18 Sure-Shot Signs An Aquarius Man Is In Love

March 20, 2023 |
Aquarius man in love
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An Aquarius man in love can be an interesting bag of traits and behaviors that can be annoying and endearing in equal measure. He can come across as a rude know-it-all, but he is also intelligent and passionate about the things he cares about. He is a perfectionist to a fault, but he is also ready to give his all to a relationship.

Hence, dating an Aquarius guy can be a mixed bag of highs and lows. For instance, curiosity is a defining Aquarius men trait. It makes them highly intelligent and creative. Look at Michael Jordan, Ed Sheeran, and Charles Dicken: These men are/were incredibly creative and good at what they do. But sadly, this also means it can be difficult to hold their interest for long.

However, that does not mean that an Aquarius guy is fickle-minded. He is compassionate and a deep thinker. He would go out of his way for the people that he loves and would make sure they enjoy his company. So, if you’re crushing hard on such a guy, let’s help you understand how an Aquarius man in love behaves.

How To Make An Aquarius Man Fall In Love With You

But before we decode what an Aquarius guy smitten by you looks like, let us first discuss how to get him there in the first place. A person of the Aquarius zodiac sign is certainly a desirable romantic partner to have. And there are tips and tricks to make him the boyfriend of your dreams. Here is what Aquarius men love:

  • They like a good chase: Aquarius men tend to fall hard for those who make them work for it. They don’t like someone who runs after them, pines for them incessantly, and does everything to get their attention. While these men do like confidence and forwardness in their romantic interest, they also admire those who know their worth and stand their ground
  • They would love your intelligence: An Aquarius guy would love someone who can discuss intelligent things with him. From NASA being in the news to Karl Marx, an Aquarius guy usually knows a lot of what is going on in the world and needs someone who is happy to talk about the same with him
  • They expect equal effort: Men born under the air signs are very strong, but that doesn’t mean that they are not emotional. Yes, we told you to play hard to get earlier, but not always. He also needs to be shown that you understand him and care for him. So do little things for him to show him the same. Whether it is making time to see him for coffee out of your busy day, or sending him your favorite book, there are many small gestures to show him that you value him. That’s one of the ways they love to be spoiled according to their zodiac

18 Signs An Aquarius Man Is In Love You Can’t Go Wrong With These!

Aquarius: January 20 to February 19

Aquarius men traits: Intelligent, curious, passionate, compassionate, ambitious, stubborn, know-it-all, perfectionist, loner

Aquarius guy compatibility: Most compatible with other air signs like Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

Now that you have a broad idea about the Aquarius man traits and the signs he is most compatible with, let’s now focus our attention on an Aquarius guy in love. What do Aquarius men like in their romantic interests? Is dating an Aquarius man emotionally fulfilling? What is the Aquarius man in love behavior like? Can one kickstart a great relationship with this air sign? Is he open to a long-term, exclusive relationship? Or does he exhibit the signs of a commitment-phobe?

Many such questions can weigh on your mind when you’ve just begun dating an Aquarius or are contemplating a relationship with him. Even more so if his dating history seems to be a string of short-lived flings rather than lasting relationships. While it’s true that his short-lived interests often create trouble in his love life, once he finds someone who completely fascinates him, he would fall head over heels for them for a very long time.

Have you fallen for an Aquarius but can’t quite put a finger on how deep his feelings run? Not sure whether you’re the one that completely fascinates him or just another chapter in his long dating history? Read on to know the 18 signs of an Aquarius male in love and what you can do to make sure his love for you continues to grow.

1. He will always be eager to meet you

Aquarius men are generally interactive in nature but they are not very social. This aspect of the Aquarius guy personality can be best described as a loner who thrives in the right social settings. Confusing, right? Well, your man is a living, breathing sum of contradictions. And that’s also what makes him so charming and irresistible.

Aquarius men love having conversations. They can get very talkative but only with the people they’re absolutely comfortable with. If an Aquarius is in love with you, he will always be eager to meet you. An Aquarius generally enjoys personal time and freedom in relationships. If you want to know how an Aquarius guy acts when he likes you, just send him one text about wanting to meet him. He will readily clear his schedule.

2. Aquarius men tend to drop hints for you to surprise him

Understanding an Aquarius personality is not always an easy task. The Aquarius personality male – as well as female – is complex and layered. On the bright side, that adds to the enigma of his allure. That’s why you sometimes feel attracted to your Aquarius close friends, because they are just so attractive owing to the various layers in their personality. Stemming from this personality, one of the most curious Aquarius traits is his secret need to be showered with gestures that reiterate your love and affection for him.

He will secretly expect you to do things for him. An Aquarius guy will go out of his way to do things for you, but if you want him to fall head over heels for you, then you will have to put in some effort in the relationship as well. Find out about his likes and surprise him with something he absolutely loves. It won’t even be that difficult since he will drop subtle hints about what he likes anyway. So you’ll pretty much have a manual of what he wants. An Aquarius male in love likes his share of attention, so don’t skimp on it.

3. He will wonder if you are going too fast

Aquarian men are not afraid of falling in love. They tend to call a spade a spade in most situations life throws at them, and the Aquarius man behavior when he falls in love doesn’t diverge from this tendency.

  • He doesn’t shy away too easily: If he is sure of how he feels about you, he will own it in a heartbeat and wear his feelings on his sleeve. He will never shy away from expressing his strong desire for you
  • But he will take his time to get there: Know that it may take him a while to get to a point where he is sure about his feelings. To understand Aquarian men, it is important to realize that they are in constant doubt and confusion
  • He will wonder if you are going too fast: He will identify the signs of being in love on his own but he will still go to sleep wondering if your pace is right. Yes, they are deep thinkers, but they are also overthinkers. If you’re sure that the Aquarius male likes you and if you like him back, don’t hesitate to give him an assurance to dissolve all his inhibitions

4. He will make moves of affection

Yes, that is something you can expect from an Aquarius partner. An Aquarius guy will be flirtatious, gentle, and romantic with you when he is genuinely into you. Here’s what it kind of looks like:

  • Subtle hints: He would send you texts and drop subtle hints that indicate he is thinking about you or is looking forward to having more of your company
  • Cute surprises: Don’t be surprised if he sends you flowers, aroma candles, and wine just ’cause he felt like it. If you keep receiving cute texts from an Aquarius, he is certainly interested in you and is not trying very hard to hide it
  • Spending one-on-one time: He will keep pushing for this. If you are out with friends for dinner, he will keep asking you if he can buy you a gelato after. Or invite you home for a nightcap. He is desperate to get some one-on-one time with you!

When you see all these romantic gestures, it’s only natural to wonder, “What do Aquarius men like? What can I do to reciprocate?” We have a simple suggestion for you: Meet him halfway. Don’t let him feel that he is the only one putting in all effort in taking things forward. If he hasn’t texted for some reason, take a lead and drop him a “Sup?”. If he sent you flowers, get him a small but thoughtful gift like his favorite coffee roast or a cool keychain in return.

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5. He would not stop talking about you to his friends

It is commonly said that men do not talk about their feelings to a lot of people. But that is not the case with an Aquarius guy, and this is actually one of their weakness according to the zodiac wheel. If he likes you, he will not stop blabbering about you to his friends. His conversations about you will be unceasing to a point that his friends will instantly recognize you the moment they see you.

  • One of the best parts about Aquarius men in relationships is the pride they take in their partners. And this sense of pride sets in long before you two get together and embark on your journey of togetherness
  • He talks about you openly. An Aquarius in love cannot stop gushing about the one that has his heart, and all of this begins well before you have a clear idea about his affections
  • So if you’re dating an Aquarius guy and not sure about his feelings for you, his friends have the answer you’re looking for

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6. He will be vulnerable in front of you

Sharing private thoughts, hopes, and dreams is not a likely trait of an Aquarius man. An Aquarius guy is usually very selective about the people he trusts. Only the worthy make it to his inner circle. A classic sign of an Aquarius male in love is that he opens up his heart and welcomes you into the sanctum sanctorum of his life. And that is what will help you two cultivate a great relationship as well.

He would share all his thoughts and ambitions with you. He will even let you in on his darkest secrets, hoping you wouldn’t judge him. If the Aquarius guy is letting his guard down in front of you, he is most definitely interested in you. If he has a leather-bound planner where he jots down his thoughts and future plans, you could soon be privy to that information.

7. Intellectual conversations with you are an everyday occurrence

The Aquarius zodiac sign thrives on this. Which is why, the one absolute must to keep an Aquarius guy interested in you is to indulge in interesting conversations. While he will accept you wholeheartedly if you’re shy or introverted, he may draw the line at uninformed or boring.

  • An Aquarius guy needs meaningful and quality conversations with a partner to thrive in a relationship.
  • Aquarius men in relationships need intellectual intimacy with their significant others. If he is already engaging with you in deep, stirring conversations, it is a sure sign that he is interested in you and would love to keep talking to you
  • You don’t need to be interested in the same things as him, feel free to bring your own interesting version to the conversation table. That’s pretty much a prerequisite for an Aquarius male in love to stay in love

8. He will always be curious to know more about you

Curiosity is a defining trait of his personality, and it reflects when an Aquarius falls in love with someone. Every facet of your personality is a new discovery for an Aquarius. Your likes, dislikes, the way you talk, the way you defend yourself, your smile, how your eyes narrow when you laugh, every single aspect fascinates an Aquarius guy who is falling for you. When an Aquarius guy likes you, he would want to know everything about you.

The books you’re reading, the music that you like, your travel destinations, etc. He would want to know about your favorite perfume, clothing, and your food preferences. He would never get tired of knowing more about you and he will never judge you for your quirks. In fact, an Aquarius male in love with you would mean he will love your eccentricities as well. His texting style would tell you a lot about his interest too.

9. He will consider you his best friend and share his true feelings with you

A friendship with an Aquarius means a thriving bond. When you two are close friends, he will open up to you a lot. The only problem is it is not easy to befriend an Aquarius. Here is why:

  • A lot of times they tend to do things as per their own whims and march to their own drum, which is why it is not always easy to be friends with them
  • They are selective. They will talk to everyone nicely, but only a handful would qualify to be their friends
  • They open up in intimate spaces and make efforts for their friends. If an Aquarius is interested in you and you have developed a solid friendship, he will trust you enough to be fully comfortable with you

If you’re already dating an Aquarius and he also calls you his best friend, then remember that he could be showing signs that he’s in love with his best friend and a proposal might not be very far away. He needs his relationships, especially the ones he sees going the distance, to be as layered and nuanced as Aquarius personality male. If he has found his partner and his best friend in you, you can rest assured he sees a future with you.

10. An Aquarius man in love makes grand gestures

“Go big or go home” is like an unsaid motto defining the Aquarius guy’s behavior, be it in love or any other sphere of life. Men born under air signs are usually very affectionate, that’s why an Aquarius in love is known to make grand gestures that can sweep you off your feet and melt your heart in an instant. One of the biggest signs that an Aquarius friend is interested in you is that he will go out of his way to give you surprises and would do anything to make your day brighter.

Aquarius man in love
An Aquarius guy in love doesn’t shy away from putting himself out there

Craving Chinese food? He will order online and deliver it to you for dinner. Bored at home? He will take you for a long drive. Bad day? He will stand at your doorstep with a bouquet of your favorite flowers and a slice of your favorite cheesecake. An Aquarian male in love will never shy away from making grand gestures and giving surprises just to see that beautiful smile on your face.

Of the different types of love languages, acts of service ring the truest in the case of a majority of Aquarius men in relationships. Once you begin to recognize that, you will begin to appreciate all that he does for you a whole lot more because you’d see that these are not just sweet gestures but his way of saying he loves you.

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11. He will scold you as much as he pampers you

An Aquarius partner isn’t all rainbows and sunshine. He will not just love you and pamper you but will also deeply care about you, which will manifest itself in fights as well. Remember that being a perfectionist to a flaw is one of the inherent Aquarius men traits. And sure enough, he brings it to his relationship and also expects his partner to meet the bar he’s set for himself.

  • He will push you to achieve your true potential and also scold you when needed. Scolding is a pretty common form of portraying concern in an Aquarius man
  • He cools down quickly, though. He will get angry when you hurt him (or hurt yourself) but he will also immediately take you in his embrace to show that the anger was purely out of love
  • This aspect makes it difficult for people to stay upset with Aquarian men

    What’s his way of making up after a fight? He gets you the violin that’s been lying in your cart for a long time. Or that digital pressure cooking you have been ogling at for far too long now.

    12. An Aquarius man in love will go out of his way for you

    Has something been bugging you recently? Your Aquarius friend would show up at your doorstep at four in the morning That is how an Aquarius personality shows love in serious relationships. No, this is not one of the zodiac signs that will likely break your heart. Your Aquarius connection will go out of his way to make you realize that he is going to stand by you, rock-solid, no matter what comes. The best part about this is that he will never complain about going out of his way for you.

    He will never count the things he has done for you. If an Aquarius guy is in love, he will be there for you selflessly. He will do it out of love, only for you. An Aquarius guy in love is truly large-hearted and you will always know it. To show that he cares, he could even get you “Love You” cards, soft toys, and orchids. It’s your turn now. What romantic gestures are you planning for him?

    13. He will tease you like you’re his best friend

    An Aquarius usually has a great sense for genuine bonding. And bonding is not always about being cute and adorable. A lot of times, it takes the form of fun jibes and jokes which further cement serious relationships. Which is why, here is what you should expect from an Aquarius partner:

    • An Aquarius partner is very light-hearted and loves having a good laugh. And if an Aquarius is interested in you, you may find yourself as a butt of his jokes every now and then, but without being offensive
    • An Aquarius man in love behavior is a mix of romance, jokes, and commitment
    • Your Aquarius boyfriend will keep teasing you. Usually, Aquarius men know their limits while pulling someone’s leg, but feel free to punch your Aquarius partner if you want to (Although he will continue laughing at you anyway!)

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    14. He will make a lot of plans with you as a romantic partner

    An Aquarius male in love is always curious about exploring new places and trying new things with his romantic partner. He is never sated with the regular places and would keep searching for new adventures and exciting journeys to share with you. So if this guy keeps sending you food joints to try or new towns to explore, take it as a clear sign of an Aquarius man in love. You will truly explore your wild side if you end up dating an Aquarius, and this is what makes them one of the best partners among zodiac signs.

    • Dating an Aquarius means bracing yourself for an adventurous and heady ride filled with breathtaking experiences
    • Be it exploring all the quaint cafes in town or showing up at your door on a Sunday morning to drag you out of bed and on a hike, being with an Aquarius boyfriend will truly expand your horizons and make you more receptive to new experiences
    • You’ll need to set your boundaries with him if his impulsive side starts to annoy you

    15. An Aquarius in love will blindly trust you

    An Aquarius man is very secretive about his life. It takes a lot of trust for him to introduce someone to his family. Once an Aquarius guy realizes that he sees a future with you and decides that you are the right person for him, you will know that he is interested in you when he introduces you to his world. Winning the trust of an Aquarius means winning the heart of someone who would treat you like there is nobody else more important to him than you.

    • They trust very cautiously and usually don’t jump with both feet into any romantic connection
    • An Aquarius man in love will do his due diligence to assess whether you’re worthy of his trust, but once he is sure, he won’t hesitate in going all the way
    • Aquarius men in relationships are not insecure at all after they place their faith in you. You will even begin to see the signs he is ready to settle down with you at some point
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    16. He loves public displays of affection

    That’s the Aquarius personality. And that is every person’s dream, isn’t it? Be it your private space or a public setting, once an Aquarius man is in love, he is going to show you off to the world. Men born under air signs are very open about who they love. When an Aquarius personality falls for you, he is proud to have you as an integral part of his life and he would not shy away from boasting about you to everyone.

    An Aquarius partner will never treat you like an object but he would proudly show you off to the world. He will hold your hand in public, possibly even steal some kisses when no one is watching, and once you’re all alone, he will show you that he can’t get enough of you. That is what makes him the best boyfriend!

    17. Once he is sure of his love, he will not shy away from commitment

    An Aquarius guy just needs some time before he finally acknowledges and accepts his strong desire for you. He displays more signs of trust issues than most people, and only trusts a few people in his life.

    • It takes time for Aquarius men to get rid of their inhibitions about moving too fast or being too attached
    • However, once an Aquarius personality is in love with you, you will find him committed to you
    • And then things can move a bit fast. He might land at your doorstep with a ring, long before you even anticipate a proposal. That’s just how the Aquarius man in love behavior works

    Of course, we’re not saying that you are obligated to say yes or that if he hasn’t shown up with that ring, he doesn’t love you. What we’re saying is that an Aquarius in love pulls all the stops to let his significant other know how much they mean to him.

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    18. He likes being chased by the right person

    A lot of people have asked us, “What do Aquarius men like? Do Aquarius men like being chased?” Well, yes, they do. He really desires to be chased. He would drop subtle hints and expect surprises, hoping that you’d fall for him in the process. If you want him to chase you, you better up your game!

    Aquarius men have a limited social circle, and even fewer people they truly trust. If you chase an Aquarius, it would make him realize that you want him in your life as much as he wants you in his. Therefore, Aquarius men do like being chased, and if you could chase him, you should do that.

    Key Pointers

    • Serious relationships with Aquarius guys can truly be amazing because these personalities are very committed and will trust you wholeheartedly
    • When an Aquarian has strong feels for you, he will act like your best friend around you
    • An Aquarius male in love has a strong desire for PDA and is always happy to rope you in for hugs and kisses in public
    • His moves of affection are usually very obvious and audacious

    If you’re able to relate to even four of these signs, there are very good chances that an Aquarius guy has strong feelings for you. All you need to do is make him realize you will never break his heart, and he is yours to keep, and you two will truly have a great relationship. Being with an Aquarius is nothing short of being on an adventure that you’re surely going to enjoy. If you find an Aquarius guy, never let him go, and in turn, he will make your life much more interesting and creative.

    This article has been updated in December 2022.


    1. What is it like dating an Aquarius man?

    Dating an Aquarius can be quite the rollercoaster ride filled with fun, laughter, and excitement. An Aquarius personality will make you feel secure in the relationship and also push you to achieve your true potential. Being with him widens your horizons and makes you more receptive to embracing life as it comes.

    2. How does an Aquarius man show his love?

    Acts of service are an Aquarius guy’s preferred love language. He will show his love through moving gestures, both grand as well as thoughtful and sweet. He is also not afraid to show his feelings and flaunt his love for you once he is sure that he sees himself going the distance with you.

    3. Can you trust an Aquarius man in a relationship?

    Whether or not you can trust an Aquarius guy in a relationship depends on whether he has placed his trust in you. If he has, then you can trust him blindly and rest assured that he will do whatever it takes to make sure he doesn’t hurt you. However, if he hasn’t, then he may not let you into his heart and his life completely. That can make it that much harder to trust him.

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