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The Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely To Break Your Heart

Astrology says there are sun signs who are likely to tear your heart out. Here are the ones ranked from the most likely to the least likely
which zodiac signs are likely to break your heart?

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Astrology predicts a lot of things going on. Somehow the position of the stars affect the person under a certain sign. Though they do not give any definite prediction, studies and speculations are commonly made for signs.

The zodiac signs that will break your heart

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There are some whose vengeance runs higher than love. So as astrology says, Scorpions are vengeful people in general (that might or might not include you) and pissing a Scorpio off means you are going to get stung. Bad? Astrology is fun that way and if you are an ardent follower of such predictions then you will know zodiac signs can tell you who will be a heartbreaker.

Image sourceBut would you get involved with a sign who is likely to break your heart? Maybe. Maybe not. When talking about astrology, the predictions are made in a general sense. There are signs who are heart-breakers: maybe something in their personalities, their psychology etc. Are we supposed to steer clear from them? Probably not. But it always helps to read the clear red flags and prepare ourselves accordingly. It is easy to overlook major signs when you are in love but keeping a level head and listening to your gut can save you from a future heartbreak.
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Heart breaks are a part and parcel of life

There might be a sign who is least likely to cause a heart break and even though things go perfectly, with no flaw whatsoever, that very compatible sign might end up causing a lot of pain. Know that you are strong enough to fall in love without taking astrological predictions into consideration, and definitely strong enough if those predictions come true.
If you are tired of getting your heart broken and don’t want to take chances in love anymore, here are the zodiac signs who are likely to cause a heartbreak. Which zodiac signs break the most hearts? Tread cautiously!

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1. Sagittarius

They are lover of adventures, free spirited beings who do not like being tied down. The world is their arena and they are ready to roam about, create a hell lot of upheaval and anyone who says otherwise will not be paid heed to.

adventurous man
Adventurous man Image source

They are perfect Wordsworth-ish nature lovers. So their need to travel and paint the world in colours of their own will always come before anything and anyone else. It is not like they lack empathy but they need to see the world, drink from rivers in the Amazon and a relationship cannot stop them from doing it. They might come off as self-centered and even though they understand the pain they caused, they will do nothing to make you feel at ease. The world needs to be seen and enjoyed and your heartbreak cannot make them put their plans on hold. This zodiac sign is a heart breaker.

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2. Aquarius

Fluidity is their charm. You might have been drawn to them because of their sensual fluidity. They don’t even have to break up with you. The very cause of the liking will be the reason why your heart gets broken by an Aquarian. They don’t break up with you but openly flirt with people around and when concerns are voiced, they will tell you they love you and no one else. When they do break up with you, it would appear like they lost interest because you are not as intellectually superior as they are. So if you are dating an Aquarius be ready to have your heart broken.

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3. Leo

Leo is known for their want to be the centre of the universe, like their world is the one that makes the sun go round.  That’s why this zodiac sign is most likely to break your heart. When a break up with a Leo is headed your way, it might feel like you are not worth their while. You find your place beside them when they are into you, but when they are no longer interested in you, they will push your very far and leave you questioning if there ever was anything between the two of you. Because they are popular and charismatic, it comes as a major blow to your self-esteem. They might break up with you when your world might collide with their centre-of-the-attention world.

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4. Taurus

Like the bull charging at the matador, people born under this sign have the determination like you have never seen. If their trust is broken in any way, they will absolutely get back at you in the coldest way possible.

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If you have slighted them in any way, or made them feel slighted, their determination to get back at you is not be ridiculed. There is a sort of mercenary perseverance in the way they seek vengeance and will take the emotion out of the act. Even if you think you are in love and have been slighting them, or made them feel small for a long time thinking you can get away with it because you are in love, you are wrong. They will charge at you when you least expect it and will not be pretty about it and leave you in a heartbroken mangled worry state.
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5. Virgo

Generally, they are gentle hearted, loving sweet people. Possibly the last kind of person who would break your heart. They don’t act for vengeance, or being the focus of everyone’s attention, they do it with honesty. Like literally, they will rip your heart out with honesty. They will not sugar coat anything. They are true embodiment of the term – words can rip you up real good. Virgos know what ticks you off and will use it as the punch line to crush you beyond recognition. What’s even dangerous is the fact that they will rationalise their need to be honest about everything as something you will be thankful about years later. So the heart break with a Virgo is a good thing for you actually.

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