Kiranjotkaur Valecha

A writer by nature, a baker by heart, and a traveller by soul, Kiranjot feeds her passions with fierce love and undying curiosity. She is an unapologetic feminist who does not think twice before voicing her opinions. Smashing patriarchy and contemporary dancing are just two of her daily activities. She hopes to make her life as metaphorical as the images that draw her to poetry.

20 Qualities To Look For In A Husband

What are the qualities of a good man to marry? You need someone who supports the decisions you make and stands by you. Though this may seem like a given, unfortunately, despite the progressive times we live in, a lot of men still expect their wives to play second fiddle in the marriage. For instance, in many marriages, one of the ideal wife qualities is to give up career after the baby if the circumstances demand. However, this does not necessarily work in the modern era.

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