Husna Advani

Born and bought up in Mumbai, Husna Advani Dossani, is an enthusiastic, straightforward and hardworking person. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and has completed her first year of Masters in the same. Plenty of her short stories and poetries have been published in various books and e-books, receiving great feedback. Get a hook of her writing by reading her solo books at Amazon (Just type Husna Advani Dossani in the search bar). Her hobbies include thinking, thinking about writing, writing and thinking what she has written. Things that make her happy are chocolates, shopping and getting praised for her work. You can contribute to her happiness by leaving a heartfelt review to her articles, books and stories.

dry sense of humor

What Is A Dry Sense Of Humor?

How can one define ‘dry humor’? Simply put, it’s when a person says funny things but the facial expressions are serious/calm. The trouble with this type of humor is that it may not be understood by most people. Some may even take offense when dry jokes are thrown their way.

signs he wants to kiss you

Physical Signs He Really Wants To Kiss You

Whether you are in high school or have just left your child with a babysitter to be with that special someone, the problem is first dates don’t come with the certainty of a first kiss. To make sure you’re not left deliberating “does he want to kiss me or not?” throughout the entire date, let’s take a look at what you should be looking out for.

Best Cavitation Machine - Feature

11 Best Cavitation Machines To Get In Shape This Year | 2022

These machines help to burn fat, reduce cellulite and tighten the skin using heat and sound waves. The best part? You can get one for yourself, have specific machines to reduce fat in desired areas. These machines are cheaper than cosmetic treatments and PAINLESS.

How to text a guy

How to Text a Guy You Just Met?

The ‘what to text him?’ dilemma is bound to weigh on your mind when initiating contact with a guy you just met. Trust us when we say that the first text is like creating a virtual first impression. That’s why a lot of us feel nervous about initiating contact.

What My Husband Is Looking At On The Internet

How Can I See What My Husband Is Looking At On The Internet?

Due to all the stories of online cheating and the changes in your husband’s behavior, who may be spending too much time on his computer and tends to cover up his screen every time you walk in, you may be worried about his activities on the internet.

Is my Girlfriend Cheating on me

Is My Girlfriend Cheating On Me? How To Know If She Is

Has your girlfriend stopped calling you as frequently as she used to? Is she always busy when you reach out to her? Has she started canceling plans that she had promised you? Because if this is true, then we are sure your mind is distraught and you’re probably thinking or asking yourself, “Is my girlfriend cheating on me?”