6. Learn to cook his favorites 

make him feel special by giving him space

It is rightly said that food is the way to a man’s heart. But if you have never been much of a chef, don’t worry. YouTube’s here. And so are various recipe books. If you have a foodie partner, toss up that perfect spaghetti with meatballs or carbonara pasta which he loves, and see him licking his fingers at the dinner table. There’s a strange satisfaction in making your husband happy with your cooking. 

“We were on a downhill path in our marriage. It was extremely unsettling to see someone you love looking lost. He used to cook for us all the time. That’s when I decided I’ll learn how to cook. It started as a whim but became a much-needed ritual for both of us. Now we even cook together and it’s given us that bridge back to our love that we were both looking for,” shares Ian, 35, who has been happily married to his partner for 6 years. 

7. Appreciate him for what he does for you

Sometimes, the simplest thing a spouse can do to make their husband happy is to appreciate him. Little or big — whatever he does for you, appreciate it. We forget to do that in long-term relationships. Even if you say a simple “thank you” sincerely, that will be enough for him. If you shower appreciation on your husband, he will know that you are noticing the efforts he is making to keep you happy.

8. Do not shy away from expressing your love

Occasionally, kiss him, hug him, or cuddle with him. Sometimes, you can even send cute texts to your man during the day to make him feel special. Sending him videos of songs special to both of you can be another way of expressing your love for him. Let him know that you are happy being married to him and you love him a lot. When he is far, send him a love letter or a sexy picture to show him how much you miss him. 

An old friend, Meryl, once shared with me the story of how her husband reminded her to be more vocal about her love. She said, “I remember when I recently told my husband that I love him a lot, he reacted with surprise. He told me that I hadn’t said it in so long, that it’s usually him who says it, and I just respond to it. That was a real eye-opener. I decided I must change things right away.” 

9. Exude positivity and happiness

This can only work if you are truly happy. ‘Fake it till you make it’  is not the strategy here. Sometimes, we tend to be grumpy in front of those we love the most and keep our smiles on for others. If that’s the case, change that. It is important to him that you are happy. If you are not, the whole home will be dull for him. Smile and greet him when you see him after work. It is something he will always look forward to.

You can make your husband happy when he is sad by simply keeping a positive environment in the house. If both of you are sad together, it doesn’t help anyone. Words of positive affirmation or a hug when he seems down can go a long way. Remember, you can only make a happy home as a happy spouse. 

10. Try to speak kindly

Talk in a kind and affectionate tone with your husband. Speak to him warmly and politely. Try to not speak loudly or in a rude tone. But this should be reciprocated with the same amount of politeness from your husband’s side as well. You should refrain from saying hurtful things to him, especially after a tiresome day as it is bound to make him upset.

If you’re both tired after a long day at work, it’s best to be honest, and tell him you’re tired and unable to muster the energy to communicate instead of snapping at him. Honesty helps manage expectations too.

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11. Cheer him up

If his work has been stressing him out lately, and you can see he’s been spending long hours at work, it’s time to make your husband feel special. He might feel dull and tired, but try to support him through his stress. 

Exchanging work stories is a great way to share your day. If you think there is financial stress in your relationship, ease that through honest conversations. In case he is upset about not getting that promotion or raise, just let him know you are always there to stand by him. You can even bring out that bottle of wine and suggest watching a movie he likes.

12. Respect his decisions

How do you know your husband is happy? Anyone who is in a relationship where there is mutual respect and support is a happy person. When he’s trying to work out for the future of the family, and planning finances or work accordingly, try to respect his decisions. If you disagree, express it gently and with curiosity instead of with dismissal and judgment. One of the keys to making your husband happy and love you more is to show that it is a marriage of equals. 

13. Be honest with him

If there is something that you do not like about him or there’s something else bothering you, try to talk to him about it. Lots of couples make communication mistakes and this is the major reason for an unhappy marriage and may even lead to a divorce. So, always try to be honest with each other and share your thoughts.

Many people are scared of this direct approach, which is understandable. All of us have different reactions toward conflicts and deal with them differently. At Bonobology, we offer professional help through our panel of licensed advisors who can help you embark on a path toward recovery. 

14. Try love letters and sticky notes

Rekindle the love and affection by writing love letters or small love notes to him. Slip them into his shirt pocket or other places where he can find them. These are the little things that can make your marriage stronger and will make him feel cherished by you. Leave sticky notes on the fridge, laptop, and TV and see the effect they have on him as they brighten up his day.

Your love notes can be sex-themed and they can build up through the day so he knows what to look forward to at night. These little notes could also include compliments like, “I value your presence in my life”, “I am so grateful that we met on <insert the date>!”, “You have the most beautiful smile I’ve seen”, and even “Let’s make out when we see each other next.”

on Husbands

15. Take interest in his hobbies

If he likes to play a sport or dance, then join him in these activities. When you show interest in his hobbies, it will uplift his spirits and it will be a bonding activity for you both as well. Tara, an office colleague, once asked us, “What can I do to make my husband feel happy?” Another colleague gave an insightful answer to this. 

She said, “My husband loves playing tennis on Sundays. I didn’t. However, I wanted to spend more time with him on weekends so I started going with him. Now, we have an intense match every weekend and we look forward to that time for the whole week. It has made him so happy and also helped us unlock a new level of comfort in our relationship. He’s even started taking interest in the things I’m passionate about.”

16. Make his family your family

For him, his family is important. If you make an effort to form a bond with his family, you can instantly make your husband feel happy and love you more. There are many effective ways of dealing with your in-laws, like taking them out for dinner, getting them thoughtful gifts, calling them regularly to check in on them, and mingling with them whenever possible because your husband will really like and appreciate this. 

Keep in touch with his siblings and cousins, call them on special occasions, and give them gifts. He will be happy to know you care so much. You are now one of them, so he will appreciate your efforts toward his loved ones. 

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17. Do household chores together

Share the responsibility of household chores. Do not micromanage by telling him not to do this or that. Let him do his part, in his own little ways, and watch the satisfaction on his face. When he gets a chance to do his bit at home, he will feel more connected to you.

Try some fun recipes to cook together. It is always a great bonding experience for couples. So go grocery shopping together for some fancy ingredients and get cooking together. Set the table for a cozy candlelight dinner and see the magic happen. Now, this is how to make a husband happy and love you more.

18. Go for a vacation

Make Your Husband Happy
Go for a vacation

Make your husband feel special by planning a random visit to a place he would love to go. Make all the arrangements for the trip and then give him a big surprise. This is bound to make him ecstatic and give him a well-deserved break from the usual activities, work, and humdrum of life. You can plan a vacation full of adventure and hikes, or a laidback one at a luxury destination. Get as creative as you want to ensure your man is relaxed and satisfied.

19. Spoil him with gifts

If he can buy you sexy lingerie, you can also get him sexy innerwear. Buy him some and see his reaction. Go with what he likes – the pops, the dots, the hearts – trust me, you are spoilt for choice. You can even ask him to model for you in his new outfit! In fact, he would love it if you buy him just any gift. Go ahead and pamper him with presents and treat your husband like a king.

20. Don’t try to change him 

Making comparisons between your partner and other men will only infuriate and annoy him. He will consequently become resentful and distant. You will drive your husband away from you if you try to shape him into the person you want him to be. Comparisons are one of the biggest unhappy marriage signs, so stop expecting your man to become like your friend’s husband because that is not the man you married. In order to make your husband happy and love you more, you need to show him that you love him for who he is. 

21. Don’t be a nagging spouse

Every husband’s biggest nightmare is a nagging spouse. You are misguided if you think that bugging your husband would make him a better person. Never pester him if you want to make him happy. You might have genuine issues up your sleeve which you wish to let him know about, but there’s a time, method, and tone that you need to keep in mind.

22. Don’t play the blame game 

A happy spouse makes a happy home. A happy spouse also doesn’t rush to accuse or blame their partner. Your husband might stumble or act carelessly, or he might forget to do something. When this occurs, be patient and don’t be harsh with him. Make him aware of his error and gently tell him a better way of doing something.

23. Don’t cling to minor problems 

Keep your mind off small irritations if you want to make your husband happy and love you more. Many marriages end in divorce for trivial reasons. Avoid exaggerating little concerns and turning them into major problems. Put it behind you and concentrate on the positive aspects.

24. Make your husband your best friend 

Most couples forget that beneath love and romance, the foundation of a relationship is friendship. Show him that he is your best friend. Have long gossip sessions, get goofy together, and play pranks on each other. Such things make a marriage more fun and sustainable. 

25. Most importantly, trust him

Trust in a relationship makes it stronger. Make sure you let your husband know that you trust him and that you will never break his trust, and expect the same from him. You will make your husband happy and love you more simply by believing him and not doubting him at every step.

If you both have been through a mutual deficit of trust for any reason, there are many ways to rebuild it. There are even trust exercises for couples to improve relationships. You can seek a therapist too. Many couples go through this, so don’t think you’re alone.

We assure you that the above-mentioned steps are simple to follow and can work their magic on your husband without any hassle. Do your bit and see how your marriage becomes a dream come true.

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