What Do Guys Think After You Sleep With Them?

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Updated On: June 26, 2023
What do guys think after you sleep with them

Every woman, yes, EVERY woman has been plagued by this question. There’s no way of bringing it up during pillow-talk (that’d be awkward), and no guy will be completely forthcoming with his answer in another setting. But the ladies do want the million-dollar answer. What do guys think after you sleep with them?

Now there’s a chance you might be underwhelmed with the response. Most of the times guys don’t bother thinking about the night at all. At other times they’re worried whether they have satisfied their woman or not, some times, they wonder if they’re up to commit.

Let’s take a look at what he thinks after you sleep with him. Some of these thoughts will have you in splits while others will take you by surprise. You might just find yourself grinning as you scroll down. Ready to find out what do guys think? All right then, time to explore a man’s mind!

What’s On A Guy’s Mind When He Sleeps With You?

Thanks to our relationship experts, we have come up with a list of thoughts that cross a guy’s mind after an eventful night. (Disclaimer: We have not included his hunger pangs like, “Will she make me a sandwich?” or his second round needs like “Should I ask her if she’s up for a round two?”) Let’s get started with this fantastic list!

1. “I enjoyed making love to her”

Okay, so here’s the thing we start with…if you are concerned whether a guy enjoyed being with you or not, and if your freshly waxed leg transported him to heaven, let’s be straight; guys enjoy every kind of sex, period. If they’re having sex with you, they’re really not worried about your body type.

You will know if he enjoys making love to you, because if he doesn’t, he won’t do it in the first place. A male orgasm can’t be faked! Guys will think about all the fun they had when your steamy session is over. It’s really that straightforward and simple.

2. What do guys think after you sleep with them? “She knows how to take the lead”

Guys love confident women. Most women think that all men like being Christian Grey; that all you have to do is get cuffed and blindfolded. Allow us to clear your doubts. Guys may love being dominant, but they want action from the other side too.

They love it when a woman takes the lead. When you are bold, brave and make your move, he thinks, “Wow, that girl really rocked my world!” He’ll be wowed by your initiative (and skill), and if you were on top for the night, it’s definitely what he’s thinking after you sleep with him.

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3. “Did she enjoy it?”

Want the good news? Though all the theories talk about the insensitivity of guys, they actually do worry whether you enjoyed sleeping with them or not. When he is looking for a long-term thing with you, he’ll be particularly concerned about satisfying you in bed. And then there are times when his “Did she enjoy it?” worries, can be related to performance issues. But trust us, most of the time, guys do want to know if you are as happy about the night as they are.

If you find yourself wondering what do guys think after you sleep with them, keep this one in mind. He’s probably trying to figure out a way of asking if you enjoyed being with him.

what do guys think
What do guys think after you sleep with them?

4. “Was the orgasm real?”

Believe us when we say this, but this is one of the foremost questions that pops into a guy’s mind every freaking time! Faking orgasms is a thing girls usually do, which is why guys are usually concerned about their performance. No matter the set-up: a one-night stand, a no-strings-attached arrangement, the beginning of a relationship, or a marriage…the guy is bound to wonder if you truly ‘finished’ with him.

And he’s got no way of confirming this. You can’t really ask a girl if her orgasm was real. So this question will keep running through his mind. Are you still confused about what guys think after you sleep with them? Well, you really needn’t be.

5. “Should I leave or stay?”

This one is applicable to a random hook-up; it’s what guys think after you sleep with them once. After sleeping with you, he is probably wondering if you want him to stay overnight for some snuggles and breakfast, or simply leave in silence. The problem is, the guy won’t directly say whether he really wants to leave or not either, but will wait for you to ask.

So the next time you see him taking too much time to put on his clothes and lingering around for no reason, you know he wants to stay, but is waiting for you to initiate the conversation. Staying back and spending time with you could be on a guy’s mind after he’s slept with you. And that’s a good thing unless you want it to be a hook-up strictly. This thought is a frequent answer to what do guys think after you sleep with them?

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6. “Who’s the best?” What he thinks after you sleep with him!

After the reassurance (through hints or verbal praising) that you enjoyed doing the dirty with him and are truly satisfied, guys can’t help but start wondering, “Who has she had the best sex of her life with?” In other words, they’re thinking, “Am I the best she’s ever had?”

We call girls jealous and competitive, but when it comes to the “who’s the best in bed” question, nothing can beat a man’s ego. So if there is an awkwardness in his expression even after you’ve indicated that you enjoyed the night, assure him further with, “You’re the best sex I ever had” (even if you don’t mean it).

7. “What’s next?”

“What’s next?” is a question that pops up in two different contexts. The first is when the guy thinks, “Wow, last night was great! But what’s next? Will she meet me again? Or was I just a one-night stand for her?” These self-doubts occur when the guy you slept with wants you to notice him beyond the bedroom.

The second scenario where the “What’s next?” question pops up, would be when he is not that into you. Maybe he’s gotten the hint that you are into him though. Here, the “What’s next?” wondering comes to his mind with a slight sense of alarm — “What is she thinking now? Does she want to take it further? How will she react if I tell her it was just casual?” Thus, when the guy is in deep thought after waking up, leave clear hints of what you want and let him decide what he wants.

8. “This is a story I must share”

What do guys think after you sleep with them, you ask? Well, no matter how much you’re going to hate this, no matter if the guy you slept with was your date for the night or your boyfriend, guys just love to flaunt their ‘Starry Night Stories’ with their friends. And girl, beware, your moves and moans are going to be embellished to his dudes. Do guys think about a girl after hooking up? Yes.

The one thing constantly running through his mind after waking up is, “I’ve got to tell the guys!” Now is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. Think about it this way, don’t girls like to brag about hot guys and their rocking abilities to their girlfriends? We are pretty sure his stamina calculation is going to your besties too, so don’t completely blame him if he is going to do the same.

The Final Say What do guys think?

A number of thoughts can come to a guy’s mind after sleeping with you, ranging from your physical features, to your moves, to the future of the relationship between you two. To make your life simple, decode his feelings through his expressions.

  • If he wakes up happy – He had a great time
  • But if he wakes up worried – He is not completely into you and might have to give some answers to someone
  • If he wakes up confused – Tell him, it was one of the best nights you’ve ever had and take the communication further to know what’s in his mind.

Now that we have done all the decoding for you just go ahead and enjoy yourself and don’t worry too much about what do guys think after you sleep with them. Have a good time between the sheets and be comfortable with the outcome of the same. Be your most confident self and don’t be too preoccupied with what’s on his mind.

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