How to Text a Guy You Just Met?

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Updated On: March 15, 2024
How to text a guy

So a hot guy helped you carry the groceries to the car and you managed to take his number. Feels like a major victory? Well, no doubt it is. But hold your horses – this is just the beginning. Because now that you have his number, the next big step is to reach out.

At that stage, the ‘what to text him?’ dilemma is bound to weigh on your mind. Trust us when we say that the first text is like creating a virtual first impression. And needless to say, the first impression is often a lasting one, if not a permanent one! That’s why a lot of us feel nervous about initiating contact and worry over what texts to send a guy you just met!

Texts To Send A Guy You Just Met

When you’re chatting up guys on dating apps, you’re often left puzzled about what to text a guy you just met online. Or even if you’re hitting up the dude you met at the bar last weekend, you want to say something really interesting to keep him hooked and actually remember you!

Know that your first text will determine the nature of your relationship with this guy, no matter how you met him. So typing a ‘Hey’ and waiting for him to ask ‘Who is this?’ is a big NO! So, what should you text to a guy you just met? We bring you seven pro tips to up your texting game:

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1. Start with humor

You don’t have to be a great comedian/comedienne or someone with a killer sense of humor to impress a guy. But by using whatever humorous tricks you have up your sleeve, you can tickle him in all the right places (we mean this metaphorically, you dirty mind!) and increase your chances of getting a quick reply.

An engaging personality is a big part of increasing attraction. With the right sense of humor, jokes in all the perfect places and a few good laughs – you can do just that! In fact, to text a guy to get his attention, you can even consider throwing in a really funny meme or Instagram reel to get the conversation up and running.

Examples to text a guy to keep him interested:

‘Going shopping again. Want to help with the heavy stuff, Mr. Gymnast?’


‘Don’t think a text is a good way to say thank you. How about I buy you a coffee?’

2. Make plans that are too firm to deny

Being shy and waiting for the man to make the first move is so passé. This is 2021 and girl, trust us when we say, men today like their women bold and blunt. They too want to be pursued and asked out for a date too. Go ahead and make that first move on a guy.

Don’t be shy and throw in a firm plan through your first text that is too good to say no to. It’s possible to text a guy first without sounding desperate or clingy. You’re just being plain assertive and a woman who goes after what she wants. Be firm, make a plan, and let him know you’re interested!

How to text a a guy first without sounding desperate

“I saw this place that makes amazing salads and it instantly reminded me of you. Want to check it out? I was thinking tomorrow at 7 pm.”


”There’s a boat going out the bay near my house tonight and the sunset will be to die for, I think you will love it. Let’s grab a couple beers on the boat together?”


“I’ve been invited to a wedding after party and it’s going to be wild. I’m taking you as a plus one and I’m not taking no for an answer.”

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3. Shower him with compliments

So, maybe the guy you have your heart set on is super nice to stray animals, or volunteers a lot, or is incredibly well-travelled. Use that quality, incident, or skill to meet him again. Tell him you are interested in working at an animal shelter, or could use help planning your next vacation.

While you’re at it, throw a few compliments for men in the mix. No matter how shy he might be, everyone is charmed by genuine compliments. Try not to go over the top and constantly admire him, because that can seem a little excessive after a point. Try to make it subtle.

Examples to text a guy to make him smile:

“Your physique inspired me to join the gym. Any training tips you want to share ?”


“Next time I would like to be able to carry my own grocery bags. Would you like to help me become a fitter version of myself?”


“I love the shirt you wore that day. You have great style. Let’s go shopping together soon?”

text a guy to keep him interested
Charm him with some sweet compliments

4. Ask him to accompany you somewhere

If going boldly all out is not your cup of tea, we have another smart idea that works with guys (mostly). Be the damsel in distress and ask him to be your knight in shining armor. This way, you’ll also know if he likes you back. If he swoops in to save the day without hesitation, he probably wants to see you just as much as you want to see him.

How? Make a plan (a supposed plan) and tell him you have no one to go with. Be smart while you plan and take into consideration what he would probably like (so the chances of him turning you down are next to none). Tell him you need company, and if he is a gentleman, we are sure he won’t let you down.

Examples to text a guy to get his attention:

“Have movie tickets for two but no one to go with. Interested?”


“Had booked a camping trip this weekend but my best friend has fallen sick. Feel like coming with me?”


“Made a reservation for two at the new Italian place by my house but my friend is stuck at work. I don’t think the pizza should wait. Care to join me?”

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5. Use a pick-up line

Let’s break the norm. Men too can be swayed by great pick up lines. They like someone hitting on them in style rather than just waiting for them to make the first move. But the thing with pick up lines is that there’s often a fine line between being a complete hit and a total miss.

So before you get too excited and try any, make sure they’re not one of the cringe-inducing lines you yourself have probably heard. Because there are a lot of lines out there that most guys might not receive so well. So, ladies, it’s time for you to sharpen your skills and woo the man with your witty one-liners.

Text a guy for the first time examples:

“Roses are red, bananas are yellow, want to go out with me, nice fellow?”


“Hey, I’m pretty and you’re cute. Together we’d be Pretty Cute”


“I have had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a stunning smile. So, would you smile for me?”

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6. Be direct

So nothing from the above suggestions look appealing? Well then it might be time to try something else. Why not stop beating around the bush all together and be direct and open about your interest in him. Men do love a woman who knows what she wants and go after it.

So without thinking too much, show him that he could be dating an independent woman who is willing to take a risk for him. So ladies, type the first thing that comes to your mind and make things crystal clear from your side.

Examples to text a guy by being direct:

“You see… I am not the kind of girl who waits for a message. So here I am, asking you to go out with me. ”


“Haven’t stopped thinking about you since the time we met. Let’s go for a drink tonight. ”


“I love your vibe and I cannot wait to see you again.”

art of wooing
Art of Wooing

7. Get to know him better

It is better to start with knowing the guy better rather than outrageously hitting on him. Sometimes, to text a guy to get his attention, pick up lines or flirting your way in might just not be the answer. You might have to really dive deep, indulge in some get to know me questions and really try to understand him before asking him out.

Besides, it’s a good way to figure out beforehand whether he is the right fit for you or not. Here are a few starting phrases that would help you know where he stands in the boyfriend-material list or not.

Examples to text a guy to get to know him:

“Is helping others your hobby or am I special?”


“What else do you do apart from helping women at the grocery store?”


“Doesn’t your girl mind you helping another woman?”

The last question is a great way to make him spill beans on his current relationship status. So you get double points for that one!

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Hope these suggestions help you create a great first text-impression on the guy. We suggest texting him on the same day (or night) that you have met rather than playing the waiting game and hoping he will make the first move. Chances are the longer you wait, the fainter your memory will get in his mind. So if you are the one who likes him, just give it a try. Who knows he may be more awed with your guts than your looks?


1. Won’t texting him first will make me look desperate in his eyes?

NO! This is the 21st century and we have come way beyond ‘I am a girl so I can’t make the first move’. We’re all humans and feelings are natural so whosoever likes the other person first, makes the first move. And if the guy thinks you are a desperate for approaching him first, then my friend, block him from all the possible places you can, including your heart.

2. What if he sees and does not reply to my first text?

There can be two reasons for this, first – he might be too busy and skipped a reply. Second – he is not interested in you. In order to know which one applies, we suggest you text him again, if the reply comes, it was the former reason and if it doesn’t, you know where you stand.

3. What if after getting to know him better I stop liking him?

Chances are he might fall into the category ‘Nice to see but of no use’, if that is the case, you better friendzone him in the best possible way before things start to get too serious for him.

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