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Christmas Gift Ideas

When you think of gifts you always opt for the ones that should be thoughtful and meaningful. But every time it is not plausible to have purchased the gift a week before the event. In such cases, the last-minute gift ideas come up as the real solution. Like in case of Christmas you can go for the last-minute Christmas gift ideas and choose gifts for your child/children, better half, friends, relatives, parents or colleagues who happened to slipped out of your mind earlier.

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With the blessing of this Internet world, there is no dearth of ideas and shipping is not a problem at all specially with Amazon’s one day delivery option.

Therefore you can easily explore and shop for last-minute Christmas gifts without any trouble. However for those who do not have any idea on what are the gifts to be selected in haste, check out the penned ones below.

1.Induction Infrared Helicopter With Disco Ball

Helicopter With Disco Ball

Christmas is almost there but you were so busy with your daily chores that you almost forgot about your angel. While everyone was busy picking gifts for their children you suddenly remembered two days before that you were supposed to get one nice gift for your sweetheart.

Therefore wasting no more time you took over online and rummaged through the last-minute Christmas gifts for kids.

And finally, this disco ball operated with an infrared induction helicopter caught your eye.

Coming to the gift it can be operated by placing the hands underneath the ball and your kid can steer it in any desired direction. Indeed it’s fulfilled but your kid will learn to coordinate both hands and eyes simultaneously.

It’s hassle-free to use and comes with a rechargeable battery and cable. It’s an auto power-off option that ensures that children can use it safely. Finally, when you deliver the gift to the little one you will be elated to watch the angel going ga ga over it.

2. Silicon Microwave Popcorn Maker

Silicon Microwave Popcorn Maker

No plans for Christmas? How about ‘Netflix and Chill?’ and while we say this, we are not anticipating buying a Netflix subscription for your friend or loved one as a gift (though you can, what’s the harm?).

But what we mean is, during this high-alert time of the global pandemic, let’s be safe and have a secure date on the couch with your friends or that special someone.

Binge watch a great series while gifting your pal a gift that he/she has never thought of receiving – A popcorn bowl!

Original Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper is not just a regular bowl. It makes a great gifting option as its microwave safe, your pal can make popcorn in it and munch from it too. It comes with a lid to keep the left-over popcorn fresh for the next day.

3. Snowcone Shaved Ice Machine

Snowcone Shaved Ice Machine
Snowcone Shaved Ice Machine

Ok, so let’s say you are the one always hosting parties and getting gifts in return but this time, the tables have turned and your best friend has decided to do the honors. She called and invited you along with others just two days before the eve. Now the problem is, you just can’t attend the event empty-handed, and buying a tunic or a sweater from the nearby boutique seems too mainstream.

To solve your dilemma of choosing between a useful yet out of the box last-minute gift, we bring to you Hawaiian Shaved Ice S900A Shaved Ice and Snow Cone Machine. The cool machine was perfect for making margaritas, snowballs, slushies, cones, and shaved ice.

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On the whole, it is idyllic for making any kind of cool delicacies. Moreover, the gift is not only useful for the friend but also for all the guests who are invited. Your best pal will be the happiest to have something useful that makes her an outstanding host!

4. Bluetooth Enabled Dimmed Table Lamp

Bluetooth Enabled Dimmed Table Lamp
Bluetooth Enabled Dimmed Table Lamp

Being the topmost manager in a firm you have realized that hierarchical job responsibilities are complex. Indeed, solving that and responding to your job needs hardly give you time to go shopping.

In the busy schedule, you forgot to buy a Christmas gift for your brother who stays in the same apartment. Without much of a thought, just order this MRCOOL Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, Dimmable Table Lamp LED Speaker with RGB Colors for him.

The sophisticated lamp will add a touch of warmth to the room with its 4 levels light color controlling option. The premium quality rechargeable battery can let the lamp work for extended hours.

Keep the lamp beside his bed and watch him go in awe when he turns on the Bluetooth led light and is utterly startled by your idea. The most exciting part is the excellent quality led enabled Bluetooth speaker that helps you listen to audiobooks and stories.

5. Aromatherapy Scented Candle Set

Aromatherapy Scented Candle Set
Aromatherapy Scented Candle Set

You are a lazy person by nature and not much into shopping. Your friends and relatives do complain about your lackadaisical attitude. There are moments when you have forgotten to bring the anniversary gift for your wife (making her angry to wits).

Your indolent attitude no doubt has made your life quite chaotic. And this Christmas it has been a similar scenario. You were busy with office meetings and in the midst of all these, you forgot to arrange a gift for your dearest wife, again!

Not to worry, this year we are here to the rescue. Gift her an alluring box of scented candles. Boring? Hell no! Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or Christmas, you can never go wrong with scented candles.

Crafted from pure soy wax and blended with cent percent aromatherapy oils, the decorative candles can help to unwind and release stress. And just to add, the candles are great to get her in the mood and give yourself an eventful night as a return gift.

6. Customized Photo Frame

Customized Photo Frame

Your sister called just a week before and told you that she is traveling all the way from north to meet you this Christmas. Needless to say, she will bombard your house with gifts and on other hand, you have not even got a single one!

Be thoughtful and gift her something that is not perishable yet memorable at the same time.

Don’t know what that gift is? Here are some hints – freeze one of your favorite memories together and seal it in this personalized Christmas friendship gift for 2.

Your favorite moment together will be fixed in a beautiful frame and delivered at your doorstep in just 4 days, this gift will make a great memento for a lifetime. Along with revealing to your sister how important she is to you and how much you think of her.

7. Gingerbread Cream

Gingerbread Cream

Being a mother of two kids you hardly get time for yourself. You don’t get time to go for outings too. But, being a selfless mother, you never miss the chance of presenting a gift to your daughters. However, this year was too hectic and in between the house cleaning and unending chores, you forgot to buy something for them.

Thanks online shopping for allowing you to celebrate Christmas with such ecstasy. As one of the great last-minute gift ideas, you can now get gingerbread body lotion for your daughters and treat them (and also yourself) to some pampering.

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Also, it is fun buying these as they come in a quirky lid bottle and makes you remember the fresh aroma of the gingerbread that is your all-time favorite snack. Additionally, when you will unwrap the gift, both of them will hug you gleefully.

8. Ceramic Rainbow Mug

Ceramic Rainbow Mug
Ceramic Rainbow Mug

Every year at Christmas you visit your dad’s place with your mom as your father is out of station for the last couple of years due to office work. Visiting him and traveling at the same time gives you so much fun altogether. But this year due to the  epidemic, you forgot to pack the Christmas gift. Your mother scolded you for being so careless and now you don’t know what to do!.

Don’t worry, online shopping portals are a true savior! Choose quirky, cute, stylish, or a classy mug of your choice (or we should say his choice). One option that we can suggest to save your effort is this Ceramic Rainbow Happiness Mug.

A white coffee mug in light pink and peach color, it’s a stylish, minimal yet classy piece. The quote on the mug will always keep your father inspired and motivated. And needless to say, what’s better than having your father think about you every morning while sipping his favorite coffee.

9. Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler
Stainless Steel Wine Tumbler

You can’t imagine a Christmas evening without a glass of wine. And you always appreciate your girlfriend for presenting you with lovely wine and flowers as Christmas gifts. But honestly you forget to get any gift for her whether it’s her birthday or Christmas.

Likewise, you forgot to get any gift for her this Christmas too. Help you to not waste more time wrecking your brains, we have come up with a gift that is useful for every woman in your life (ohh we forgot to mention – adult woman). As wine and woman go hand-in-hand, there is no better last-minute gift than giving your lady a wine tumbler.

Made from high-quality stainless steel, the tumbler comes with the technology called as double insulation that ensures the drink always maintain its temperature. And the best part? As it is stainless steel and not of glass, the tumbler will last a hundred Christmas.

10. Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Single-Serve Coffee Maker
Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Your brother is an explorer and he never loves to rest at home on holidays rather he prefers to set out his foot for a new destination. Now as you know he loves to travel so he always prefers to count on travel-friendly items.

In that regard, last year on his birthday you presented him a backpack and now this Christmas, nothing could be better than a travel-friendly serving coffee maker from Amazon.

With the option of express delivery, the coffee maker is of compact size and comes with a dip tray.

The automatic turn off feature makes it safe to use. Indeed this is just the right match for those who love to have grounded coffee with a reusable coffee filter. Imagine, it’s gonna be a historic moment when you present him the gift and he says in joy is ‘Bravo bro! the best gift ever received’  

11. Handheld Cloth Steamer

Handheld Cloth Steamer
Handheld Cloth Steamer

It is an era of smartest gadgets and your husband never misses to try the trending ones in the market. He almost had a check on the recent entries. Therefore every time you get confused about what to gift him and for that, you ask your best friend for gift suggestions.

We are there for you this time. Pick up from our list of last-minute Christmas gift ideas from Amazon.com because of their stellar assortments. So from there, you picked a cool handheld steamer. It is a 7-in-1 multiple-use steamer. One can travel with that with complete ease.

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The best part is that it can erase any wrinkle from the cloth in just no time. Therefore, you still feel so excited when you remember the enthusiasm you saw in him after receiving the gift. Finally, you believed all’s well that ends well.

12. Ceramic Infuser Teacup

Ceramic Infuser teacup
Ceramic Infuser Teacup

Your niece loves to collect artifacts and every year on her birthday you present her with some similar kind of gifts. For Christmas, you planned something similar but at last, you forgot and now you need a last-minute gift idea for Christmas to help you.

So here we are with another gift idea from the online market, the splendid site never runs off inventories and you understood that very well from this ceramic infuser teacup. The teacup is made of pure stainless steel and comes with a lid and basket. Indeed your niece collected a new experience of brewing tea in a refreshed way.

Indeed you felt so good to see how she reacted and embraced the gift. Also, she admired the painting of cherry blossom trees on the cup. Truly that was the perfect last-minute Christmas gift purchase. Tada!

13. Motivating Wall Plaque

Motivating Wall Plaque
Motivating Wall Plaque

Your Grandma is a loving lady and you always feel motivated because of her kindness for others. She always taught you to be kind and have compassion for others. And your grandma always tells you to start your day with motivational words as this will keep you inspired all day long.

So last year during your birthday she gifted a motivational book. And you also planned to surprise her with something during Christmas. But somehow it slipped your mind. Thus, at last, you decided to turn on to us and arrange a last-minute gift.

A uniquely designed wall plaque embossed with inspirational words, the pallet is done with a three-dimensional laser technique. It makes a stylish and elegant decor piece that one can mount on the wall.

14. USB Enabled Led Desk Lamp

USB Enabled Led Desk Lamp
USB Enabled Led Desk Lamp

You don’t feel like making a shopping list and every year it is a custom in your family to present the family members with Christmas gifts. This year too, as usual, you forgot to send gifts to your relatives and for that, you need to search for the last-minute gift idea for bulk order.

To impress all your relatives at once – be it your uncle, your nephew, their neighbor, or even their dog (ok, let’s not include the dog), you can opt for a USB-enabled led desk lamps.

It is a customized desk lamp with 4 different lights where one can set up the light at their convenience. It automatically turns off the light after one hour. Order one for each one and wait to get showers of praises and compliments.

15. Burt Bees Self-Care Kit

Burt Bees Self-Care Kit
Burt Bees Self-Care Kit

Your mother is someone who always inspires you to work hard and at the same time suggests you take care of yourself. You even suggest your mom spend some time in the salon but she never gets time to do that. So you thought to prepare a self-care beauty kit list. But due to work pressure, you forgot that you have to buy that gift for Christmas.

Now with so few days in hand, the best place that you can get your beauty kit from is Amazon. Not just any beauty kit but gift your mom a Burt’s Bees Classics Gift Set.

The kit contains six products – Cuticle Cream, Hand Salve, Lip Balm, Res-Q Ointment, Hand Repair Cream, and Foot Cream – that come nicely packet in a gift-able tin box.

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Watch the happiness on your mother’s face as she opens the pack to receive her daily essentials and make this Christmas worth remembering for her. She would get to pamper herself without having to go to the salon.

16. Waterproof Water Bag

Waterproof Water Bag
Waterproof Dry Bag

Last year in June your brother got a job in his desired field. Truly his happiness knows no bounds. So on getting the job he gave treats to all of his friends and relatives. Now it’s Christmas and your turn to send him a gift. Just few days before the eve, you realise that you haven’t yet decided on what to gift him and hence have nothing to gift.

Having all your hopes on us, we advise you to gift him something useful and yet classy and according to us, Earth Pak –Waterproof Dry Bag is the best option.

The waterproof bag is light in weight and is composed in design with a flexible shoulder strap. Moreover, it comes with a reliable waterproof phone case as well. With durability and comfort, wait for your brother to thank you tons once he goes camping with the gift.

17. Colorful Lighting Gloves

Colorful Lighting Gloves
Colorful Lighting Gloves

Your sister has a fetish for funky items and she loves anything quirky. So whatever occasion pops up like birthdays or any get together you always surprise her with such unconventional gifts. Similarly, you had a plan for such an item for Christmas as well but the idea failed because you had fallen sick all of a sudden.

But you thought that it was Christmas and your sister might be waiting for your gift so you searched for the last minute Christmas gift ideas. And not to disappoint you like any other time, we are here with yet another fun-filled gift, a pair of Luwint LED Colorful Flashing Finger Lighting Gloves

These are breathable, warm light, and comfortable hand gloves. But the tweak is that it comes with inbuilt led lights. Crafted from high-end electronic parts, it has superb elasticity and is safe to use, especially during pandemic times.

18. Smart Wifi Plug

Smart Wifi Plug
Smart Wifi Plug

Your father has a fascination with smart items. And it is because of him that your home has different types of fast and robust gadgets. Last year he brought so many new items. So you also planned to add one more to his gadgets collection and thought to surprise him at Christmas.

However, the idea did not turn up because you forgot but thanks to an online portal because here you discovered this smart wi-fi plug for the outdoor area with two sockets.

This super cool gadget was the perfect last-minute catch for the Christmas. And on receiving it we promise a jaw-dropping expression from your dad. A gadget freak like him would love a gift like this and put it to use instantly.

19. Diffuser With Essential Oil

Diffuser With Essential Oil
Diffuser With Essential Oil

You are very choosy when it comes to gifts as you don’t like to get anything random for anyone. Every year before any occasion you sit to prepare the list and decide from beforehand what are the gifts that you require to buy for your near ones.

But this year, Christmas is different because you did not get time to do so. Therefore, you thought why not opt for the last-minute Christmas gift ideas. Talking of the last-minute suggestion, there are many things that you can choose from but to be precise, we bring to you this 100 percent oil nebulizer diffuser for your wife.

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It is operated with a battery and only takes 3 minutes to create that smoke. It’s hassle-free to use because you can operate this with the help of a rechargeable battery. When your wife will turn on the diffuser and feel a breath of relief, we promise you will be the one who will be more contented.

20. Electric Pressure Cooker 7-In-1

Electric Pressure Cooker 7 In 1
Electric Pressure Cooker 7-In-1

As a responsible son, you will always try to reduce the kitchen work of your mother so that she can get time to relax. That is why on any occasion you try to gift her kitchen items and honestly she adores them a lot.

For Christmas want to gift her a helping gift item but you are confused and running out of time to go hunting for one? So here we are, with an electric pressure cooker with 7-in-1 functionality.

As your mother loves to cook different dishes this will save most of her time and also the third generation technology will keep an eye on the pressure cooker keeping her worry-free to switch-off the stove. You are sure to feel that it is the best buy so far for your mother.

21. Sandtimer 60 Minute Hourglass

Sandtimer 60 Minute Hourglass
Sandtimer 60 Minute Hourglass

Your elder sister got married two years ago so every year during any occasion you send her gifts. As a working lady, you do not get time to meet up in person so mostly Christmas is about gifting.

So let us help you with a gift neither of you must have thought – An hourglass. It’s a unique gift and makes a fabulous mantelpiece.

A combination of metal and glass this piece does not only make up for a good décor item but also shows your feeling of how your time is spent granule by granule while she is away. She would love this quirky gift that has an old-world charm to it.

Gifts always bring that expected smile on one’s face, it does not matter whether you prepare a huge gift list or go for the last-minute gift option. Gifts have their charisma to magnetize any heart. Therefore in case if you meet gifts deadlines don’t worry as these 21 last-minute Christmas gift ideas will prove handy always.

So give a special gift to the special one and make them happy!

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