Awkward Moments In Different Stages Of A Relationship

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Remember that time you started talking about something you did with your partner, only to realize midway that you actually did that with an ex? Or the time your folks walked in on you two crazy kids studying”? Forget about all the big celebrations and anniversaries, it’s the awkward moments that are most memorable.

A few moments don’t turn yours into an awkward relationship (unless you’re dating your ex’s best friend), but they do give you a few wonderful memories. “Remember that time you called me ‘baby boo’ in front of your mother?” always makes for a fun conversation, doesn’t it?

Let’s take a look at a few awkward moments that every couple experiences in the different phases of relationships, just so you know you’re not alone in this. 

Awkward Moments In Relationships

If you thought an awkward first kiss only happens in the movies, think again. The “magical” first kiss that’s supposed to signify the start of a blossoming romance can sometimes have too much tongue, too little tongue, or it may just feel like someone’s eating your face off. 

Is it normal to feel awkward in a relationship? According to us, it’d be awkward if you didn’t feel awkward at least a couple of times. Let’s take a look at the completely normal yet cringe-worthy moments, starting with what we see in new relationships.

1. The first date

No, we’re not trying to say that the entire first date is an awkward experience (especially if you’re a dating pro). But when the first awkward silence rolls around after the whole, “It’s so nice to see you!”, your mind is probably scurrying to find the next topic of conversation. Which eventually is going to be, “Some weather we’re having, huh?”

There are about a million ways to experience awkward dating. For example, asking a person’s zodiac sign before you say hi or admitting that you lied about your height is right up there (the guy who lied about his height is not up there, unfortunately). 

Awkward conversations, awkward jokes, awkward smiles — the first date is a landmine of cringey moments. Every once in a while, however, you’ll come across that first date who laughs off your terrible attempt at using chopsticks and pokes the sushi with theirs. You’ve just found yourself a keeper! 

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2. The first sleepover 

We’re now progressing through the different phases of relationships, and along with it come the “unpleasant” things you need to tackle. The first sleepover is around the corner, and you’ve got a million things running through your mind. 

Does one of you sleep on the sofa, or are you going to get your moves out? In case things get heated, just where did you keep your fancy underwear? How do you plan on avoiding morning breaths? Oh, shoot – you forgot to shave down there! 

3. Navigating difficult conversations as a couple 

“So, what has your sex life been like?” definitely sends alarm bells ringing in one’s brain. Should you say a different number than the one that’s in your head? Should you tell them about the not-so-sober one-night stand? Are they going to judge you for it? Just say something; you’ve been quiet for three whole minutes! 

And if that conversation doesn’t cut it, something along the lines of, “Why’d you and your ex break up? What was that relationship like?” sure will. Talking about exes, your sex life before your partner, your boundaries and the things that irk you about your partner all turn out to be really awkward conversations.

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4. Bodily functions 

You know what we’re talking about. The first burp, the first fart, the first time your stomach growls when you’re cuddling together. Though it’s awkward, the first time you let one rip in front of your partner truly means you’ve entered a new phase in your not-so-awkward relationship.

If you’re both the goofy kind, you’re probably going to share a laugh about it. But If you’re not and yours was accidental, we hope you address the stinky elephant in the room and don’t just try to avoid the subject. There’s only so much you can control after having chili, cut yourself some slack! And maybe unbutton your pants. 

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5. Meet the Fockers 

You’ve talked about the exes, you’ve navigated the early awkward relationship stages, and things are getting a bit serious. It’s now time for the big reveal – it’s time to meet the parents. Should you be on your best behavior, or should you be yourself (lord knows you can’t do both together)? Are they conservative or are they a little too chill about it to the point where they ask about when you’re getting married the first time you meet them? 

Everyone’s got an awkward “meeting the parents” story, it’s almost like a rite of passage. If your encounter with your partner’s parents went pretty well, trust us when we say an awkward moment is just around the corner. 

6. Marital awkwardness

When you’re married, there aren’t too many awkward moments that come around. You’ve seen your partner when they’ve been under the weather, they’ve seen you try to pop all your acne. You’ve probably shared the bathroom as well, and there isn’t much that you haven’t seen. 

However, one moment triumphs all: when the kids walk in on you going at it. It’s truly a scarring incident, and we hope it doesn’t happen to you. But if you’re the kind who has managed to keep their libidos high, there’s a good chance you’re going to curse yourself for the rest of your life because you left the door unlocked. 

At the end of the day, we’re all just looking for someone to survive all these awkward moments with. Come to think of it, they’re just about as precious as the romantic gestures we do for each other. You won’t remember that time you surprised each other with a bouquet of roses, but the memory of the first fart definitely isn’t going anywhere! 

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