Virgo Man In Love — 13 Telling Signs He Is Into You

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Updated On: December 13, 2023
virgo man in love
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A Virgo man in love is nothing short of a delight, as he makes you feel loved beyond your imagination. Long and honest confessions of love over the phone, meticulously planned out dates, endless soft kisses, and all else that makes a relationship sweet and lasting — These are some of the good things you can expect when you fall for a guy who is a Virgo. Actually, it’s understandable that you’ve fallen for a guy who shares his zodiac sign with the likes of Keanu Reeves, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Hugh Grant, and Prince Harry.

It’s important for many people to consider the sign of the person they’re planning to date. You may ask why. Well, not all humans are alike, yet there are certain traits common to people born under the same zodiac sign. Considering these traits before going ahead with a relationship can help you avoid the worst. How do you know if a Virgo man (born between August 23 to September 22) loves you? We’ll explain.

Traits Of Virgo Men

Before diving into the depths of a Virgo man’s love life, it’s essential to understand the unique traits that shape his approach to relationships. Virgo men are ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and intellect, making them one of the most intriguing signs in the zodiac. They possess a combination of qualities that can both delight and perplex their partners. In love, these traits become particularly pronounced, offering insight into the Virgo man’s romantic world.

  • Analytical mind: Virgo men are meticulous thinkers, often overthinking their emotions and analyzing every aspect of their relationships
  • Communication: Virgo men value honest and open communication, fostering understanding in their relationships. You would find them indulging in a deeper conversation rather than small talk
  • Attention to detail: Their keen eye for detail extends to their love life, ensuring they remember significant dates and events
  • Loyalty: Once a Virgo man commits, he is unwaveringly loyal and devoted to his partner
  • Practicality: They approach love with a pragmatic perspective, making practical decisions about their relationships
  • Patience: Virgo men are patient in matters of the heart, taking their time to build a strong foundation with their partners
  • Reserved nature: They may appear reserved initially but slowly open up emotionally as trust deepens
  • Supportive: Virgo men are incredibly supportive, always ready to assist their loved ones in achieving their goals
  • High standards: They have high expectations for both themselves and their partners, and aim at seeking perfection in love
  • Need for order: Their need for order and organization extends to their love life, creating stability and reliability in the relationship
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13 Sure Signs A Virgo Man Is In Love With You

The symbol of Virgo is the Virgin and signifies spiritual purity and innocence. Some mistakenly think that this means a Virgo man lacks masculine qualities. Virgo men are handsome, athletic chaps who might wake up at 5 every morning to go to the gym. They stand out in a room full of people for their style and perfect turnout. They work hard without compromising on the outcome; these men love accepting and completing challenges.

Being one of the Earth signs, a practical Virgo is observant and realistic yet logical, helpful, hard working, and down to earth. When a Virgo man is attracted to you, he does it with all his heart. It could start with casual double texting and go all the way making life-altering decisions just for you. A Virgo man in love simply does not compromise on love. Three things to remember about him:

  • A Virgo man does not act in haste, he takes things slowly and steadily. But once he decides on the love of his life, it is indeed for a lifetime
  • He believes in all-or-nothing scenarios and would want to know you in and out
  • Not as possessive as Scorpios, the Virgo is a rational one-woman man and will expect the same commitment from you

But hold your horses. Before you pick up your phone, open Tinder, and start searching for some kind of Zodiac sign filter to increase your chances of meeting this stellar man, there are some pros and cons you need to be mindful of. Let us dig deep into more Virgo male traits, and see what it’s like to be the object of affection of a Virgo man in love. In the name of Sean Connery, let’s begin.

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1. A Virgo starts paying attention to details when he is hooked on you

Being a perfectionist by nature, when a Virgo man is in love, he would start noticing the tiniest details about you. The Virgo man is a stark contrast to all the men who say they don’t really care about the underarm hair. Oh, he’s definitely going to notice it all. But don’t think this is coming from him having a judgmental nature or that he is preoccupied with conventional female physical features. These are just the minor tendencies of a Virgo man when he likes a woman.

From the color of your lipstick to the hidden strip of your bra, Virgos have an eye on each and everything that you wear, do, or say once they are interested in you. The good part? He will always know there is something wrong with you, even before you say it. Yay!

2. He want to stay connected even when you’re away

So, have you had male friends and ex-boyfriends who would text you, like your photos on social media and maybe comment on them, but the whole idea of calling you was alien to them? Virgo males are different when it comes to the calling game. A Virgo man loves to stay connected, and when you are away, the best way he can feel close to you is through calls.

He would pick up the phone and call to know if you have had lunch, gone to the gym, got your nails done, and met your friend. This isn’t meddling from his point of view, this is how he shows concern. If you’ve noticed any such behavior, these are obvious signs a Virgo man likes you. If it’s all too much, tell him beforehand what you’re not okay with.

signs a Virgo man is serious about you
A Virgo man in love is likely to call you multiple times in the day

3. How do you know if a Virgo man loves you? You get to hear his sassy secrets

Do you have a Virgo in your life who’s causing you to scratch your head, wondering, “Is my Virgo man in love with me?” Virgo men are known to be introverts and secret keepers. They don’t trust people easily and hence, would count their words when it comes to talking to people. ‘Cautious’ being one of their personality traits, they are less likely to open up to even their friends.

Not to be considered as arrogant or self-conscious, this is a zodiac sign that carefully chooses the people who they wish to spill the beans to. So ladies, when a shy Virgo man tells you his dirty little secret, there is no doubt that this guy feels close to you and wants you both to feel close to each other too.

4. Signs a Virgo man is serious about you: He values your brain over beauty

Is my Virgo man in love with me? We know for sure he will be as soon as you bring out your inner nerd. No matter how clear your skin, bootylicious your butt, or curved your waistline, everything apart, your intellect tops a Virgo man’s checklist of desirable traits. When a Virgo man calls you beautiful, what he means is that he finds your intellect as attractive as your looks.

We are not saying that you need to be working at NASA to impress this man (he probably doesn’t either), but then again, we do guarantee that is something you can expect Virgo males to be attracted to. Being the zodiac that is ruled by Mercury, a Virgo man is stimulated by intelligence more than anything else.

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5. He gets ROMANTIC!

Virgos, by nature, are not considered to be romantic or fans of trying new things. But it all turns upside down when they find the special one. After all, they are a mutable sign. These men, by instinct, start doing romantic stuff to please their partners or those they are romantically inclined toward. They might not be big on grand gestures, though. Here’s what it looks like:

  • Their romantic gestures include buying you your favorite flowers
  • They wear the color you like
  • They give gifts without any occasion or reason
  • They surprise you with a perfect date

The best part about a Virgo man in love? You will never complain about him forgetting your birthday or anniversary. You can also have as many anniversaries with him as you like – The first date anniversary, first kiss anniversary, first make-out anniversary, and the like.

6. He wants to be around you but won’t indulge in any unpleasant physical contact

You heard us right, unlike most men (no offense please), Virgo men are a little conservative when it comes to physical contact. He understands the role of consent. In early stages of dating a Virgo man, this guy will never come too close or make advances that leave you feeling uncomfortable. On the flip side, if you don’t understand this aspect, you start to question whether a Virgo man really likes you.

We can see how it might sometimes be misread as a lack of interest or attraction. But he is just giving you your space to feel comfortable with him and, in turn, taking his time to observe and cherish your inner self. Truth be told, though romantic at heart when it comes to taking initiative on the intimacy front, things don’t change much even when the relationship progresses.

These men like to keep it simple and are not too welcoming when it comes to trying different things in bed. Not to disappoint you, they are deep lovers and Virgos do tend to make simple things fun and fulfilling, but sexual vigor is not something you can count on.

7. He starts trying to make you perfect

Speaking of Virgos and perfectionism, this attribute has a flip side too. Not only do Virgos believe in being perfect themselves but also want everything and everyone around them to be perfect. Be it your relationships experience, your demeanor at a restaurant, your dressing style, or your personality.

Let’s assume that you are at a restaurant and the waiter forgot to get your freebie. You saying “Please get my free coffee” is a complete no-no when you are with a Virgo. For him, using the word ‘complimentary’ instead of free is IMPORTANT and makes all the difference.

Though his perfectionism may be a positive trait at the early stages of dating a Virgo man, his intentions to mold you to meet his high standards, even with dating etiquette, can get exhausting eventually. The pressure can leave you feeling like he’s trying to turn you into someone you’re not. So even with this otherwise great trait, dating a Virgo man can sometimes get on your nerves.

8. Obvious signs a Virgo man likes: He’s loyal and committed

Virgo men are not into casual flings, one-night stands, or hookups. Instead, men belonging to this astrological sign want a serious relationship that they can keep building over a long term. When he likes a woman, a Virgo man doesn’t plan on wasting his time or energy on something meaningless and without a future.

If you see him doing any of these things, these are obvious signs a Virgo man likes you:

  • These men show their affection with clarity and simplicity
  • He is not someone who would secretly stalk or text other potential interests
  • Instead, he would label your relationship and be proud to call you his in front of others
  • Believe us when we say, you won’t even find him staring at other women while he is with you

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9. You see him devoted to the relationship

Virgos take a lot of time to get to know someone, work with them to make things perfect (but they define this ‘perfection’), and turn out to be hopelessly romantic. That’s why a potential love interest must check all the boxes on their list of desired traits for them to become invested. The good news is, once they do, they will be completely honest and devoted to you. For them, it is one of the biggest priorities in a relationship and they don’t tread on it lightly.

A Virgo man in love is not the type of man to:

  • Play on-and-off games
  • Create unnecessary drama
  • Or make you jealous to testify your love

10. He calls you for a family dinner

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of introducing a partner to their family. Well, at least, not until they’re sure of where the relationship is headed. But Virgos, here too, are exceptions and that makes you a lucky duck! This is one of the Virgo male traits when in love; do not be shocked when he starts inviting you to his exclusive family events.

Because when a Virgo is into you, he would not shy away to show you off. Instead, he would want you to be a part of the lives of his near and dear ones too. If you’re looking for signs a Virgo man is serious about you, this is a pretty obvious one.

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11. He’s a thorough gentleman

A Virgo is a thorough gentleman with old-fashioned values and will assume the traditional male roles. At the same time, he won’t stay with someone who can’t stand on their own two feet or have an opinion of their own. He’ll be a shoulder to lean on, but not a kerchief to a cry baby.

He’s not a pushover and certainly won’t tolerate someone who sulks or gets moody when things don’t go their way. So, if a Virgo man has romantic feelings for you, he will try to treat you to the best of his ability. They are aware of the line between being a true gentleman and being used as doormat.

12. A Virgo man is attracted to you if he openly admires you

A deep emotional connection is what you get when a Virgo man is in love. He openly admires your qualities and appreciates your unique strengths. This means he not only notices your positive traits but also vocalizes his admiration. Expect to be on the receiving end of non-stop compliments. Be it your intelligence, creativity, kindness, or any other qualities that he finds appealing.

He’ll often express his respect for you and may even look up to you in certain ways. This admiration isn’t superficial; it’s a sincere appreciation of who you are as a person. It reflects the value he places on your individuality. Isn’t it an amazing feeling when a Virgo man calls you beautiful and you know he means it?

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13. He gets a little jealous

A Virgo man in love might exhibit a healthy level of jealousy. This doesn’t mean he’s possessive or controlling, but it does signify that he values your presence in his life and wants to protect the relationship. When he sees potential threats, he may express a mild sense of jealousy. He might try to hide it but it’s a clear sign that the Virgo man has romantic feelings for you.

This could manifest as subtle discomfort when you’re spending time with other people, especially if he suspects romantic interest from others. While excessive unhealthy jealousy can be problematic, a moderate degree of jealousy from a Virgo man often indicates his emotional investment in the relationship and his desire to keep it strong and exclusive.

Key Pointers

  • When a Virgo man is in love, he’s a perfectionist, attentive to detail, and devoted, and he values intellect over appearance
  • Virgo men can become romantic, but they prefer a slow, conservative approach to physical contact
  • Their way to show their affection is to openly admire and express respect for their partner’s unique qualities
  • A Virgo man may exhibit mild jealousy as a sign of his emotional investment
  • Virgo men seek uncomplicated, long-lasting relationships built on trust, and they value good vibes above all else

What are Virgo males attracted to and what do they seek in love? When it comes to choosing a partner, they are noticeably clear, both in their heart and their head. Eternal love, that’s what Virgos ultimately long for. And uncomplicated relationships too. They won’t find you on Tinder only to have a one-night stand and then bid goodbye. They would prefer to spot you in the bright sunlight, get to know you inside out, and then, ask you out on a ‘magical first date.’


1. What is Virgo’s biggest problem?

This Earth sign, ruled by Mercury, can’t wait for too long. If they have to wait, they lose interest. So once they put their mind onto something, they want it right then and there, be it a thing, a travel plan, or a person. This tends to make people think that they come across as too desperate.

2. What are Virgo’s biggest pet peeves?

Invasive or noisy people. Virgos hate such folks. They do not like unnecessary curiosity in their affairs and they don’t like people who talk too loudly. They don’t like show-offs who are trying to be the center of attention, and unwanted drama.

3. What works for a Virgo?

Facts and evidence. Assumptions are a complete no-no to them. You can be sure they won’t judge you on an assumption but they will confront you.

4. What are the things that Virgos like?

They like nature, healthy food, punctuality, orderliness, and animals.

5. What are the things that Virgos hate?

They hate sloppiness, squalor, and chaos. They hate being weak when they are sick. Also, they hate drama and prefer to solve things in a calm way.

6. One thing Virgos pay special attention to when they meet/see someone?

Vibes! For Virgos, the looks and personality are overshadowed when it comes to good vibes. They can hate a person because they don’t get positive vibes from them. The person might never know.

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