The Ultimate Bucket List For Couples – 71 Fun And Romantic Things To Do

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Updated On: July 28, 2023
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Who said that only couples in romantic movies can have fun? With meaningful bonding, romantic date nights, a shared adventurous spirit, and a little bit of spontaneity, creating a doable bucket list for couples to indulge in is not all that difficult. Trust us, if the two of you want to enjoy each other’s company to the maximum, a bucket list for couples is all you need.

The Ultimate Bucket List For Couples – 71 Fun And Romantic Things To Do

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A relationship is more than just being with each other and saying, “I love you”. In fact, a rewarding relationship is always brimming with timeless memories and experiences that bring you closer together and prove that you love each other, without having to say so a zillion times.

Don’t you want to be in the middle of a weekend getaway, just to look at your partner and think, “Damn, I love this person”? We got you covered. Whether you’re looking to break the monotony, scoping for grand adventures, or just want simple things to do together, this bucket list for couples has got everything you’ll need:

1. Go back to the place where you had your first kiss

What can be a better way to increase your love than letting nostalgia do its thing? Don’t you want to remember what that adrenaline rush and those butterflies in your stomach felt like when your lips first touched your lover’s? Taking this beautiful walk down memory lane should definitely be on the bucket list for married couples or even unmarried couples!

2. Write a love letter to each other

tips on how to be a better lover
Shower your partner with words of appreciation

Often, couples forget what it is like to be newly in love and express all that is in their hearts to each other. Well, take advantage of this bucket list for couples and write a love letter to each other and share all the things you want to say to them, but just haven’t managed to.

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3. Give each other a massage

This one is a must on the bucket list for married couples. Having lived together for so long, both of you know how stressed out the other person is, and there can be no better way to rejuvenate one another than by giving a relaxing massage to each other. So, get your massage oils out and take your partner to nirvana through your massage.

4. Recreate the first date you had

Every couple has had a first date. Maybe you went to the movies, went to a fancy restaurant, or invited your partner over for a meal. Whatever it was that you did, recreate that with the same clothes and same ambiance to get that first date feeling again.

5. Go skinny dipping!

Yep, now we’re talking. Could there be a better way to combine the wildest things to do with your boyfriend along with an item from a bucket list for couples’ summer? We didn’t think so. Choose a secluded beach location, take off each other’s clothes and swim naked with your beau. It cannot get any sexier than this.

6. Watch a movie in a drive-in theatre

Watching a movie in a drive-in theatre is a different feeling altogether. It is almost always secluded, and you can easily sneak in a little bit of a make-out session while watching the movie.

7. Make out on a Ferris wheel

Imagine this: you’re on top of the world with the love of your life, the cityscape before you at a bird’s eye view, and you are making out. Exciting, don’t you think? Turn this thing into reality by making out on a Ferris wheel.

8. Go to a beach and get tanned together

Everybody loves a little bit of a tan. Make the most of summers by going to a beach and getting tanned together. This should definitely be on your bucket list for couples’ summer.

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9. One milkshake, two straws

On a bucket list for couples, sharing a drink is a must. The ‘two straws, one milkshake’ move is not just cute in the movies, it’s just as romantic in real life as well and we definitely recommend you try it.

10. Throw a two-person rooftop party

Beautiful night, starry sky, fairy lights, good wine, and the company of your companion. Need we say more?

11. Have a water balloon fight

Water balloon fights are honestly one of the best ways a couple can have fun together. All you need is some water balloons and a rooftop, and you’re good to go!

12. Share one strand of spaghetti

bucket list for couples to do together
A cute little activity that can quickly turn naughty

Another cute movie reference in our bucket list for couples, make some spaghetti or order it in a restaurant, and eat one strand of spaghetti till you reach the center and end up sharing a lip-smacking kiss.

13. Host dinner parties together

A bucket list for married couples doesn’t necessarily have to involve just the two of them. Showcase your skills as a couple by planning a double date or hosting a dinner party for your friends. Cooking for your guests can be a great way for you to bond as well.

14. Slow dance in the middle of the road

Go for a drive at night, stop on a secluded road, blast some romantic music and slow dance in the middle of the road, looking deep into the eyes of your partner. It will be a beautiful end to a beautiful night!

15. Kiss in the rain

It is one thing to kiss, and a whole other thing to kiss in the rain. Kissing in the rain is tremendously special and romantic. It is truly an experience you cannot miss out on and should immediately add to your bucket list.

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16. Take a bubble bath or a shower together

Summer is all about heat. Well, take advantage of that heat and step into the shower or a bubble bath together. Maybe get a little frisky while you’re in there as well! This has to be on your bucket list for couples’ summer.

17. Take a kissing picture

Kissing your partner is one of the best feelings in the world, and you should certainly capture it to make it into a permanent memory; something you can smile at whenever you see it.

18. Dine out in a fancy restaurant

After being married for years, dressing up and going on dates become old news. Well, this one is on the bucket list for married couples. Send a surprise invite to your partner, ask them to dress up, and take them out for dinner in a fancy restaurant.

19. Make breakfast in bed for your partner

Whip up some pancakes, make some juice and bring breakfast in bed for your significant other. We are certain they will reward you in very exciting ways!

20. A spontaneous road trip to anywhere

If you’re making a travel bucket list for couples, then this one fits in perfectly for you. You do not always need to decide where to go. Simply pack your bags and drive off somewhere far away, cherishing the spontaneity and excitement of each other’s company!

21. Bake cookies together

A bucket list for couples is incomplete without baking something together. Baking cookies is one of the easiest things to do. Not to mention you can play with the cookie dough and eat it as you make it.

22. Go snorkeling

There’s a mysterious and wonderful life underwater and you simply must add snorkeling to your travel bucket list for couples to enjoy that underwater life. Explore the amusing sea creatures and marvel at the corals, in each other’s company.

23. Travel to a new place every year

There are many good reasons to travel with your partner. Sharing new adventures brings you closer and helps strengthen your bond. Not to mention the myriad memories you make in the process. So, make a deal to travel together and add it to your bucket list to visit a new city or country every year. This is one of the best things to add to the travel bucket list for couples.

24. Visit a vineyard

Vineyards are one of the most romantic and relaxing places you’ll find. You can walk around with your partner, go wine tasting, buy some delicious wine, and just have the time of your lives there!

25. Kiss in a hot air balloon ride

The movie The Ugly Truth really raised the bar for a crazy couple of bucket list ideas. It proved that making out somewhere in the sky in a hot air balloon undoubtedly has to be included in the travel bucket list for couples. It feels magical and surreal at the same time!

26. Take dance classes together

Waltz and ballroom dance are two of the most romantic dance forms that exist, while tango and salsa are two of the sexiest. Why not add one of these to your bucket list and take dance classes together? Fun and romance guaranteed.

27. Watch each other’s favorite movie

One of the best ways of getting to know each other is by watching your partner’s favorite movies. Make a deal to watch your significant other’s favorite movie and make sure they do the same.

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28. Go to a bread-and-breakfast

If going away on a long trip seems impossible, that doesn’t mean you can’t travel together. You can always try an overnight stay at a B&B and maybe sneak in a spa visit along with that.

29. Make love in an exciting location

Talking about crazy couple bucket list ideas, there can’t be anything crazier than getting frisky in an exciting location. From making out to full-blown fooling around, there are lots of romantic things you can do in public places. Get intimate in an airplane, in a field of wildflowers, or on the porch swing, you can be as creative as you like when indulging in some exciting sexy time.

30. Make a playlist of your songs

Everybody has certain songs that remind them of their significant other. Make a playlist of your relationship songs and listen to it whenever your partner or are in the mood for something romantic.

31. Watch the sunrise or sunset together

It’s a rewarding feeling to watch the sunrise or sunset, snuggled in one another’s arms, thinking that you made it! Experience this feeling and make the most of it.

32. Visit a fair and take photos

Fairs are a lot of fun, and every fair has a photo booth where you guys can take funny and/or romantic pictures. You can also get cotton candy and just cherish your time together.

33. Add a love lock to a bridge

While you can’t do this in Paris anymore, there are several bridges where you can add your love lock. You can even visit this bridge once every year to find your love lock!

34. Visit the market and make a seasonal meal together

One of the most romantic things on the fall bucket list for couples is visiting the farmers’ market in the morning and making a seasonal meal such as a Garlic and Herb Turkey Roulade or a Balsamic Cranberry Roast Chicken together. The heartiness from the experience is truly a rewarding and warm feeling.

35. Go to a pumpkin patch and carve pumpkins

Fall is incomplete without pumpkins! Go to a pumpkin patch and choose the best pumpkins. Once you bring them home, carve those pumpkins together and get ready for Halloween. It’s the perfect addition to the fall bucket list for couples.

36. Build a blanket fort

If this is not on your bucket list for couples, then you’re doing it wrong. Building a blanket fort and watching movies together is such a cute feeling, we cannot even begin to describe it.

37. Visit a haunted house

It may sound scary, but it is actually rather romantic. Go to a haunted place around your city and notice your partner holding your hand a little more tightly or clinging to you like a bat.

38. Rake up the leaves and jump in it

You cannot begin your fall bucket list for couples without raking up all those ochre, red and orange autumn leaves together and then jumping in them. Not only is it an effective way to clean up, but it is also super fun to jump into!

39. Attend a Halloween party in couples’ costumes

This is a must for your bucket list for couples. Couples’ costumes are adorable, and you have to dress up in them to attend a Halloween party.

40. Buy ugly Christmas sweaters together

Need an idea to put into your Christmas bucket list for couples? We got you covered. Buy ugly Christmas sweaters to twin with your significant other, and you can even get pictures clicked with Santa Claus.

41. Kiss under a mistletoe

This is a really romantic thing to add to your bucket list. During your Christmas parties, kiss your partner under every mistletoe you see. This could also become a cute little game between the two of you.

42. Decorate a Christmas tree together

Another item on the Christmas bucket list for couples that you simply cannot refuse to do, is decorating a Christmas tree together. It is such a heartwarming feeling that will make you brim over with love. And it makes for a great winter date idea.

43. Make a gingerbread house

Even if you are not an expert, making a gingerbread house with your partner is certainly fun and entertaining. Get some whipped cream, royal icing, edible decorations, and get going!

44. Go stargazing

This one is a no-brainer. All you need to do is grab some blankets, go to a place with a clear sky, snuggle under those blankets, and indulge in conversations as you gaze at the mesmerizing stars.

45. Create a personalized hot cocoa drink

Whether you want to add flavored marshmallows in your hot cocoa or spike it with a little alcohol, add ‘making a signature hot cocoa drink’ to your list because we certainly think that your winter bucket list for couples is incomplete without this!

46. Make snow angels

If you live in a city where it snows, then this is just perfect for you! If not, you can always travel to a place where it snows and make snow angels. This will not only make it to your winter bucket list but also your travel bucket list.

47. Cuddle by the fire

winter bucket list for couples
Get cozy with your partner by the fireplace

This one has to be on your winter bucket list for couples. Light up the fireplace at home or rent a weekend home with a fireplace and cuddle by the fire all night. You will love it!

48. Get matching tattoos

Looking to add a permanent marker of your love on your bucket list for couples to do together? This is it! After all, what could be more permanent than a tattoo? You can either get matching tattoos or one that pairs with the tattoo of your partner, like a jigsaw puzzle.

49. Cook a new meal together

Explore different cuisines and choose the one you both like. Then, research the perfect recipe and make it with your partner. Couples that cook together, stay together.

50. Create a vision board for the future

If you and your partner are in the relationship for the long run, then this is an important thing to add to your bucket list. Create a vision board of all the aspirations you have in your individual lives and with each other and see how you can take it forward.

51. Ride a tandem bike

You need to have good teamwork and cooperation to enjoy a tandem bike ride, and this exercise will help you identify many new aspects of your relationship. Not to mention it is extremely fun as well.

52. Stay home with each other the entire day

Just pick a free day, unplug from social media, and spend an entire day with each other. With the advent of technology, partners often miss out on just spending time with each other doing nothing. Here’s your chance to rediscover your love for each other the authentic way! Go on and add this to your bucket list for couples to do together.

53. Make a welcome board for your long-distance partner

Is your SO in another city? What can be a better way to welcome them back home to you than create a personalized welcome board for them? This is a must-add to your long-distance relationship bucket list for couples. Trust us, your partner is going to love it.

54. Enjoy bar hopping

There are so many bars in your city that you may never have explored. Well, it’s time to make use of this bucket list for couples and go bar hopping. Have a drink at every bar, get drunk by the end and finish the night with some drunk lovemaking.

55. Order a surprise meal for your partner in a different city

Food is the solution to almost everything! Want to see your partner’s face light up on a video call? Simply order a surprise meal for them while they are working or studying. We recommend this to everyone who is drawing up a long-distance relationship bucket list for couples.

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56. Run and kiss your partner at the airport

The most romantic way to welcome the one you love and to show them how happy you are to have them back is by running and kissing them at the airport. Plus points if you jump on them!

57. Send flirty texts to your partner while they are at work

This one works especially well when you are in a long-distance relationship. While your partner is working, send them a flirty text mentioning all the dirty things you want to do to them and imagine them trying to suppress their smile in front of their colleagues!

58. Send gifts to each other and open it together

Another pointer in the long-distance relationship bucket list for couples, all you need to do is send a gift to each other without telling the other what the gift is, and open your respective gifts on a video call. It will be very rewarding, we promise.

59. Binge watch a series

Whether you live with your partner or stay far away from them, you can still decide a specific time to binge-watch a series together. It will make you feel close to the one you love.

60. Wear a blindfold in bed

Spice up your sex life by introducing blindfolds in bed. The lack of the sense of sight enhances the other senses and heightens the pleasure – making way for sparks to fly and sheets to burn!

61. Give your partner a lap dance

Put a sexy spin to your foreplay with a lap dance. It is undeniably one of the wildest things to do with your boyfriend. All you need to do is dress up in something sexy and showcase your irresistible assets to your partner, moving to some racy music.

62. Indulge in role play

We recommend this to be in everyone’s crazy couple bucket list ideas. Choose characters that you and your partner relate to and create scenarios to play out in the bedroom. It will definitely add a fresh touch to your lovemaking.

63. Click sexy pictures of yourself

Give your partner a little sneak into what they are going to get as soon as they come home and rev up their senses by clicking sexy pictures of yourself and sending it to them. However, we advise you to do this only if you completely trust your partner.

64. Try a new position

A sexy item we suggest on the bucket list for couples, this one is as easy as it is sensuous. Explore a position that you have never tried before and indulge in your mutual ecstasy.

65. Move in together

How can a bucket list for couples be complete without a goal? If you are in a relationship, getting a place and moving in together should find a spot on your list. From creating a moving-in-together checklist to looking for and doing up your new home together, this can be an exciting process that can bring you closer to your partner.

66. Get married

If you have already moved in together and have been living together for some time, the best thing on a bucket list for couples to do together is get married. After all, what can be better than spending a lifetime with the person you want to enjoy your bucket list with?

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67. Start a family

Another big step to add to your bucket list, if you and your partner think it is the right time, plan on having a baby and starting a family.

68. Buy a home to live together in

A big investment in your bucket list for sure, but an extremely wonderful one as well. Find a home that both of you love and buy it to secure your future.

69. Start a tradition of your own

Every family has a tradition they’ve been following for ages. In your bucket list for couples, start your own new tradition such as baking a pie on a particular day or celebrating Valentine’s Day in July. It can be quirky, it can be silly, it can be romantic, but it has to be meaningful.

70. Adopt a pet

Whether you want a cat, a dog, or a hamster, adopt a pet together that can stay with you and be a part of your loving relationship!

71. Grow old together

After all the things you have done from your bucket list, make sure that it includes growing old together because the reason you even want a bucket list for couples is that you want to spend a long and happy life with that one special person.

This bucket list for couples ensures that you and your partner break free from the monotony of your day-to-day lives and spare some time for yourselves, in the company of each other, enjoying life to the fullest by bonding overexciting things to do together.

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