Impact Of Astrology On Extramarital Affairs In India

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Extramarital affairs in India can be predicted through astrology

In India, astrology plays a big role in our daily lives. Horoscopes are matched before a wedding to determine compatibility and harmony. So, can you judge extramarital affairs in astrology? Experts say you can. Astrologers believe that the possibility of infidelity can be determined when the kundalis of a prospective couple are matched. And in the event the planetary combinations make way for an extramarital affair, the marriage should not take place. As is believed, some doshas can be balanced by performing certain poojas and rituals, but for the ones that cannot be balanced, the match should be rejected. Extramarital affairs in India are common nowadays and it is possible to save a marriage from troubled waters through astrology.

Planetary Positions For Extramarital Affairs

Illicit relationships can be indicated in a person’s horoscope, depending upon the planetary positions. The planetary positions in their respective houses get affected by the presence of other planets and make the way for having extramarital affairs. Certain zodiac signs are more likely to break your heart and have an affair outside the marriage as well. To get involved with anyone, four factors play a major role. They are the mind, love or romance, the strength to break social norms, and passion.

The planets governing these emotions are the Moon, Venus, North Node or Rahu and Mars. The ancient Vedic astrology believes that if the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 11th and 12 houses and their Lords connect with any of these four planets, there is a possibility that a partner will cheat and you will have a troubled marriage.

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Planetary combinations that indicate troubled marriage in future

A lot of men and women ask astrologists whether there is an indication of them having extramarital affairs. While the reason of extramarital affairs can be different for different people, planets that control the sexual urge of people play an important role. Some zodiac signs have more sexual urges and they tend to crave for satisfaction outside marriage. Let’s have a look at the planets and houses that are said to play an important role in predicting extramarital affairs. Certain planetary combinations can indicate the possibility of extramarital affairs in your horoscope.

  • If your prospective groom or bride’s Moon is in trine to Mercury, it could indicate chances of infidelity. Another planet to look for is Venus. It also has a significant role to play in extramarital affairs and astrology
  • Mars and Venus conjunction in Scorpio sun sign in the 9th house is a very potent indication of extramarital affairs. Mercury and Moon conjunction in Gemini is also an astrological indicator of infidelity in both men and women
  • If Moon is conjunct with Mars, it can lead to clouding of the mind, and a person can become inclined towards illicit relationships. They are more prone to cheating on their partners with extramarital relationships
  • A badly afflicted Moon and Sun in the fourth house can also indicate the person’s tendency towards having secrets. They can also have illicit relationships with older or aged women.

  • Moon conjunct with Venus gives rise to extreme and sensuous thoughts in the mind of the native, which can hint at tendencies towards extramarital relationships
  • A person may be inclined to have an illicit relationship if the Moon in his or her kundali is conjunct with Rahu. This combination makes one’s mind clouded and prevents rational decisions
  • extramarital affair

  • Venus is the planet of love and romance. Venus, when conjunct with Rahu or Mars, boosts passion and lust in one’s life. And this conjunction in signs like Scorpio, Aries, Libra and Gemini can increase the chances of an extramarital affair
  • Moon and Mercury, in conjunction with the sun sign Gemini (the sign of love and romance) also indicate a strong possibility of adultery. The person may also get exposed for his extramarital affair if the combination is aspected by the planet Saturn
  • Vedic astrology also believes that before marriage the horoscopes should be checked for Punarbhu Dosha – which is basically the conjunction of Moon and Saturn. This combination is believed to make a partner cheat and create a lot of havoc in unrest in a marriage

  • Certain horoscopes also have some effect on inclination for extramarital relationships. Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs book claims that Capricorn men are prone to straying later on in their lives. Scorpio men and women are also prone to being lusty and getting into extramarital affairs

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Astrological remedies for extramarital affairs in India

Secret love affairs in a marriage can weaken the very bond and cause a lot of unrest in the couple’s life. Infidelity can also lead to divorce and other complications. Indian astrological science believes that certain remedies can help one get rid of partner’s extramarital love affairs. So these are basically remedies for marriage problems based on zodiac signs. We have listed a few:

  • To strengthen a marriage, spread some kumkum where your husband sleeps, and in the morning apply the same in the partition of your hair chanting the name of Maa Parvati
  • Lighting a tablet of camphor in the bedroom every night may also rid you of your partner’s secret love affair
  • If you know the name of the person your partner is having an affair with, writing it on lotus seeds or makhana and burning them till ashes are formed may also work as a remedy for extramarital affairs

Vedic astrological science believes that our lives are governed by the planetary influences. Even if that is the case, there are many other reasons people have extramarital affairs in India, like lack of time, boredom, lack of emotional and physical support, intimacy and lust. Generalising extramarital affairs based on astrology or blaming infidelity on the planetary combination is neither right nor justified. You can have  a troubled marriage for various other reasons astrology can just help you forecast.

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