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A royal princess, but Duryodhana’s daughter had a tragic life

She was beautiful and skilled and had a childhood sweetheart she was going to marry, until suddenly she was kidnapped and her life changed forever
Duryodhan daughter Lakshmana

Princess of Hastinapura. Daughter of the Crown Prince, Lakshmana was adored since birth. Her twin brother Lakshman and she had charmed lives…but perhaps no fairy tale lasts forever.

She was the apple of Duryodhana’s eye, but her father was also the man who had manipulated his cousins into losing their inheritance, tried to murder them by fire and when that failed, used gambling to humiliate their wife, Draupadi, and send them to exile for 14 years. All this was to cause upheavals in Lakshmana’s life, though she knew it not.

Her father was bad. Whispers ran around the palace of his cruel acts but her mother Bhanumati did not let the gossip graze her children. Her husband might have been truly evil, but he was a good husband and a brilliant father. And in the end that was what mattered.

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  1. You know i never gave much thought to her till I read this piece…it is so refreshing and also makes us think how we completely ignore some characters.

  2. While reading this story, my heart kept cracking. Yet I wondered how many hells of pain it must have been for Lakshmana , a princess I never knew before even though I have been reading stories of Mahabharata all these years. I can’t imagine the extent of her sorrow.

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