Twin Flame Reunion – Clear Signs And Stages

twin flame reunion
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Greek Mythology tells a tale of the birth of the “twin flame”. Humans were powerful – born with four arms, four legs, and a head with two faces. Greek God Zeus felt intimidated by their power and split them into two, leaving humans to spend an eternity seeking their twin flame reunion with the other half of their broken soul.

Have you ever felt an intense connection with someone like you have never experienced before? Or an intense longing for someone who you didn’t even know. They most probably are your twin flame. Twin flames are believed to be the other half of your broken soul. That is why you feel an intense bond with them.

Meeting your twin flame is a powerful, emotional, and spiritual experience. Such relationships are both challenging as well as nurturing because of the way your twin flame mirrors you. Your twin flame is your reflection, and meeting them consolidates your energy as well as intensifies your weaknesses. This is why they are also called your “mirror soul”.

What Is A Twin Flame Reunion?

Reunion – because you were once one. A whole. You were a single entity before you were divided into two and doomed to live separate lives yearning for each other. This is why the meeting of the twin flames is called a reunion – becoming whole again.

It is also possible that you have met your twin flame in the past or crossed paths. But those weren’t the right circumstances or the right time, which is why you couldn’t unite with them. In this case too, meeting them again after feeling a deep soul connection with them is termed a reunion.

But the most accepted understanding of the term ‘twin flame reunion’ has to do with the twin flame reunion stages of the completion of the cycle. The journey of the twin flame reunion is usually a journey of 8 stages. These twin flame reunion stages are:

  • Yearning for “the one”: You have a deep realization that a part of you is missing. You miss them and seek them. You are yearnful
  • Meeting or catching a glimpse: You meet them. You have found “the one”. Maybe in real life, or even in your dreams or visions. You get a chance to know who your twin flame is. You are ecstatic
  • Falling in love: You fall in love with them. Because they are a reflection of you, falling in love with them is not only easy but feels natural. You are in love
  • The relationship: You both get to know each other and eventually end up in a relationship. This is inevitable.The relationship is perfect because you both are meant to be. You are overjoyed
  • The challenge: Your twin flame is just like you, which means that you both not only share the same strengths, you also have the same shadow self. Your twin flame forces you to face your weaknesses. You feel confused and upset
  • The chase: The relationship gets too intense to handle. One of you runs away, the other chases.This running can take any form – addiction, stonewalling, breaking up. You are desperate
  • The surrender: You are tired of running. You can’t stop yearning for them again. But you come to terms with the challenge. You feel you have grown and learned from the challenges. This period can take the longest. Years for some. You feel at peace
  • The Reunion!: This is what you had been waiting for. It happens when you and your twin flame are on the same vibrational level. It feels like coming home. It’s a dream long-term relationship. You feel joyful

What Is The Angel Number For Twin Flame Reunion?

Numerology attaches far more value to each number than its sheer numeric value. According to numerology, each number has a vibrational frequency or energy. Sequences of numbers serve as signs from your higher self, your angels, the spirits of your ancestor, whatever you may call it. These angels try to nudge you into the direction of your dreams.

Angel numbers are exactly that — sequence of numbers that hold in them a certain code from your angels. Do you often chance upon a set of repeating numbers? A 11:11 that you tend to notice the most on your digital clock? A 1212 birthdate? If a sequence of numbers often catches your attention, your guiding angels might be cheering you up. Sometimes, a set of numbers, which is very unique to a person, such as their date of birth, may work as their angel number.

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There are many angel numbers for twin flame reunions. They are numbers that indicate various things about the nearing of your twin flame reunion. 1111 is one of the most popular twin flame reunion numbers. It represents the duality of the twin flames and shows their cosmic connection and alignment in harmony.

1212 angel number for twin flame reunion holds special value. It indicates that you are about to cross paths with your twin flame and that you should continue on your spiritual path. This twin flame reunion number is like a green light to the journey toward twin flame reunion.

twin flame test

Another important sequence is the 333 angel number for twin flame reunion. A combination of the divine and ever-powerful number 3, it tries to reinforce in you the harmony and alignment you have with your twin flame. It encourages you to reunite with them.

With a 1 nestled between two 7s, 717 reminds you that your angels are protecting you in the hardship that you are facing in the journey toward your twin flame reunion. It advises you to stay patient.

555, 777, 414, 9696 – all these twin flame reunion numbers hold similar as well as different meanings depending on the challenges you are facing in anticipation of the reunion. Whether it is a sign of intense attraction or something else, what it means for you will be a unique interpretation meant solely for your unique situation.

12 Signs Of Twin Flame Reunion

When you first meet your twin flame, you feel a connection with them. You want to know them. You might even enter into a relationship with them. The relationship feels like nothing you have ever felt before. But you must go through a period of turmoil, always followed by a period of separation, physical or emotional.

This period of turmoil and separation spiritually prepares you two to become your best selves, to be able to connect with each other again. It’s a period of cleansing for your inner self. You both gradually become ready in the eyes of the Divinity to be together again. It is then that the Universe or God leads you to your spouse or the special one.

The moment before you reunite with your twin self can be starred and dotted with signs from the Universe that your moment of twin flame reunion is coming closer. Some of these twin flame reunion signs could be:

1. You know it in your gut

You know it in your gut as you get close to your twin flame reunion. By this time in your journey, your intuitive sense is well-developed. Moreover, you have become energetically aligned with your twin flame.

So when the time nears, you know it instinctively, you can feel it. This feeling that your twin flame is just around the corner may seem like a vague twin flame reunion sign, but it will feel like such an intense emotional connection that you wouldn’t doubt it.

2. You dream about the twin flame reunion

Dreams and visions are a glimpse into our subconscious. And the realm of our subconscious mind is infinite. Reading dreams or interpreting their symbols and meanings is an important part of all cultures. Dreams are outlets of our deepest thoughts and emotions we either aren’t aware of, or unconsciously push away.

Your dream could be an outlet for your intuition, if you otherwise find it hard to follow your gut. It could also be a telepathic connection. Which is why dreaming about your twin flame reunion could be a huge sign that you are closer to them.

twin flame reunion signs
Seeing a couple of swans could be a sign of a nearing twin flame reunion

3. You can’t stop thinking about them

When you feel attracted to your twin flame your thoughts always shift toward them no matter what you are working on. It happens every time. You don’t need to have heard from them, or hear about them from someone. It might have been a long time since you saw them. You might have a lot on your plate. But still, your attention always shifts back to them.

Since you are energetically linked to your twin flame, the twin flame reunion is always preceded by your mind being taken over by their thoughts, even without any clear reason or explanation. You could be engrossed in something completely unrelated but as if by magic, your mind wanders back to them. You get a feeling that the Universe is preparing you to be reunited with them.

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4. You see twin flame angel numbers

Angel numbers that provide guidance and reassurance that you are on the right path and that the twin flame reunion is near, start to appear everywhere around you. Your guiding angels try to nudge you in the right direction. They might be giving you support, asking you to be patient, helping you in the journey to your much anticipated twin flame reunion.

1111, 717, 333, 69, 9696, 1212 – all have unique meanings. You might feel intuitively connected to a certain sequence that’s special to you. If you begin to see it often, remember that Divinity is by your side and wants nothing else but to reunite you with your twin flame.

5. You see other signs and symbols of twin flame reunion

Just like angel numbers, your eyes have been chancing upon symbols of eternal union of the spirit, time and again. These symbols could be a couple of swans, the pisces symbol, the symbol of infinity, yin and yang, the number 8 that looks like the symbol for infinity.

If you sense that you share a spirit animal with your twin flame, chancing upon the animal can serve as a sign that you might be nearing your twin flame reunion. A sign can be something that holds meaning to you as an individual and that you begin to see frequently.

6. You can’t explain your emotions

There are so many emotions that you feel, whose root or cause you can’t seem to put a finger on. You feel patient, even though you should feel otherwise waiting for the reunion. You feel a surge of self-love. Why wouldn’t you? After all, your twin flame is a reflection of your own self. You feel extreme exhilaration at times but you do not know why.

If you have started feeling a plethora of emotions that you have no direct reason for, it might be an indication that your soul, your intuition, your self, has sensed the reunion even when the conscious you, that is your ego, hasn’t.

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7. You feel like you have already reunited

When the time for twin flame reunion nears, it might start to feel like it has already happened. You might expect to feel exhilaration, but what you feel is a sudden sense of familiarity, like it has already happened.

Before it happens in the real physical world, your reunion with them has already happened in the astral metaphysical realm. You begin to share a positive relationship with them. The sureness you feel makes you feel calm and centered.

8. You are drawn to certain places

You feel an urgent pull to certain places at certain times. You’ll feel that something is trying to lead you to a place that either reminds you of your twin flame, or the Universe is trying to get you to cross paths with them again.

This feeling of wanting to go somewhere without any logical explanation to that desire, is a strong indication you are nearing your twin flame reunion. If you get this feeling, do not ignore it. It is one of the strangest twin flame reunion signs to have faith in, but many twin flames have sworn by it.

9. You interact with them at a deeper level

You start having experiences where you interact with them beyond the physical realm. Many twin flames report having seen the same dreams before their twin flame reunion. When you repeatedly dream about your crush, and do so in an intense manner it may mean that you are nearing the reunion.

You might see the same dreams, or visualize them and interact with them in a session of meditation in a way that feels very intense and real – like something you have never experienced before.

10. You feel a spiritual growth in you

The twin flame reunion journey is a journey of self-growth after all. You come to realize as you await the reunion, that the challenges you had to face were in preparation for the person you had to become. This realization can be extremely calming, leading you to feel at peace.

As your twin flame union approaches, you feel more certain of your destiny. You feel sure of your future. You understand that things are happening for you with divine timing and there is not much that you can control. Finding yourself in an improved mental state, you learn to let go. This state of mind can be a very powerful twin flame reunion sign.


11. You develop patience like never before

You are not just any lover, you are a twin flame. In fact, like a diamond, you have been put under infinite pressure and carved into this new person. Even though it can be incredibly hard to let go, you don’t feel the urge to seek validation from anyone about your journey. You don’t feel impatient.

You go about your life with this knowledge that the reunion will happen. A sense of surety begins to replace the restlessness you felt earlier. You know your twin flame is just around the corner, and will be with you when the time is right. Do we even need to tell you that the time to reunite with the other half of your own soul is nearing?

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12. You already feel whole

Ultimately, the journey toward twin flame reunion is about yourself. In a way, the entire journey and everything you went through, from yearning to falling in love, to the troubles and the separation – you faced these so you could face your own shadow self and learn to navigate your own dark side. It was so you know yourself better.

You only become ready for the twin flame reunion when you have succeeded in that endeavor. You feel like you are “ready” only when you reach that level of healing. This means that you already feel whole. You will have them again in your life, you will reunite, but you don’t yearn for it anymore – you don’t feel broken and incomplete. When you feel whole, you are absolutely ready to approach your twin flame reunion.

If you are seeing these twin flame reunion signs, you can rest assured that your twin flame is approaching you. The reunion is about to happen. But you already know it, right?


1. What does 1212 angel number mean in twin flames?

1212 angel number in twin flames indicates that you are about to cross paths with your mirror soul. In a general sense, it indicates new beginnings and the manifestation of one’s dreams, which is where we draw the interpretation for a twin flame reunion.

2. What is the angel number for a soulmate?

There is a whole list of number sequences or angel numbers that might indicate you have met your soulmate. 000 or 0000, 1111, 333, 777 are a few more popular ones. A numerologist may help you find yours. Additionally, if there is a number sequence you notice often, you may ask a numerologist its interpretation for you.

3. Which angel number is for reunion?

Angel number 1111 denotes that you are in alignment and harmony with your twin flame and denotes you are ready for your twin flame reunion. 333 angel number twin flame reunion, along with 555 angel number also mean that your twin flame reunion is nearing. 1212 shows that you are about to cross paths with your twin flame and the reunion is just around the corner.

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